Jun 032008

I hate V-8 juice with a passion. Hated it when I was a kid, hate it now. To me it tastes not so much like a food as a punishment.

Nevertheless, it supposedly provides valuable nutrients. So, a couple years ago I bought a bottle of the stuff and tried again. Bleah.

Rather than just throw it away, I tried an experiment: slopping it on uncooked rice and throwing in the microwave. And the curious thing it, it stopped being vile. It tasted akin to Spanish rice, and turned out to be palatable. I find this successful:

Pour the dry rice into a bowl and then pour in enough V-8 to just drown the rice

Nuke for about 3.5 minutes

Stir, add some water

Nuke for several more minutes until the rice is cooked.

Add frozen corn and shredded cheese, nuke some more.

There. Now you need not suffer from rickets.