Nov 282011

APR issue V3N2 is just about done. All the articles have been written; I’m just working on some editing and some artwork. Hopefully it should be available by the end of the week.

This issue will have an article by Dennis Jenkins on a transport version of the F-106; a large (90+ page) article on the Lockheed STAR Clipper and descendant designs for a 1.5-stage-to-orbit Space Shuttle concept; and a sizable article on antecedents and derivatives of the Northrop F-23, including the “Christmas Fighter,” the NATF-23 carrier-based fighter, the operational F-23A design, the single-engined Multi-Role Fighter and the near-legendary F/B-23 tactical bomber.

In putting this issue together, there are some blank spots on a few pages, a result of formatting the text and images. The way most magazines deal with that is to hire editors who can arrange things professionally… and to stuff the magazine full of ads. I can’t afford the former. So I’ve decided to sell ad space.

What I’m offering is to put your “classified-style” ad in the issue for five bucks ($5). I don’t have many hard and fast rules here, just these:

  • Your ad can contain a web address, email address, mailing address and up to thirty to fifty or so words (I’m flexible here).
  • The ads do not need to relate to APR or aerospace.They can be for anything except for illegal, scamery or offensive stuff (I reserve the right to say “no”).

If interested, send me an email letting me know, or drop a comment below. Don’t pay just yet… I’ll wait till I see what sort of response I get and how many I can fit in.

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  • George Allegrezza

    Well, I’d advertise if I had a business. I’ll buy some ad space to do my part though, plus the digital and Magcloud versions of the finished product.