May 292011

This AM I sent out an email to my mailing list of people interested in APR and other stuff on Sadly, shortly thereafter my email service was cut off. Apparently the mailing list was long enough that Earthlink decided that it was spam.

So, one of a few things might happen:

1) In a day or three service will be back up and running as normal

2) My email might get cut off permanently.

If #2, that means I’ll need to get another email service, with a new email address. Wunderbar.

In either event, I’ll need to come up with some other way to send out the rare  message to a large number of people on a list. Anyone have any suggestions? If I don’t send you an email, or your emails to me bounce… well, you’ll know why.

NOTE: I have a backup email, which will either be turned into The Official Business Email if things turn out ok, or will become The Official Everything Email if they don’t:

scottlowther AT up-ship DOT com

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  • markus baur

    how about crreating a google or yahoo mailing list just for making these announcements