Jun 272011

Patent drawings (design patent D612,791) for the Scaled Composites “White Knight carried aircraft, part of SpaceShipTwo.


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  • Michael Holt

    It looks like the wild stuff from the “1946” Luftwaffe secret projects fantasy world.

    Would it have been less expensive to lease a B-52?

    • admin

      > Would it have been less expensive to lease a B-52?

      Almost certainly *not.* If the intent was a “stunt,” maybe, but certainly not for an operational vehicle which would be intended to fly many, many times.

    • Pat Flannery

      There was actually a German design that looked a lot like the original White Knight, and I always wondered if Rutan was inspired by it:
      WK 2 has a German ancestor also, that actually got built as a glider tug:
      It looked mighty strange, but pilots who flew it said it had surprisingly benign, if somewhat sluggish, handling characteristics.
      I applaud whoever figured out to avoid flutter on WK 2’s wing, particularly given the twin fuselages and what turning would be like in how they would flex the wing.

  • .

    so, they’ve patented the airplane… 🙂

    the SS2 is TOO dangerous x.co/Jeb4


  • Michael Antoniewicz II

    Didn’t Aldrin and Barnes cover this *exact* design (including saying that it would be done by Burt Rutan) back in 1996’s ‘Encounter With Tiber’?!?

    Talk about “prior art”. 😉