Oct 292014

Some voters right near my original home town went to do some early voting at the Moline (Illinois) Public Library. The electronic voting machines knew better than them who to vote for. When it was a choice between Democrat Cheri Bustos and Republican Bobby Schilling, for example, guess which the computer recorded the vote for… regardless of who the *person* voted voted for. Go on, guess.

Votes for Republicans Switched to Democrats in Illinois

[youtube YtbqebpV9vY]

Voting irregularities in Illinois? MIND BLOWN!

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Oct 292014

The first five issues of US Bomber Projects are now available as ebooks at Amazon. The links below not only take you to the Amazon listings, if you then buy something (*anything*, so fee free to splurge on laptops and cars and jewelry and such), I get a small commission.

I would appreciate feedback… everything from constructive criticism to reviews posted over at Amazon.


UPDATE: It seems at least some people can’t see the Amazon link-box thingies posted below. So… two alternatives.

1) Type “US Bomber Projects” in the Amazon search box you should see at the upper right, just above the “Tip Jar.”








If you dowloaded an early version of USBO01, it seems that you *can* download the latest version without re-buying it.

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Oct 282014

No, not the star. Not that I’ve heard, anyway…

Antares Rocket Explodes on Takeoff

The OSC Antares rocket failed seconds after liftoff. It looks like something catastrophic happened to one of the vintage Russian NK-33 rocket engines, causing the vehicle to lose thrust and fall back down from several hundred feet quite near the launch pad. From the looks of it… this’ll be a heck of a chore for the cleanup crew to get the pad back up and running. It wouldn’t surprising me if the launch area is totaled.

This is really quite a disaster. Fortunately the payload was minimally important… resupplies for the ISS and student payloads, but it’s a blow not only to the folks who worked on the vehicle, but also to the students.


[youtube vavKesbuFz0]

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Oct 272014

A few days ago, someone drove his car into the “Ten Commandments Monument” unconstitutionally situated on the Oklahoma capitol grounds and done smashed it up real good. The guy did it on purpose and claimed that Satan told him to do it. And thus we got headlines like this from the Christian Examiner:

Satanist attacks Oklahoma City’s 10 Commandments

Yeah, about that…

Man who destroyed Oklahoma 10 Commandments monument was devout Christian

“he would never deface something that meant so much to him. He takes the Ten Commandments very seriously. He has been very Christian his entire adult life.”

According to his mother (audio of interview), the guy had a work injury to his back four years ago and now suffers “breakdowns.” Sounds like possibly pain issues, coupled with pain meds, just drove the feller bonkers. He was apparently wanting to become a pastor. I suspect that this might prove a little bit of a hindrance to that plan.

The graven image was the focal point of a lawsuit trying to remove it from government grounds. The lawsuit was recently tossed out, so the timing seemed interesting to some. Such as…

Atheists Lose Lawsuit Over 10 Commandments Monument… So They Smash it to Rubble

Odd crop of atheists they’re growing these days… athesits who love God, want to become pastors and hear Satan yapping at ’em.

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Oct 272014

In short: the Australian government passed a law saying that you can’t go wandering about the Parliament House with your face covered up. But of course, this offended Certain People who branded it an evil horrible Burka Ban. Western governments being the seats of bravery that they are, the Aussie-gov relented… specifically for the Niqab. So… three guys show up. One wearing a full burka & niqab, one with a motorcycle helmet and one in full KKK regalia, including pointy mask-hat. Hijinks ensue.

Trio test Australian Parliament’s face veil rules

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