Oct 292011

Another op-ed from yet another left-wing unthinker on the concept of national reciprocity produces this nugget of fashionable fascism:

Guns: This isn’t Salt Lake City

That would mean that a permit from Utah, a state with notably lax standards for concealed-carry permits, as well as permits from every other gun-toting state, would be valid in Massachusetts. … It just means more guns on the street. If this bill is brought up in the Senate, John Kerry and Scott Brown — and every other right-thinking senator — should vote against it.

Once more, let’s go to the FBI for numbers.

Utah: population 2.76M, 52 homicides (18.8 per million), 22 gun homicides (8 per million)

Massachussetts: population6.55 million, 209 homicides, (31.9 per million), 118 gun homicides (18 per million)

So what we have here is some drooling moron who is afraid that someone from a state where the *total* homicide rate is approximately the same as just the *firearm* homicide rate will come and pay a visit and bring their lower crime rate with them.

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  • Doug

    The funny thing is, the Utah permit is the gold standard in multi state reciprocity. It’s valid in something like 27 other states already.

  • Jordan

    I have an idea:

    How about if we ban cars and airplanes which kill more people in a year than guns do?

    By their logic, wouldn’t it make more sense to ban cars than to ban guns since cars kill more people?

    Of course, you’re going to have more gun related deaths when you have a greater population in a certain area. Like your going to have more car accidents in a bigger city than a smaller town

    Ultimately, the problem isn’t with guns, it’s with the lack of gun education. I’d make gun education mandatory (same with driver’s ed and flight instruction).