Sep 172017

… I’d give these guys a shot.

See, there are two ways that a modern company can deal with politics: either avoid it like the plague and hope to offend nobody, or dive headlong into it, *knowing* that they will offend and drive away half the market, but trusting that they will succeed on the *other* half of the market. These guys seem to have chosen the latter approach.

These would, I imagine, trigger our local Aussie-commie gunphobia fetishists. But… screw ’em. Guns, despite what the civilian disarmament fascists would have you believe, are *fun.* So a coffee company that shows its employees having fun with guns? Awesome.




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Sep 142017

It’s nice to see an aerospace company that doesn’t try to hide it’s failures. This video has just been put out by SpaceX showing a number of their early landing fails; many are really quite interesting (an spectacular). Since a wise person (or company) learns from its failures, shortcomings, screwups and disasters, keeping a records and actively remembering this sort of thing is important.

And note just how many complete vehicle failures there were is such a relatively short period of time… and try to imagine a NASA program surviving even a third of that, never mind flying again quite so soon.

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Aug 152017

As recent events show (not only in public, but in the comments section of this blog and *all* *over* the media today), there are a whole lot of people who see the world in extremely black-and-white terms… at least when it comes to politics. You’re either full-throated hyperventilating in support of Side A, or you’re a supporter of Side B. But the reality is different: sometimes when presented with “two sides,” you realize they both suck. And thus, this headline is the greatest wisdom that I wish people would learn:

Yes, you can reject Antifa Commies and Alt Right Nazis at the same time

A pox on both their houses. Both “sides” are filled with irrational hate-filled reprobates. The media today is yammering on about there’s no comparison between neo-Nazis and Antifa, because Nazis murdered millions of people; but the commies murdered millions *more* people. Anyone who glorifies the Nazis is either a dumbass or a jackass (and likely both)… and the same applies to anyone who glorifies the communists. The big difference between the two is that supporters of the Nazis are extremely few and nobody who’s not a Nazi wants to associate with them; while there are a whole lot of folks who think that Communism and socialism are just awesome, and there a lot of people who may not agree with them, but who will run alongside the commies without  second thought.


Anti-Trump activist ‘executed his Republican neighbor with two bullets to the head in a long-running dispute’

This, of course, does not excuse a neo-Nazi running over *anyone.* But it does point out that there are nuts and violence on all sides.
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Aug 112017

There is a long tradition in literature & film of single-sex environments. Off the top of my head, “male-only” societies tend to be places like prisons, penal colonies, industrial facilities, military facilities or ships. Those places where he men know that they will be in a male-only society *forever,* such as prisons, tend to be grim, hopeless places where the male characters either live only to escape, or live only because it’s simply in their nature to fight till the end.

On the other hand, “women-only” societies seem to be more common as fantasy & sci-fi situations, and tend to be shown as much happier places, often utopias *because* there are no evil horrible nasty no-good men around.

Now, we know a few things about male-only societies, for the simple fact that the real world provides them. Prisons and naval ships are real things. Female-only societies have been fewer and more tenuous… the occasional womens prison, of course, and towns where all the men left to go fight a war or something (but this is invariable a temporary situation).

Male-only prisons *are* grim places, especially for straight males. A colony on a distant alien world where the *one* colony ship crashed and all the womens cryo-storage tubes were mashed into a hillside would, it seems to me, be a profoundly joyless place. But we keep seeing tales of women-only utopias, like in the recent “Wonder Woman.”

But would a society truly dominated by women really be a utopia? Here’s where things get tricky for Social Justice Warriors. On the one hand, they keep yapping on about how there are no fundamental differences between men and women, and thus the relative dearth of da wimmins in STEM fields is due to social issues, not biological ones. On the other hand, they keep demanding that women get a shot to run the show, because they’d be better at it.


Now, here’s an observation I’ve made over the years, one that has been backed up by both men and women: men and women are different. One of the ways in which we’re different is in how we deal with rivals. *Generally,* men *tend* to be more open about rivalries, sometimes up to and including the likes of arguing, yelling at each other, threats and finally physical conflict. Sometimes one or both of the men is a true asshole, in which case anything could happen; but in many cases, once the two had hashed it out… it’s *done.* Sometimes lifelong friendships are built on an initial beatdown. This appears a *lot* in literature, from Gilgamesh and Enkidu throwing down, to Arthur and Lancelot going at it, to Robin Hood and Little John, to, one of my favorites, Sean Thornton and Will Danaher making a mess of the Irish countryside.

Women, on the other hand, seem to have a different approach to rivalries. Sometimes it gets physical, resulting in the legendary “catfight,” but mostly it *seems* to involve a sort of acidic passive aggressive fake friendship. Smiles all around but with gossipy stabs in the back. Poison in the drink rather than a punch to the face.

But hey, I’m a guy. I’m not supposed to be allowed to have an opinion on matters such as this; I’m certainly not supposed to express an opinion that goes beyond “I think all women are the equal to all men in all things and at all times and please stop asking me about which woman I think would win the world titles in boxing and the UFC.” So, here’s a woman’s take on the subject:

The Myth of the Peaceful Woman

So what would a world made up totally of women really be like? It would be tyrannical beyond belief. No one would be willing to speak against the accepted narrative unless they were willing to be unpersoned or killed. Think of a mix between 1984, the very worst social aspects of socialist regimes, and the Borg. There would be constant pushing for position, usually by starting whisper campaigns or setting someone above oneself up to be badly embarrassed. Look at the SJWs of today’s world and see how they operate. That’s what it would look like, writ large across the entire planet. They attack anyone outside the group who doesn’t comply with their demands, and if someone inside the group says a single word out of line according to the ever-shifting standards the entire group turns on them without mercy. The only way to get back in their good graces is to loudly proclaim your “sin” and accept their abuse until they get bored of you. Even afterward, you’ll forever be “tainted” with the sin of noncompliance.

The comments section of that blog post, unlike the vast majority of comments sections are the internet, is full of reasoned discussion and some pretty good points.



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Aug 102017

Well, this feller sounds like fun:

Muslim Professor at CA University: “Genocide” of White Racists “Morally Required”


“Morally Required Genocide”

The latter one is written by one David Cole, a “Holocaust revisionist.” In other words, a dumbass. But he did interview the professor in question, and raises some interesting points. The professor expands the definition of “genocide” rather broadly to include wiping out “ways of life,” so that the United States stomping the the CSA flat and exterminating their slave-holding way of life was “genocide.” Well, ok. But if we accept that as a valid definition of “genocide,” then the current wave of invasion into Europe, with some regions having their prior culture being remade in the image of the newcomers… isn’t *that* genocide?

You expand the definition of politically loaded worlds at your own peril.

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Jul 252017

The answer to the Great Silence, anyway. It’s an interesting hypothesis I was very recently reminded on via a comment on this blog (and I *believe* the idea has been raised hereabouts before, but can’t really be bothered to go digging).

OK, the Great Silence, otherwise known as the Fermi Paradox, is one of the great modern scientific mysteries. The universe, given the vast number of stars and planets and the seeming ease with which life seems likely to arise, should be abuzz with life, and one would expect a whole lot of technological civilizations. Enough so that the sky should be filled with radio messages, laser beams, starships, all that good stuff. But so far as we can tell… nothing. So, where is everybody?

Assuming that intelligent species arise with some commonality, something must be shutting them up. There are lots of ideas, but one branch of the theory-stream deals with “horrible things happen to them that kill their civilizations.” The most commonly discussed idea is that civilizations get to the nuclear stage and promptly blow themselves to bits. But there is a new culprit that I think merits discussion: Social Justice Warriors.

We are finding in our own civilization that we reached the spacefaring level of technology, and now we’re giving over control to screeching sociopaths who are opposed to science and math for reasons that are best described as “incredibly f’ing stupid.” If they succeed, humanities chances of being a long-term technological civilization, to say nothing of a starfaring one, will be reduced to nil. If the advanced cultures give themselves over to weak-willed, weak-kneed, weak-minded self flagellating nonsense, chances are good they’ll be conquered by the death-worshiping barbarians, plunging the world into a new dark age it is unlikely to recover from. Even if conquest doesn’t come, a rejection of western science in favor of identity-science will retard technological advance – and perhaps even prevent mere stagnation, as people won’t understand the stuff they already have – long enough so that high energy density power systems such as fossil fuels and nukes are no longer available, likely stranding us on this planet forever.

I hate to think that SJWs are a universe-spanning problem, plaguing civilization after civilization, like some sort of telepathically induced epidemic imposed on sentient species by vast cosmic horrors who want to screw with the little guys. But unwillingness to *want* something to be true or not means nothing about whether or not that something *is* true.

So, now that the “SJWs did it” hypothesis is out there, the next step is an important one: what do we call it? “Branding” is an important way to get a hypothesis out into the public.  “Higgs Boson?” Boring. “God Particle?” Tell me more! And to my mind, getting people, especially people in the STEM field, to consider the potentially universe-wide societal collapse possible due to acceptance of “social justice” nonsense is very, very important.

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Jul 192017

Through the use of cats, humor and profanity, exurb1a explains the limitations that our brains put on understanding the universe… and how those limits might grow. There’s a good line about how our descendants might grow in capacity and learn things we alive now would be wholly incapable of understanding… “they couldn’t have gotten there without us, but they’ll get there without us.”

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Jul 082017

No matter how mind-snappingly stupid an idea or a movement is, no matter how objectively and *obviously* flawed its basic premise is… there will be people who cling to it forever. Observe:

These Coloradans say Earth is flat. And gravity’s a hoax. Now, they’re being persecuted.

The Flat Earth movement is growing in Colorado, thanks to technology and skepticism about science


There’s no point in me rehashing the history and ideas behind the flat Earthers, we’ve heard it all before and it remains an infuriatingly awful conspiracy theory. What’s of interest is that as scientific data proving the non-flat nature of the Earth continues to pile up, more people seem to be signing on. Why?  Well… I think one quote from the article nails the cause:

“They want you to think you’re insignificant, a speck on the earth, a cosmic mistake,” Sargent says. “The flat earth says you are special, we are special, there is a creator, this isn’t some accident.”

Here’s the thing: you *ARE* insignificant. And I don’t even mean on the cosmic scale. Take *any* random human, from you, dear blog reader, to your most cherished loved one, your workplace nemesis, your best friend, your neighbor, whoever. Now, assume that that human has a perfectly normal heart attack and dies tomorrow. Will people care? Sure, probably. But how many? For virtually all the seven billion+ people, that one persons passing will be completely un-noticed. It would be surprising if the news goes beyond an obituary in the back of the local paper. And in a hundred years, that perfectly average human will have been *entirely* forgotten by living humans, remembered solely by unread words on a stone in a cemetery and in unread old databases.

Yeah, you’re insignificant. You’re a speck on the Earth, a cosmic mistake.

But you’re one insignificant speck among seven billion others. If you work at it, aren’t a jerk and behave rationally and intelligently, you might help be a part of turning this mess of specks into something meaningful on a cosmic scale. *YOU* won’t live to see it, but so what? If you live well, you might enjoy your brief life and have some satisfaction that you did something useful.

Or… you could decide to live delusionally and just decide that you are more important than you really are. It might make you feel special to think that the universe was set up just for your piddly ass, but it won’t mean that you really are special. In the end, you will not only die and be forgotten, like everyone else, you will play no useful or meaningful role in advancing mankind.

Oh, and headline writer? Being mocked is not “persecution.”

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