Dec 292011

US Army unveils 1.8 gigapixel camera helicopter drone

Neat! The camera would have 147 times the resolution of my Nikon D5000. If it has the same aspect ratio as my camera, it would produce images 52,056X34,574 pixels. If printed out at 300 DPI, it would make a poster  173X115 inches (4.4X2.9 meters for those of you who are dependent upon the metric system) in size.

Yowza. Somehow I suspect that I could neither afford nor comfortably *carry* this camera. But in ten years… who knows. The 2021 equivalent of a disposable cel phone might well have a sensor with more resolution than this (married, no doubt, to rather crappy optics… sure, the pictures suck, but at least they’re big).

The carrier aircraft will be the Boeing A160 Hummingbird unmanned helicopter.

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  • Jeff Wright

    You know, I wonder if anyone has ever built a box lined with CCDs to image 3D objects…