Mar 292014

A photo taken in August from a ship in the “Inside Passage,” Alaska, same trip that produced this photo. Evening, looking east into an inlet, with a cruise ship emerging.

2013-08-14 pano 17small

You can also download the very much larger version by LOOKING HERE (over at my photo blog), good for printing and such. Permission granted for personal use.

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Mar 292014

A 1980 USAF video describing the MX missile basing scheme as it was then planned. A 25 square mile facility would be built in the southwest. A large number of shelter/launchers would be built, connected by roads. But only a few of the shelters would actually have an MX. Instead, they would each have an MX mass simulator. A very large truck would regularly trundle along from shelter to shelter, transporting either the missile or the simulator. Thus, the Soviets would not know which shelter contained a simulator, and which contained an ICBM.

[youtube 3DaQQ4ia5TA]

Interesting how much effort was made on making the MX environmentally “green,” considering its role.

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Mar 282014

A 1976 AT&T film  on the history of ballistic missile defense. A number of interesting missile launches are shown, including Nike-Zeus, Spartan and Sprint. Interestingly, *failed* launches are also shown, including one serious *d’oh* Sprint failure at about 22:40. Footage at 25:40 shows the effects of a nuclear blast on missile control system radar antennae and such (by use of big piles of high explosives).

[youtube ARx2-wRn9-Y]

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