Dec 272011

A photo from a  NASA report showing the tail end of a B-70, with engine #3 removed. The B-70 was a carefully shaped vehicle, every line and curve designed to let the beast of a bomber cruise at Mach 3+. But the engine bay was basically just six square holes in the back that the engines were stuffed into.

At Mach 3, fairing in those gaps just wouldn’t have been worth the bother.

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  • Presumably there was cooling air flowing around the engines. It seems odd that they wouldn’t bother with smoothing the interior of the compartment.

  • Madoc Pope


    There’s a guy doing a hyper-detailed build of the AMT B-70 kit and this was one of the areas he addressed. He’s added a bunch of detail to this portion of the model to make it look exactly like in that photo. I thought he was just winging it as it looks otherwise so barren and unfinished. Too raw and open for such a high-tech plane. But, in reality…