Dec 312014

Fiction writing is something I enjoy, but since it is an extravagant expenditure of time with zero financial remuneration, it’s not something I can generally justify. Time spent had best be spent on things that have a hope in hell of making me a dime.

That said… back sometime in November a friend suggested that rather than buying a Christmas gift I make something. So… what the hell, I spent some time banging away on ye olde word processor and cranked out about 85 pages of fiction. It’s not really a story,  but rather a “guidebook” to the universe of “Mass Disappearance:” the history, technology, worlds, species, etc.  It’s a mess of course and as gifts go probably a pretty poor one, but at least it showed that on occasion I can still spit out some creative writing.

Three bit of scribblings I started a while back remain unfinished.

1) The next yarn in the “Mass Disappearance” line.

2) The “Mockingbird” short story that grew rather longer than expected

3) “Pax Orionis

So… is there interest in any of these? If so, let me know.

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Dec 302014

I’m going with the second most popular definition of the word “jit” as defined by Urban Dictionary, what with the first most popular being rather NSFW:
The term jit is originally prison slang. It just means somebody younger than you. However, it is most often used to refer to young thugs/wannabe thugs or other punky kids. For instance, you wouldn’t call your 10-year-old cousin a jit.

And now, how the word is used in actual practice (with substantial NSFW language):



HAM” as it turns out is Word Of The Day #2.

Children are our future, yo.


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Dec 292014

FBI briefed on alternate Sony hack theory

Apparently some folks who know about such things believe that Sony wasn’t hacked by the Norks, but by disgruntled Sony employees. I don’t know diddly squat about hacking, but that in at least one way makes sense… if, as has been reported, the hackers got a terabyte of data… getting it out via the internet would take freakin’ forever. Simply plugging a portable hard drive into a networked computer there in the building would take hours and hours.

The Norks would make reasonable patsies here due to “The Interview.”

Hopefully the end result will be improved cybersecurity, whoever was at fault. The notion that China could shut down the US power grid fills me with an uncomfortableness.



Unrelated: imagine if a Republican President did this…

Military couple have their wedding moved HOURS before ceremony because President Obama wanted to play golf

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Dec 292014

Still plugging away at this. The forward “Shuttle” is just about done… some tinkering in the bay and with the forward landing gear, and it’ll be there. At 1/200 scale, the landing gear components are really small, so the decision has been made to mold this with the landing gear fixed in the stowed position, tucked up against the main body. It would look spiffy as a stand-alone kit at 1/72 scale, but I doubt there’s a market for that.


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Dec 292014

Take a perfectly good old movie and remake it with hideously expensive special effects and overpaid celebrities, all in the quest for half a billion at the box office. Will this desecration of the classics ever cease?

You’ve got to admit, though, the effort lavished on making exquisite period vehicles produced some spectacular results.

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Dec 272014

French city installs anti-homeless cages around benches

OK, the problem sounds drearily common enough: the French city of Angouleme apparently has trouble with bums clustering in the city center, drunked up, causing a ruckus and camping out on the public benches. This being France, you’d think the local government would take the obvious solution of simply deporting the troublemakers to Algeria or Guiana  Quebec or Belgium or some other French-speaking third-world hellhole. But no, they took the benches and did THIS.

Buh? Wouldn’t it be easier to simply remove the things?

Replace them with these Japanese public park benches… they do their job, but don’t encourage bums camping out on them.



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Dec 272014

North Korea’s honey trap scheme revealed

So, you’ve invited a Western politician, businessman, journalist to Pyongyang. How to use this circumstance for the greater glory of Dear Leader and Best Korea?

1) Set ’em up with a  local hottie

2) Nine months later, blackmail ’em with “guess what, you have a kid”

3) …

4) Profit!


Honestly… for starters, who the hell would go to North Korea? And if for some reason you did… who the hell wouldn’t be *promptly* paranoid and put off if a naked woman suddenly appeared in their hotel room? It may be straight out of some late-night Skinemax movie… but come *on,*any guy dumb enough to fall for that deserves what he gets.

Sure, we all think it’d be awesome if 1976-era Jenny Agutter or Scarlett Johansson or Kate Upton or Christina Hendricks or even just Random Hot Chick suddenly appeared and took an interest in you. But unless you’re George Clooney or some other feller used to having women just throw themselves at you… I can’t imagine that that situation would be anything other that seriously disconcerting. And under the circumstances, red alert sirens should be blaring on 11.

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