Sep 302012

Something Yellowstone National Park and environs has in abundance is ravens. Where other places are overrun with seagulls, pigeons and other assorted brainless skyrats, Yellowstone has large and personality-filled ravens. They remind me greatly of cats, although, and I hate to say it, much smarter (and certainly more inventive) than cats.

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Sep 302012

On display at the Utah Museum of Ancient Life is the rather oddly placed (for a dinosaur museum, that is) “tornado” installation. This is a piece of art… a bunch of bits of garbage that have been assembled into something that looks like, well, steampunk garbage. But it has a neat design feature: an internal fan and fog generator that conspire to create a miniature tornado.

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Sep 302012

Yellowstone National Park had more than its share of fog a few days back. While on the whole this made a mess of attempts at photography, it had its moments where it added a certain something.

Note: in that one, the fog is aided by the steam rising from the hot springs.

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Sep 292012

Or the “Reagan Boyz” or “Bush Boyz?”

Member of ‘Obama Boyz’ gang charged in St. Louis shootings

It may be interesting for famous people to know what kind of group is inspired to name their organization after said famous person. For example: a group devoted to exploration might name themselves after Columbus, Armstrong, Cortez. A group interested in fostering an interest in invention might name themselves after Edison. A group interested in Music might go after Mozart or Elvis. A group interested in thuggery? Hmmm…

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Sep 282012

As may or may not have been blindingly obvious, since earlier this week I’ve been away from home. My father came for a visit, and we went up to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Did I take photos? Oh, yes. Somewhere north of 2,000 of them, I think (UPDATE: I checked… more than 4 THOUSAND photos). Some of these will get posted here in the coming little while. I’m thinking of putting together a MagCloud pub of some of the Grand Teton photos (better weather for photos there than Yellowstone, with a higher success rate). It will take freakin’ forever to compose the vast number of panoramas…

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