Dec 292011

So, the Egyptian protestors changed their government. What does that mean for the Egyptian tourism industry, an important part of the economy? Hmmm…

Will Islamist Politicians Hamper Egyptian Tourism?

Short form: the Muslim Brotherhood welcomes foreign tourists. A few details, though:

1) No booze

2) Sexually segregated beaches

3) No revealing beachwear

About 80% of Egypts tourists have been Europeans; 75% of the foreign tourists go to Egypt not for the pyramids and other “cultural” things, but for the beaches. So… a majority of the average foreign tourist to Egypt will find things different and unpleasant. The claim being made by the Muslim Brotherhood is that by making things more dull, bland and backwards, tourists from the Muslim world will come swarming in and replace the European infidels.


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  • Bearded_Dragon

    Who cares? Their country. They do what they want.

    • Anonymous

      If only the US was granted the same leeway.

      • Bearded_Dragon

        If only the US would grant it to other nations. The list of American “interventions”, invasions and attacks is a very long one. Do you really want to go there or do you want to keep trying to play the victim card?

        • Anonymous

          You’re right. Damn us for helping out others. Perhaps we should set things right. Start by handing the British Empire and it’s Commonwealth over to the Soviets or the Nazis.

        • Jordan

          Excellent point! One could make a successful argument that if it wasn’t for the “list” of United States interventions the world would be a better place. The US needs to concentrate on its own affairs first.

          • Anonymous

            Really? Lessee:

            1) No invasion of Iraq = no stopping Saddam = the end of sanctions and the nuclear inspection regime by around 2004 = an Iraqi nuclear weapon around about now = Iran and Iraq both being bugnuts nuclear powers.

            2) No intervention in SEA = North VN conquers the south sometime around 1967 = the understanding in the Communist world that the US won’t stand up to them = a Communist surge around the world = increased likelihood of global war by the mid 1970’s or so and/or the US being largely contained by a worldwide Soviet perhaps by the late 1980’s

            3) No intervention in Korea: See #2 above. Move dates forward by 15 years or so.

            4) No intervention in Europe: The Fascists and the Communists slaughter each other for a further half decade. While from the US perspective this would have been better, as the Soviet Union would have been pretty well destroyed, the human cost would have been damned high, and we’d *never* hear the end of the whining about how horrible it was that the US stayed out from the same people who today whine about how horrible it was that the US *didn’t* stay out of Iraq.

  • Peter Hanely

    As much fiscal trouble as the Euro zone is in, they seem to have a lot more money that the Arab world.

    I recall reports that Egypt imports half it’s food, and with recent troubles shutting down tourism they are running out of money to buy food. Add in regional hostility for a certain neighbor to their north, and action liable to reduce their excess population seems likely.

  • Jeff Wright

    Poor Zahi Hawass. He was trying to bring antiquities back to Egypt–faced UFO believers that questioned his peoples ability to build pyramids–now this…