Jun 282011


That is the Awesomest Thing EVAR!

Or as they said on Fark:


Only the military and law enforcement should have “assault weapons” because they’re the only ones professional enough to handle them and wouldn’t do something stupid, like leave one unattended on the trunk of a patrol car

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  • Russ Mularz

    Interesting story.

    I wouldn’t think there would have to be too much “investigation” involved. One guy or the other left it on the trunk. Either one guy admits to it or the other swears he didn’t do it. The department should go as far as taking fingerprints off of the weapon to see who handled it last. Then that officer should be fired. If he is stupid enough to leave his weapon unattended, he shouldn’t be wearing a badge. Doubly so if he didn’t admit to the mistake as soon as asked. And if his partner “covered his ass”, he should be fired also.

    Law enforcement agencies need to realize and believe how terribly bad this makes them look to the general public. Whats worse, is when the idiot who made the mistake is let off with a reprimand or something equally worthless. He needs to lose his job, if not be charged for any possibile laws broken.

    Part of the reason this country is in such dire circumstances now is the lack of responsibility at all levels of government. “It isn’t my fault”, “My parents didn’t teach me better”, “I will seek treatment for my problem” are all excuses we’ve heard a lot of lately, and they are all frankly bulls&!*.

  • MrTolliver

    Proof that life is like video games 🙂