Feb 282014

It’s raining. Not news… except that my roof seems t have sprung a leak. Spectacularly, it’s now the weekend, so it’ll probably be several days before I can get it fixed. More spectacularly, the forecast is for rain through Tuesday.



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Feb 282014

Once again, the 1964-65 New York Worlds Fair:

The Space Age Never Looked Brighter Than It Did in the Mid-1960s

It’s amazing how fast cultures can change, even without having bombs rain from the sky. In 1964, before Viet Nam really kicked in, when the sixties were (apparently) still an extension of the fifties, the future was bright, glorious and corporate sponsored. By the early 1970’s… everything was dystopia, the future overrun with damn dirty apes and radioactive mutants and fascist dictatorships.

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Feb 282014

I’m sure this will end well.

Ukraine crisis: Crimea airports occupied

More specifically, the Ukrainian airport at Sevastopol has been occupied by Russian military forces.


Seems to mesh nicely with:

Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level

Because if there’s anything bullies and tyrants respect, it’s weakness.

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Feb 272014

I printed out what I have on my NPP book, and it consumed pretty much most of a ream of paper (single sided only). A lot of the CAD diagrams haven’t yet been integrated… and a number aren’t done yet, so there’s yet more pages to print. This binder will be used to scribbling purposes… i always seem to be able to find slepping erorrs and the like easier on a written page than on-screen.

Just confirmation that the project remains underway. The final book will be a bit of a beast, especially if printed on good paper at this size or better.

Img_3705 Img_3696 Img_3697 Img_3698 Img_3699 Img_3700 Img_3701 Img_3702 Img_3703 Img_3704

In the master list of diagrams,green means finished, yellow means in progress, red means unstarted.NPP-00001 list-Model NPP-07002 20M-Model NPP-09001 helios-Model NPP-10001-3 daedalus 1st stage-Model NPP-16001-2 interplanetary-Model NPP-40001-2 world ship-ModelNPP-48001 British Rail-Model

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Feb 272014

A box that I would have thought Raedthinn wouldn’t fit in turned out to have a total cat capacity of 2. Note the delicate artistic modifications Raedthinn made to the box.

Img_3542 Img_3540  Img_3545

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Feb 272014

Video of the Sprint missile, which was capable of blistering accelerations. To get an idea, at about the 24 second mark in the video, you can see the whole surface of the second stage begin to glow white hot.

[youtube kvZGaMt7UgQ]

Sprint was designed and built to defend Minuteman ICBM bases. It would do this by reaching out and tagging incoming Soviet warhead at a range of just a few miles; the Sprints warhead was a neutron bomb which would essentially trash the target by causing it to melt down. If you were unfortunate enough to be standing near one of the Minuteman silos when this occurred, you would very likely be in a world of radiological hurt. But the point was simply to make sure that the incoming warheads didn’t make it to the surface intact and do an underground burst which would trash the silos.

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