May 282011

Ah, fearmongering. Where would modern politicking be without it? Next time someone denies the claim that leftists claim that “Republicans want to kill old people,” just show ’em this from the “Agenda Project:”

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May 282011

A forthcoming independent movie that looks like it might be pretty good… “Take Shelter.” The story revolves around a normal guy who starts seeing visions of a really, really bad storm, and he decides to renovate an old tornado shelter. But is he psychic… or just nuts?

All things considered, the timing is pretty interesting.

[youtube x98ETOyZCls]

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May 282011


Maybe doomsday is near

Bible prophecy may have a bad name in the light of Harold Camping’s misguided date-setting, but the biggest sign of the end may have been overlooked in all the rapture hysteria of last weekend.

Once again, we’ve seen the U.S. hit with a series of deadly superstorms following Barack Obama’s pledge to return Israel to pre-1967 borders.

Just days after Obama insisted Israel must give up lands it won through military victory with its enemies, some 200 people were killed by a tornado in Joplin, Mo.

There’s a pattern here.

The only thing more annoying than brain-dead Leftist blathering is brain dead *Rightist* blathering. Leftists are supposed to say things that are logic free; that’s the whole point of their ideology. But to claim that torbnadoes are targetting American cities because Obama does or says dumb things… that’s beyond stupid.

Yeah, it’s been a bad year for tornadoes. But before the Rightwing Godbotherers and the Leftwing Gorebots get ina tizzy, has it been a bad year because we’ve had a statistically notable increase in particularly bad tornadoes… or have they just had the poor manners to wander over population centers? The same tornado, twenty miles off the track, might not have made much news at all.

And if God is bitchslapping the US because Obama said dumb things about Israel (and they *were* dumb), then why is Europe still standing? Hell, why are Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iran even above sea level today? It would seem that Gods aim sucks.

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May 272011
Short form: Utah has recently seen an outbreak of equine herpes, which is fatal for horses, but not transferable to humans. As a consequence, there has been a lot of quarantining going on, and a lot of horse-based events and gatherings have been cancelled (note to AIDS activists: had y’all realized that quarantining the infected is a good way to slow or stop the spread of a disease, AIDS would be a distant memory by now. Good job, dumbasses). And so, we get to the Davis County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Junior Queen Contest.
There’s a video. It’s…kinda sad.
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May 262011

Now available are the official print editions of Aerospace Projects Review issue V2N6 and V3N1. Incorporating some of the lessons learned putting the D188A book together, these came out really quite nice. On the whole they are pretty much the same as the PDF downloadable versions, but with some obvious shuffling around and resizing to fit within the page restrictions. Also included are revised CAD drawings of several vehicles; I wanted to see if the CAD drawings would come out to proper scale. And they did, which opens up the prospect of putting out a few books of my CAD drawings at specific scales.

My MagCloud page:


Considering their size (132 pages and 124 pages) and that MagCloud charges by page, they are more expensive than the downloadable version. But they are the official printed versions of these issues, and in my opinion they look *great.* And they fit much better on a bookshelf than a CD-ROM or a slap-dash printout of the issue.

At my MagCloud page, you’ll find a few more goodies that I’ve made available.

And like the D188A book, I plan on releasing a few more individual articles converted into stand-alone books. Currently in the pipeline is “B-58 Derived SSTs,” which will be fairly short, and “BoMi,” which will be pretty sizable. Both will be updated with a bunch of new stuff, including color artwork created specifically for these releases.

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May 262011

If you’re of a mind to see the sort of COMPLETELY INSANE tank concepts that appeared in the Soviet Union around about the time of WWII, check out this (Russian language) blog, loaded with bizarre goodies dug out of the  Central Defence Ministry Archive (Podolsk, Russia):

Many people are thrilled to death with the wackier Nazi wartime tank projects, including the 1000-ton P.1000 “Ratte.” Well, that’s a tiny pipsqueak compared to this ridiculous monstrocity:

Is that what you think it is? Well, if you think it’s fricken’ Babylon 5, loaded for bear and rolling across the farmlands, then, yes, it is. It’s a February, 1944, concept for a giant armored cylinder, apparently using tanks or train engines on the inside to roll it around, presumably to crush the invading Fascist scourge.

Which makes this concept seem absolutely tame in comparison:

A 1942 concept for an “armored cruiser.”

Feel free to dig around the blog. A whole lot of other goodies including some nutty war bicycles.

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