Sep 282013

Quick! Call up the Discovery Channel! The Learning Channel! Wherever else cryptozoologists looking for the likes of Bigfoot, Nessie, Mokele mbembe and the rest hang out… for the rarest creature imaginable has been found! Gentlemen, I give you… an honest and honorable government bureaucrat!

Denali Commission inspector general: Fire me, stop funding my agency in Alaska

This is, according to the article, only the third time a government employee has asked that the job they do be terminated because it’s a pointless waste of tax dollars. The prior two? Their job weren’t cancelled, no reason to assume it’ll happen this time. The phrase used in the article was “river of pork.” The government seems to have a real hard time letting go.
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Sep 272013

Reality series plans to blast celebrities into space, Americans respond by hoping they don’t come back

Some important points:

1) These will be Dutch celebrities, since it’s a Dutch TV series

2) They’ll probably be B-lister celebrities

3) There will only be ten of them

4) Which number will whittle down to one

5) Who will go up on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo on a sub-orbital hop

6) Which means that the celebrity will come *back.*

[youtube QJ882QYzr-M]

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Sep 262013

Pork Politics: Why Some Danes Want Pig Meat Required On Menus

Short form: Some Danes are getting sick and tired of immigrants telling them what they can’t eat, so some of them are proposing laws where 20% of all menu items would have to have pork in them. Consider that, in contrast, one Danish hospital was reported to serve on halal meat, even to those people who *don’t* want extra suffering in their food (see Dhabihah), I guess it should be obvious that a backlash was bound to happen.

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Sep 252013

Also published in Lockheed Horizons, this design was meant for launch atop a Saturn Ib. It *may* have been part of the Manned Orbiting Research Lab studies. The Gemini logistics craft appear to be minimally modified.

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Sep 252013

… until International Blasphemy Day.

International Blasphemy Rights Day, held each year on September 30, is administered by the Center for Inquiry as part of its Campaign for Free Expression.

For those offended at the idea, keep in mind that “Jesus is Lord” is *every* bit as blasphemous as “Jesus is not Lord.” Because there are religions that believe firmly that Jesus was not the son of God, but just another prophet. And these other religions can be testy.

So if you want to have keep the right to not only believe what you believe, but *say* what you believe, you’d damned well better come to understand that “blasphemy” is something you should fully support the right of people to express.


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Sep 242013

I’m not much of a comic book guy. Still, I’ve found the Marvel movies entertaining of late, and was looking forward to tonights “Agents of SHIELD” debut. While I can accept normal guys transforming into one-ton unstoppable green ragemonsters, and fusion powerplants embedded in someones chest, and flying cars and flying aircraft carriers, you know what I can’t accept? Truly bad design.

It appears that Our Heroes will get around by hopping a ride on a C-17 Globemaster. This being a comic book-based series, it’s understandable that the producers wanted to jazz up the configuration some. So they added another set of wings to the rear fuselage, and hung another set of turbofans under that, for a total of six. Adding extra lifting area and more engines… not a totally bad idea, though the placement of the extra wings was odd and would seem to present some stability issues. But what was *really* bad was the placement of the second set of engines: almost directly behind the inboard engines. The inboard engines exhaust straight into the inlets of the new engines. This is not just bad, it’s freakin’ *tragic.* It would waste the thrust of the forward inboard engines, would ruin the performance of the aft engines (by feeding them high-velocity, low oxygen, high CO2&water vapor air), and likely present serious structural problems.

Feh. It’s like they didn’t even have an aerospace engineer on staff.

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