Dec 292011

In 2008, one Hiroyuki Joho decided to cross the train tacks at the Chicago Metra station… without paying sufficient attention to his surroundings. He got clocked by an Amtrac train going about 70 miles per hour. Apparently he asploded; a big chunk of him flew a hundred feet, where that chunk plowed into one Gayane Zokhrabov, breaking her leg and wrist and injuring her shoulder.

It should go without saying that Mr. Joho is deceased.

But being dead does not stop lawsuits. So, Mr. Joho’s estate is being sued for damages. That’ll teach him.

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  • Jeff Wright

    Shades of Monty Python, my late Mother told me a tale about a “Troy Wofford” who burst open in ‘downtown’ Vernon Alabama–the closest thing we actually have to Dunwich here…