Feb 212018

Oh, boy! Who wants to fill up your tank of stupid today?

The patriarchal race to colonize Mars is just another example of male entitlement

NBC News is actually promoting this rubbish.

These men, particularly Musk, are not only heavily invested in who can get their rocket into space first, but in colonizing Mars. The desire to colonize — to have unquestioned, unchallenged and automatic access to something, to any type of body, and to use it at will — is a patriarchal one.

Rather, the impulse to colonize — to colonize lands, to colonize peoples, and, now that we may soon be technologically capable of doing so, colonizing space — has its origins in gendered power structures. Entitlement to power, control, domination and ownership. The presumed right to use and abuse something and then walk away to conquer and colonize something new.

You know, I’m starting to wonder if perhaps there might be something to the recent line of thinking that the recent spate of school shootings really does have something to do with there being something wrong with the male of the species. But note that this, indeed, does refer to a relatively recent development. And I’m thinking that perhaps the rise of third wave feminism, the man-hating, matronizing, screeching-about-the-patriarchy-at-every-opportunity sort of insanity that has it that colonizing and bringing to life a dead world is not only a bad thing, but that the drive to do so is specifically male and thus any male who wants to make life better – which would be just about every male – is a terrible person… this rise of insanity is filtering down to boys and messing with their heads. You tell a boy that his natural instinct to build, to improve, to make things better, is bad and wrong, what does that leave him?

So, who’s with me: anyone who opposes the conquest of space is  an enabler of school shootings. Is that a crazy position to take? Sure is. Is it more crazy than the position taken by the anti-space nuts? Not by a long shot.

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Feb 172018

So last year at a “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, James Fields drove his car into another car, which hit another, and in the process 19 people were injured and one killed. At the time it seemed like a deliberate attack. However, it has come to light that an Antifa “revolutionary,” an anthropology professor and stereotype of all that’s wrong with modern academia, had actually chased Fields with a rifle immediately prior to Fields jumping in his car.

Fields is hardly a sympathetic character; anyone who thinks the Nazis were just neato-keen loses that option. But running in fear of ones life is the sort of mitigating circumstance that might well make the upcoming trial rather more complex than the originally envisioned open-and-shut case. And if it’s proven that Fields was in rational fear of his life – not a difficult challenge given that Dixon has admitted to threatening Fields with a rifle – I have to wonder if *Dixon* could wind up in legal trouble. It seems unlikely, but I do wonder if a really skilled lawyer could actually get Fields off the hook here.

Like many Internet Tough Guys, Dixon talks a big game when he’s surrounded by the rest of his merry band of misfits. But catch him in a hallway and point a video camera at him and his manliness evaporates. Note also how this communist anarchist suddenly becomes terribly interested in private property and calling the cops when he is threatened by being asked a few questions.



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Feb 082018

A while back President Giant Middle Finger went to France and saw their Bastille Day parade and thought “I want that.” So he told the US military to start planning for just that… a parade in the nations capitol to celebrate the US military. Me, I’m not a  big one for parades, so my response was essentially “Meh, whatever.”But there are other people who have had an entirely different response. A response that could, maybe, mean that the parade is actually pure political genius. From the twitter/facebook accounts of a “social justice activist:”

I’ll be laying in front of the tanks if Trump brings out a Military parade. Will you?Un-Screwing Of America USA Nightly

Posted by Arn Menconi on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

If the result of the parade is that a bunch of far leftists use the opportunity to show themselves to be as anti-military, anti-American, anti-*fun* as we all know them to be, and to do soon live TV in front of the whole world… I suspect Trump will be tickled pink.

Trump’s Parade Is Political Genius

At the same time, the president is overtly tying his administration to the most popular institution in our nation—perhaps the only popular institution left—the United States military. More to the point, he’s daring Democrats, and their allies in the media, to stand apart and oppose it. By doing so, Democratic leaders appear either as killjoys complaining about excessive costs (as if frugality were a Democratic Party hallmark) or as diminishing the achievements of the military or the need to publicly extol them. All in all, it’s a pretty clever trap.

I would love to see a military parade that actually does something new… such as showcasing brand new and surprising military hardware. While the M-1 Abrams is awesome, how even-more-awesome would it be if there was a review of the all-new, never before seen *replacement* for the M-1, which is damn near as old as I am? If there were a fleet of heavy trucks each packing fully functional laser weapons capable of bringing down everything from mortar shells to combat aircraft to MIRVs? Even bigger trucks towing the trailer/launchers for dual purpose ICBMs/quick response tacsat launchers? Autonomous combat tanks? Power armor? Hummer replacers? AH-64 Apache replacers?

Granted, ain’t none of that gonna happen. Almost certainly, none of those things actually exist (which is not just a tragedy, it’s a friggen scandal). But if the parade comes together and the only real reveal is that the lefties reveal themselves – for like the millionth time – to be hateful screeching harpies bent on sucking the joy out of all aspects of American life, it will have been worth every last dime.



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Jan 312018

It had been my hope – that I knew wasn’t going to come true because, you know, come on – that President Trump would do what the Constitution calls for from the President for the State of the Union: turn in a report to Congress. Instead, he did what is now culturally expected: stand in front of Congress and the cameras and give a long laundry list of talking points and promises. Same old, same old.

Still, it made for interesting watching. Specifically, it made for interesting watching of the Democrats: would they applaud anything? As it turns out, no. The Congressional Black Caucus, when told that African American unemployment is at a historic low? They looked damned glum. But the high point had to be this guy:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez walks out of Trump’s State of the Union as progressives write off bipartisanship permanently

When exactly did he walk out? When a bunch of Republicans started chanting “USA! USA! USA!” that so triggered Gutierrez that he had to retreat to a safe space. Because if there’s anything that a Congressman should be offended by, it’s people chanting the name of the country that Congressman is in.

This is Rep. Gutierrez:

Not saying there’s a resemblance to this memetastic feller… but there is:

Keep acting that way, Dems. Keep acting that way ON CAMERA, and you’ll turn your almost inevitable gains in the forthcoming midterm elections into another pro-trump tidal wave.

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Nov 022017

4chan is not exactly known as a repository for great political thought. Yet, a recent stunt that was promoted there seems to have elicited exactly the unhinged and disproportionate reaction that was expected:

Md. high school won’t ‘fall victim’ to ‘okay to be white’ flyers

In short, 4chan suggested that people simply hang up stickers or fliers that say, simply, “It’s okay to be white.” That’s it. And the result is SJWs freaking out and getting the cops involved. Because, apparently, to a whole lot of people is is distinctly *not* okay to be white.

Imagine if instead of “white” they said “black” or women” or “gay” or “trans” or “Klingon.” Would anybody complain? I doubt it.

“It’s okay to be white” signs stir controversy on campus, around country

It’s only controversial if indeed it’s actually debatable if it’s ok to be white.


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Sep 082017

Everything about Star Trek: Discovery has screamed “trainwreck.” But this latest nugget tells me that the people behind the show are actively trying to sabotage it. Is it possible that at some point the producers of the show realized they had a disaster and rather than going to the considerable expense of scrapping and retooling, or just plain scrapping, they decided to make it an unwinnable suckfest? Is there some Hollywood-advantage in making it so bad that the studio pulls the plug with extreme prejudice?

New Star Trek show has modeled its Klingons on TRUMP supporters and ‘racial purity is a big theme’

Who actually thinks that insulting approximately half your potential audience is a good idea… especially when you have to convince that audience to *pay* to see your show?


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Sep 042017

President Barack Obama was the best salesman the AR-15 ever saw. Gun owners were justifiably afraid that he and his fellow travelers, the likes of Pelosi and Boxer and the rest of the civilian disarmament fetishists, would pass laws banning the purchase or even ownership of a perfectly good rifle. Fortunately, reason for once prevailed.

A few weeks ago I went to a gun show south of Salt Lake city. It has been a year or more since i went to the last one, and at the time the chances seemed fair that the Obama years would be followed by the Hillary years. The gun show *then* was busy, packed with both sellers and buyers. The one a few weeks ago? Much smaller, about 2/3 the number of sellers, far fewer buyers. The panic is over.

So it seems that for at least the next few years, AR-15s should be had for reasonable prices, calmly, and without any fuss.

But now there’s a new item of political relevance: anything with MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) printed on it. This Trump campaign motto has become a new boogeyman for the Left, with people losing their fargin; minds when they see someone daring to wear such a thing. Behold:

High school teacher makes student remove Trump t-shirt, compares it to ‘Neo-Nazis’

Pretty much what the title says. Rather astonishingly, though, the school administration has come down on the side of the *two* students that the math teacher freaked out at, and not only allowed the students to wear their shirts, but gave the teacher an undefined talkin’-to.

Me, I was never all that impressed with MAGA. But it’s things like this that make me *want* to pick up a MAGA hat. The difficulty for that little fantasy of mine is that people around *here* are generally pretty reasonable, and even though many might not like Trump and may not have voted for him (as I didn’t), they’re unlikely to go all Antifa-crap on anyone wearing a MAGA hat or shirt.

Still, I have high hopes and actual expectations that when the teacher in this story returned to her classroom the next day, or tomorrow perhaps, that she’ll be met with a sea of MAGA shirts.

Such as here:

I don’t know the background here, but the teacher here gives *every* indication of being the actual source of the problem.



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Sep 022017

This is kinda long (for 21st century short attention span definitions of “long”), but it’s also really, really good. If you want a vision of the future loaded with unthinking left-wing violence… here ya go: Antifa and allies physically assaulting (and Dem politicians slandering) non-white folks for being Nazis.

A Beating in Berkeley

There are two bits that stood out to me in particular.

Tiny, you might have guessed, is named ironically. He’s a 6′6″, 345-lb. Samoan. His favorite food, he says, “is food.” Grabbing a bear-paw’s worth of his own flesh, he says, “I ain’t fat, I’m stab-resistant.”

That’s funny, right there. This is less funny, but much more important:

“We can’t just shut up, just be quiet, and let this evil continue. The darkness continues to get bigger and bigger in our country, and it will be gone. The country will burn, I’m telling you, if we don’t do things to stand up against it. We all take it for granted. We take for granted everything that we have. That’s why we have to wake up and understand. Goddamn, we have too much to lose.” His eyes well as he takes a long pause, looking out on the shimmering San Francisco Bay. “We can’t stand by, we’ve gotta stand up. And we’ve got to do it together, or it’s gonna be gone.”

Any liberals, Democrats, leftists and such reading this blog: if you ever want to be intellectually honest, give this piece a read, and some serious thought. You want to lay the Nazis on the doorstep of right wingers? Fine. These people are *your* problem. And there’s a hell of a lot more of them than there are Nazilarpers.

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Aug 312017

Remember how Trump caused a ruckus by saying that there were troublemakers on “both sides?” And how a whole lot of people started screeching that one side was the Nazis, and the other side was the “anti-hate” peaceful protesters?

Yeah, about that:

Everywhere a Battlefield

The link is a perfect example of TL:DR, but it basically boils down to “Lenin, Stalin and Mao were Teh Awesome, an we need to follow in their footsteps and bring bloodshed to the streets.” The “Red Guards Austin is an autonomous Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective based in Austin, TX.”

So keep in mind: yes, on one side you have people who think the Nazis were great. The Nazis, who killed something like 20 million people. On the other side, you have people who think the Commies were great. The Commies, who murdered a hundred million people and who pointed nuclear weapons at *us.*



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