Jun 092011

New Air Drawing: part two of a set of diagrams showing the B-1A internal structure. Part 2 (adwg54) presents a 3-view overview of the aircraft and  fuselage structure diagram. You get:

1: Wing-Structure Diagram, Outer (-55B), North American Aviation/Los Angeles drawing L9120010. 6251 pixels by 2807 pixels

2: Horizontal Stabilizer – STRL Arrangement (42 1/2degree LE Sweep), North American  Aviation/Los Angeles drawing L9210153. 6258 pixels by 3075 pixels

3: Vert. Stab Prelim Structl Arrangement 55-B Config, North American Aviation/Los Angeles drawing L9230153. 11344 pixels by 3087 pixels

4: Strucutural Arrangment – Nacelle External Compression inlet (RDT&E), North American  Aviation/Los Angeles drawing L9320085. 10900 pixels by 3149 pixels

All drawings come in the original color in JPG format and B&W GIF format, as well as “halfsize” and “quartersize” versions for easier viewing & printing.

Air Drawing 54 is a 34 megabyte ZIP file, and is available for $4.50.

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