Sep 302011

A Grumman painting depicting the interior of a Lunar Excursion Module.

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  • markus baur

    is it just me or does the interior of the LEM look gigantic in that picture?

    seems to me that the illustrator had a previous career in making ads for hotels and airlines – making the rooms and cabins in the ads look like ballrooms .. even if reality is somewhat different 😎

    • admin

      Not just you.

  • Jay Dugger

    Grumman at least had a consistent industrial design style in their products. I see it every day in the products where I work. Too bad it, well…no adequate adjective comes to mind.

  • James

    What is the astronaut on the right doing? Is he some kind of mime? 🙂

    • peterh

      A control panel between him and the view point, invisible from the back side?

  • Blake P

    I believe he’s doing the “Thriller” dance.