Aug 312013

I have a lot of work to catch up on (not least: USBP 03 and 04). But my return came complete with a case of pneumonia. And one of the many spectacular features of pneumonia is a whole lot less energy than normal. Things are improving, but damn, this has been draining.

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Aug 302013

The Daily Mail has an article on what are claimed to be the 50 funniest one-liners in humor history:

Blow-up clogs, Renaissance toast … and Kevin Bacon: Vote reveals the 50 funniest one-liners ever

Now, if you’re like me, your response to most of these “jokes” is nothing but an unamused blank stare. Any list of “best one-liners” that does not have a shotgun blast of Groucho Marx and Steven Wright and Rodney Dangerfield is clearly a list composed by people who do not understand *good* humor.

Fortunately, the fine folk at Fark came to the rescue with a thread that actually does have a lot of the worlds best one-liners.

And for the polar opposite of “one-liner,” may I present:

And while not exactly one-liner-related, a discussion of humor cannot go by without mention of Foster Brooks:

[youtube yACWE3CzmYQ]

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Aug 292013

There are days that suck, and then there are days that really, really suuuuuck. Yesterday was the former; today, the latter.

I spent three days driving 1,300 miles while feeling very under the weather. Got into town yesterday, and step one was a visit to the doctor who pronounced “pneumonia.” If you’ve ever had it, you know it saps your energy to a remarkable degree. So I collected two cats – Raedthinn and Fingers – from the vet clinic where they were boarded, and pretty much just collapsed. Buttons and Marvin were, in contrast, at a neighbors house. Due to being pretty well beat to death, I contacted the neighbors and asked if they could hold the cats one more day.

This morning the call came in: sometime during the night, Marvin apparently decided that she had spent enough time at the neighbors house, somehow clawed her way through a window screen, and slipped out into the night. This seems rather remarkable to me, but there it is.

So, still sick as a very sick dog, most of today was spent in looking for Marvin. But at this point I hold out no hope of ever seeing her again. When I brought her in in February, she was seemingly just passing through; it may be that she has decided to continue her travels. It’s not how I would have chosen things to work out, of course.

Not a good day. I can’t get over the “if I’d only been one day faster” issue…

UPDATE: I *finally* picked up Buttons today (Friday) and examined the window Marvin escaped from. It would have required no great effort on her part to get through it; it was a simple fiberglass screen simply held in place with that rubber tube or gasket. These things pop out *easy.* She might well have simply leaned on it and fell out.

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Aug 282013

After one month, about 10,000 miles and 13,333 photos (totaling up 54 gig), I’m now back home. And this time, it didn’t come complete with a doctor saying “you have bronchitis.” Yay! This time it came with a doctor telling me “It might be pneumonia.” Bah.

So over the next little while I’ll be busy getting things back up and running again. Or at least as busy as lungs that react like fricken’ mercury switches will allow…

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Aug 272013

Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food ‘tastes like vomit’

The “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010″ mandates that public schools serve a narrow range of pre-selected, government-approved foods. Foods that, apparently, kids hate, and aren’t eating, and thus spending the rest of their schoolday hungry. And hungry kids don’t lern so gud.

Huzzah. Another “central planning success story.”

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