Jun 272011

Remember how the press went bonkers a few weeks ago when they declared that Sarah Palin got the history of Paul Revere wrong? Let’s see if they show the same devotion in covering this: 

[youtube k5T1Aq2tFVA]

In the first part of the video, Obama (who refers to *himself* six times in 45 seconds) gives a speech at Fort Drum on June 23rd and describes how he gave the Medal of Honor to one Jared Monti. He mentions Monti specifically because Monti was the first one “who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.”

Then there’s the second part of the video, shot in September of 2009, where Obama presents the Medal of Honor to Jared Monti. Well… more accurately, to Jared Montis parents, since Monti was killed in action, and the award was posthumous.

It’s one thing to give an off-the-cuff muddled version of history from two and a third centuries ago of things that happened to other people. It’s quite another to give a prepared speech describing something that you yourself did in an incredibly public way less than two years ago… and get it *dead* *wrong.* And manage to dishonor the memory of a fallen CMH recipient while doing it.

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  • Michael Holt

    Well, Jared Monti *did* get back. If Obama falling apart under the stress, or was he sabotaged by whomever put the roll in the teleprompter?

    • Michael Holt

      A quick check revealed that on Youtube this video is closed for any comments.

  • sferrin

    Me thinks the teleprompter wants to get rid of the middleman. 😉

  • D.A.D.

    What an embarrassment to this country and to all of our service members. It is just too bad that that he can not figure what is going on in this country. It is not his to fool around with.