Nov 292016

Two caveats:

1) It’s from the Daily Mail

2) It’s from Russia

So accuracy is not assured.

The CLONED dogs of war: Russia unveils genetically-enhanced canines which will work with Putin’s Special Forces and were created by scientist attempting to restore woolly mammoths

The notion of cloning special dogs for certain roles is interesting, but it’s very likely to be of dubious practical value. The utility of a dog for sniffing out drugs or explosives comes down to their breed and training, and cloning does frak-all to pass on training for anything more advanced than a flatworm. And if you happen to like a particular breed, there are easier ways than cloning to get more of ’em. A male and a female, some mood lighting and Barry White playing over the kennels PA system would not only be sufficient, it might be argued as being a bit excessive for the goal of getting more of that breed.

And cloning is still a sufficiently new practice that it’s not at all clear than the clones will be as healthy or long-lived as the original.

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Nov 292016

Trump suggests loss of citizenship or jail for those who burn U.S. flags


Flag burning is a Supreme Court Ruling Protected form of free expression. It may be rude, it may be dumb, it may be offensive… but that’s what the 1st Amendment is *for.*


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Nov 292016

I’ve not devoted much cogitation to the EM drive, mostly because it just strikes me as bunk. There has recently been some renewed interest due to the appearance of a peer reviewed paper that seems to back up some of the claims… but when the thrust level for 100 watts is measured in *micro* newtons, I just can’t scrape up much interest. Especially when the guy behind the idea was claiming that it would be able to power flying cars (capable of VTOL) and space launch boosters, requiring an improvement in T/W on the order of ten to a hundred MILLION times. And, oh yeah, overturning the laws of thermodynamics. Whenever something claims to do that, I tend to tune out.

If the EM drive actually works (and it seems more likely that it works like a radiometer), then it’s kinda like everything else that has ever been touted as actual functioning magic. Yeah, sure, great, you can bend that spoon with your mind. But look at the effort required; using magic, you’re doing it the hard way.

Here is a good if lengthy explanation of why the EM drive most likely doesn’t work, and even if it did, why it sucks:

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Nov 272016

While the title of the post can certainly apply  to the recent long-awaited and half century+ overdue demise of a certain Cuban dictator, it actually refers to an unexpected little tragedy out here in rural Utah tonight, where I got to sit at the side of the road in the cold for half an hour, seeing off a cat I’ve never met before*. That little critter did *not* want to go, and damn did she fight… but the two cars who hit her – including the one that hit her AS I WAS TRYING TO RESCUE HER FROM THE FRIKKEN ROAD, had other ideas.

So, yeah. Tonight has utterly sucked.


*Nobody should have to die alone in the cold and the dark.

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Nov 262016

Fidel Castro is, at long last, dead.

I recall that after Osama Bin Laden was capped, some people went out of their way to announced that they weren’t goigng to celebrate the death of another human being, that every death was a tragedy, blah, blah, blah. Well, screw that hippie noise. Castro was a monster who subjugated the entire island of Cuba under Communism for more than half a century.While I’m not going to actually celebrate any further than the writing of this post, I admit  I’m happy to see him go and wish it could’ve happened sooner. Like maybe 1957 or so.

If there is any justice, he’s currently being passed around between some undead fire giants in Niflhel, to get used and tossed in the soggy box of weeping scorched worn-out remnants with Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, FDR, Zinn and the rest of the collectivist scumbags who helped turn the 20th century into a freakin’ charnel house.

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