Sep 262012

From a February 1980 report, layout drawings of the SCAMP as then envisioned. Most obvious difference from the F-16XL is the vertical tail… instead of the F-16 tail, it utilized the base of the F-16 tail with an all-movable vertical stabilizer… which was previously a horizontal stabilizer.

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Sep 262012

From Obama’s UN speech:

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied.

Ummm. The problem here is “Jesus Christ.” “Christ” is not the guys name… it’s his job description. And if Jesus was the Christ, then that negates Mohammad being God’s prophet. Can’t have ’em both. So if you say that Jesus is Christ, or Odin is Allfather, then you are saying that Mohammad was *not* the prophet…. which is slander, apparently.

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Sep 242012

From the website of the “Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City:”

ISGKC is sponsoring an online petition to establish a law against insulting one’s religion. Please click the link below and sign the petition. Thanks for your support.

How about, instead, y’all pack your crap up and move to a country that buys into the idea that blasphemy is something that God needs your protection from? There are many fine choices.

I suspect that these people are fully aware that such a law stands no chance whatsoever in passing in the US and are just trying to get themselves their 15 minutes of infamy.

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Sep 242012

The design for what became the F-16XL began in 1977 as the Supersonic Cruise and Maneuver Prototype at General Dynamics-Fort Worth. The idea was to incorporate lessons learned in SST design into military aircraft. The SCAMP was to be a highly modified F-16 with a 56-inch fuselage stretch, an all-new cranked-delta wing, and an all-new vertical tail, along with many smaller changes. The use of computers – already new with the baseline F-16 – would allow the aircraft to be flown… otherwise unlikely, due to the relaxed static stability of the design (i.e. left to it’s own the design would oscillate in attitude and angle of attack until it went truly unstable). The SCAMP would be capable of carrying a much greater payload than the F-16, such as a sizable bombload.

The F-16XL as actually built used an F-16 vertical tail. But this earlier SCAMP design, from a February 1980 report, used a new all-moving vertical tail. Even earlier designs used all-moving wingtips, which were themselves the horizontal stabilizers from a regular F-16. While that idea undoubtedly had merit, it would not allow for missiles to be carried on the wingtips, and thus fixed wingtips were designed in.


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Sep 232012

Woke up this AM to a lethargic and an inert Fluffy. Took him to the vet clinic; his urinary tract was plugged up with stones and his bladder seriously overfilled. An attempt was made to cath him, but as a result of whatever damage had been done, plus the anesthetic, was too much for him.

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