Oct 312011

1: My furnace stopped working last night. It is thus really cold in here.

2: I’ve got pneumonia again.

The timing is spectacular.

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  • Flateric

    Damn. At least you should call a doctor for dose of right antibiotics.
    Don’t you have electric heater?
    Cats should also understand that they can be used as kind of purring heater.

    • admin

      I had a previously-scheduled doctor checkup this AM, which I got to early and kinda collapsed at. I was diagnosed as having pneumonia… pretty much the same horribleness as the “community acquired bronchitis” I had a bit more than a year ago: http://up-ship.com/blog/blog/?p=6439

      At least this time thd diagnosis came quickly, and I got a bucket of antibiotics.

      And yes, I spent the rest of the day in something of a coma in front of a radiant heater. The furnace repair guy came by this afternoon and swapped out a circuit board… a $300 circuit board. Arrrrgh.

      Anybody wants to donate I’d sure appreciate it…

    • admin

      > Cats should also understand that they can be used as kind of purring heater.

      Last night all three of them were a well-behaved bundle of furry purring on my bed. Cold temperatures make them more sociable.

      • Siergen

        Using a typical heating industry conversion formula, a “three dog night” roughly equates to a “seven cat night”. Your heating capacity is insufficient for your needs – you need more cats!

  • Bruce

    A warm kitty on a cold day…….cute.

  • Disposable username

    Well I went and bought me an APR today. Been meaning to, but this is the right time to get around to it.

  • Jason Bontrager

    Not sure exactly where you are (somewhere in Utah, right?) but I found this at Craigslist: http://saltlakecity.craigslist.org/app/2656546371.html

    You might consider something similar.

  • Michel Van

    I hope you get well soon!