Sep 282011

You can always rely on the Iranian press to make a fairly bland story more interesting. Even though the text of the article seems to be scribbled in some moon-man chickenscratch, it’s liberally illustrated with photos. In this case, photos of Sarah Shourd, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, together at some press conference or some such. If you don’t know the names, these were the three American hikers of dubious wisdom who were kidnapped by the Iranian government and held for ransom and recently released. What makes the photos interesting? They’ve blurred out her chest. Not because she was nekkid, but because… well, because she’s a woman, I guess.

I can only hope that when the Real War in the Middle East comes, the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy will be so far in the past that the US Army will be able to field a battalion of Angry PMS’ing Wiccan Jewish Lesbian Amazons to lead the charge and chase down the mullahs.

Google Translate took a stab at it, but didn’t really clear things up much. As one of the comments (apparently) says…

What are the donkey.

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  • Chris Jones

    They don’t blur the chests of all the women, nor even all the images of Sarah Shourd, so it seems there’s something particular about the images they do blur. I’m guessing the neckline in some images is too low for them, although if I judge correctly by what shows through the blurring, it’s nothing that would raise any eyebrows here.