Apr 262014

If you’re gonna do it, overdo it. For example, here’s what an operational anti-missile Space Based Laser might’ve looked like, compared to the Zenith Star experimental laser and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. Kinda bignormous, with a 50-foot diameter primary mirror. Details on this are shockingly lean, with the model put together using two tiny diagrams and one poorly reproduced bit of artwork… and they don’t agree with each other on everything. So a lot of this is guesswork. It’s not even close to done, but I thought some of y’all might be interested. The “tail end” of the operational SBL has what I’m assuming is an SP-100 nuclear reactor for running non-laser systems. The laser itself would be chemical, not nuclear, with around 80 shots worth of fuel.


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Apr 252014

The CAD model for the 1/48 MOL kit for Fantastic Plastic nears completion. It is being modeled to represent the final generic design, without a whole lot of extra parts to keep costs down. However, the design is such so if you want to model one of the more complex versions, this will be easy to do.

Here is the MOL CAD model shown to scale with a Zenith Star CAD model I’ve built. Because… why not?


The Zenith Star is not planned to be produced as a kit, but rather was produced for the purposes of creating diagrams for a potential book (discussed HERE). Still, it’d make a snazzy – if rather desperately expensive – display model.

The view below shows the planned basic construction of the MOL model. A few external shells supported by internal rigidizing supports.


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Apr 242014

Dogs (and Cats) Can Love

In short, both dogs and cats have the same neurochemical response that humans do under circumstances humans would refer to as “love.” So perhaps I’m not being unnecessarily anthropomorphistic when I draw certain inferences when I see Fingers’ relationship with Raedthinn:

WP_20140406_023 WP_20140406_019

Of course, it might just be the mind control rays:



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Apr 242014

Giant John Paul II crucifix falls and instantly crushes young man to death in Italy

Normally, I’m make up some snark about how this is an omen, or maybe Loki pulling a prank or some such. But not in this case. No, it’s not because I’ve suddenly developed a sense of humanity or compassion for poor unfortunates that I don’t personally know or some such silly thing. No, it’s because this wasn’t just any crucifix… it was an *artsy* crucifix. One look at it screams “Hello, I’m a structural failure waiting to happen.”







I have difficulty believing that any competent structural engineer ever thought this was a good idea.

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Apr 242014

For most of the drive, she stayed well hidden, as buried as she could get (something I worked to make difficult for her… didn’t need her getting embedded under a seat, say). But on a few occasions, when the car stopped she popped up to take a look around.


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Apr 232014

The B612 Foundation put together a video showing recent kiloton-range explosions caused by asteroid impacts on the Earth.

[youtube 66mHHaWtlt0]

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