Sep 222011

This (68 megabyte ZIP folder of jpg images) package contains diagrams to be used in the construction of accurate display models of the B-47. Includes:

1) Boeing drawing 23-2305, “Boeing B-47E Model Drawings 1/100 Scale,” 9000X5432 pixels, dated 1956

2) Boeing drawing 14-5068, “Boeing XB-47 Stratojet Model Drawing,” 13408X8412 pixels, dated 1947

Also included are halfsize and quartersize version for easier viewing and printing.

Air Drawing 57 can be downloaded for $$4.50.



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  • Pat Flannery

    That’s probably what Allyn Sales Company used to make this uber-cool all-metal thing:
    You just _know_ that General Curtis LeMay had one of those on his desk at SAC; probably with the alternative ashtray base with the stub of a pre-revolution Havana cigar in it. 😉
    The B-47 was one of the most aesthetically pleasing combat aircraft the US ever came up with.