Nov 262011

So, there’s a minor news story:

Watery secret of the dinosaur death pose

In short, some tests with dead chickens shows that a pose often found with dinosaurs (specifically, the head being pulled back, exposing the neck) doesn’t occur when the body is left to decompose on dry land, but occurs almost instantly when the body is submerged in water. Now, anyone who knows anything about fossilization knows that the most likely situation when a land critter would get fossilized is when it is very quickly buried.  This rarely happens on dry land; happens with some regularity with mudslides and flash floods. Since mudslides and flash floods tend to involve large quantities of water… this new study makes all kinds of logical scientific sense.

But not to everyone.

There’s always *somebody* who can take a straightforward logical proposition and twist it into utter bilge. Behold the medieval moronery on display among many of the commenters on this Free Republic thread:

Watery secret of the dinosaur death pose (Simplest explanation of Dino extinction: They drowned)


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  • Murgatroyd

    Lots of conservatives believe in biological creationism, against all evidence.

    Lots of liberals believe in economic creationism, against all evidence.

    It’s all bogus.