Aug 292011

Following on my Earth-shattering report on the availability of a PDF version of 1960’s space science book Thrust Into Space, I can now report that you can download a PDF version of a childrens book based on David Bowie’s 1960’s gloomsong “Space Oddity.” The art? Really good (a very definite early-60’s vibe to it). The story? Well… just like damn near every song about spacetravel that has ever become even vaguely popular… it’s depressing.

Perfect for the kiddies!

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  • Michael Llaneza

    That’s golden.

  • Pat Flannery

    Oh yeah, that style of artwork was in all of my schoolbooks from the mid 60’s – early 70’s.
    I think that James Lileks had some comments on that warped style.
    It’s interesting that the cover art looks so much like “2001” Aries moon lander.
    Shiny Toy Guns does a kick-ass version of “Major Tom” that got used in a car commercial:
    Boy, can Sisely Treasure ever sing:
    (also from a car commercial).
    I’m in love.