Nov 292017

Seems they’re stepping up their game:

North Korea missile launch: The most important things to know

The most recent missile reached an altitude of about 4,475 kilometers. Experts believe that this missile has the range to reach *all* of the United States. However, the warhead, which the Norks of course are claiming was super heavy, might have been light; it might have even been another stage. Still, even if they were only chucking a soccer ball at Florida, it’s an impressive achievement for a nation full of intestinal worms.

I would be utterly unsurprised if the missile is not even remotely accurate… they shoot it at Washington, D.C. and it hits Ohio. However, it would be a much less challenging mission to deposit a single warhead a few hundred kilometers above the central US in order to set off an EMP. If they were successful in pulling that off, the death toll would be horrendous. Estimates I’ve seen go up to a death toll of up to 90% of the American population due to the subsequent collapse of the power and transport infrastructure; famine would quickly follow, but not as quickly as major cities like Chicago and New York eating themselves. However, an EMP that takes outt the US civilian power grid would do close to diddly squat to the US military… so for a few days at leas thte US military would lash out and turn North Korea into ruined wasteland. it’s a safe bet that the moment the Norks launch that EMP weapons, they’ll launch an attack on South Korea. So the death toll in North Korea would be close to total; the death toll in South Korea could be millions. And the Japanese might get in on it.

And of course once the US has been shut down, it will be clear to everybody else that Team America World Cop is out of business. Russia will invade all its neighbors. China and India and Pakistan will probably go at it. The Arab world will go after Israel. The death toll could be in the billions, and civilization could come to an effective end.

With that possibility, the math on launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike on North Korea starts looking better.

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Nov 282017

Too often the videos that high school students upload of themselves make you despair for the future, based on the utter stupidity and petty (and often not so petty) evil that the kids display. Then there’s this kid, who stands up to stupidity and petty evil in the classroom. I’ve little doubt that he’s getting some blowback at school for displaying wrongthink, and for idiot-shaming his moron of a teacher for all the world to see, but good on him anyway.


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Nov 272017

It’s probably for the best when nurses who want to kill babies post that information publicly. That’s *usually* the sort of thing that goes against hospital policy.

Indiana Nurse Under Investigation for Tweets about Killing White Babies

Can you imagine the cloud of legal liability the hospital would be forced to live under if they kept her on board? Even if she was the best, most conscientious nurse who ever nursed, if *anything* were to ever go wrong with a patient – especially a young white male patient – anywhere near to her care, the attack lawyers would come out in force. Such as in this case, where the presence of a hidden camera kinda changed the story about how a patient died:

Apparently the nursing home here got sued hard and agreed to some kind of settlement, even though it was the actual nurses who behaved badly not the nursing home itself. How does a hospital protect its patients – and itself – from medical staff who actively oppose the survival of the patients… unless the staff is actually caught doing or saying something along those lines?

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Nov 252017

This story reminded me of the years of wild hedonism that defined my youth:

IUP to remove 170,000 unused books from its libraries

The  Indiana University of Pennsylvania library says that about half of its 486,000 books haven’t been checked out in 20 years, so it’s going to get rid of them.


I spent *years* visiting the libraries of Iowa State University in Ames and the University of Colorado in Boulder, slowly and methodically scanning through the stacks of books in the science, engineering and aerospace sections. I found a *lot* of stuff (oddly, I didn’t seem to find a whole lot of parties, booze and women there, but oh well). The stuff I found formed the beginnings of my aerospace history collection… vast piles of photocopies made from books I’d pull off the shelves, go through page by page, copy what I wanted, then put back on the shelf. A minuscule percentage of what I found useful was actually checked out.

I understand that the engineering library  at UC Boulder has removed the bulk of the books, moving them to an off-site location. Students can still access them… you simply need to put in a request for said books and they’ll show up some time later. That’s fine, *if* you know what book you want. But how much useful research has been done by simply browsing? How often does someone find something useful in the book *next* to the one they were specifically looking for?

The claim for the Indiana University of Pennsylvania library is that they are going to focus their cleanout on books that are available digitally. But how many books, periodicals, papers and such are available as scans that are just *horrible* in quality? The NASA Tech Report server is filled with old reports that were scanned by people who clearly thought that diagrams, photos and artwork were wastes of space, best reduced to 2-bit B&W images that if you squint real hard while at a great distance might vaguely resemble the ghost of the original.

If the library needs money, fine. Take if from the athletic program. Hell, cut the coaches salaries by ten percent, that alone should just about do the trick. Every year have an auction to sell off the naming rights for the next years football team. Charge double tuition for grievance studies courses. Open an on-campus liquor store and pot dispensary, all profits going to the library. Cut the pay of all Socialist teachers to minimum wage. There are better solutions than getting rid of books by the truckload.

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Nov 202017

Gentlemen, behold:

She Said That A Powerful Congressman Harassed Her. Here’s Why You Didn’t Hear Her Story.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not “succumb to [his] sexual advances.”

If people in government were held to the same standards as the rest of us… there’d be no people in government. Instead, it’s perfectly fine for a Senator to get likkered up, go driving and kill someone, then not only skip out on the whole “get arrested, tested, tried and imprisoned” thing, but then spend the next generation or two being consistently re-elected and determining the fate of the nation.

Accusations are just accusations… he said, she said, due process, etc. But in Conyers case, there was a settlement, so apparently there was some admission of guilt.

Infotainment and government both share the feature that the people in ’em end up with a whole lot of power, and it’s safe to assume that anyone who make a serious attempt to make a career in either is trying to accrue power. Conyers, for instance, has been in the House since NINETEEN FRICKEN SIXTY FIVE. His term in office is older than I am. Nobody spends that long in a position of power like this without being, or becoming, a power-mad monster.

More than some understanding of the awfulness of sexual harassment, I hope (beyond reason and rationality, I admit) that this current Outrage Theater will result in something like term limits for federal officeholders. If someone like John Conyers wants power over others, let him do it the honest way: form a damn cult.

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Nov 192017

I’m beginning to become more and more of the opinion that it just might be a good idea to segregate boys from girls in public school, at least up until junior high or high school. That way there’d at least be the potential of teaching kids in ways that are actually appropriate to them, and, much as it’s become popular to believe otherwise, boys and girls *are* inherently different in may important ways.

Take the source (“Prager U”) for what it’s worth, but there re some interesting points raised here:

I’ve long held the view, and expressed it on this blog, that standardized education isn’t for everyone. I don’t believe that society is best off by forcing everyone to stay in the same classes all the way through 12th grade. Some students would simply be better off if they were allowed the leave school some years earlier and be sent into some sort of trade; if nothing else, the *other* students wouldn’t need to be subjected to their bullying, criminality and stupidery. But as the video points out, there are good cases to be made for separating male from female lesson plans. Years ago I wrote about how some of the books I was forced to read in school damn near turned me off reading forever, because they’re just the wrong damned kind of books for me. But I do recall that at the same time I was struggling to give the very slightest of damns about “Sense and Sensibility” and “Little Women” and “I remember Mama” and “Wuthering Heights,” a lot of the girls in the class seemingly couldn’t get enough of it. But did we read Heinlein? Wells? Verne? Sun Tzu? Rand? Lovecraft? Oh, hell no.

Some might argue that it’s important to cram the “classics” into kids in order to “expose them to a wide range of literature blah, blah, blah.” But if the stuff you expose them to is stuff that they’ll *hate,* stuff that they’ll get little to nothing out of, what good are you doing? Chances are good you’re doing *negative* work. Not only are those students getting nothing out of the assignment and thus wasting their time and the teachers, they are also probably so bored that they’re kicking up a fuss that’s ruining the experience for those students who *can* get something out of it. So if there is a simple way to at least get a *crude* semblance of optimization out of the process – like, say, segregating boys from girls and letting boys be aggressive energetic little shits while the girls are, well girls – then huzzah, everybody is better off.

One common refrain is that at some point in the edumacation process, boys become aggressive in class. Not in the beating the tar out of people sense, but in the “Oooh, oooh, call on me, teacher, I know the answer” sense that modern progressives liken to “mansplaining” and “manterrupting,” while girls are less aggressive in that way. Well… fine. Then wouldn’t it be better to separate them? Teach them in the ways that’s best for ’em?

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Nov 192017

On one hand, it’s always fun to watch the fascists on the far left tear each other apart over matters of ideology. On the other hand, it’s a little disturbing when you consider the unfortunate amount of political power they wield, and how their disdain for due process might well transform society.

So, in this case, we’ve got an actress I’ve never heard of accusing a writer I’ve never heard of of raping her some years ago. But unusually, the writer has a friend in the form of Z-grade actress and political idjit Lena Dunham. Apparently Lena knows the writer well enough to think that the accusations don’t sound right. Unfortunately for Lena, she had the unmitigated gall to actually mention that publicly. So… how’d that work out for her?

Lena Dunham Is Trash, Issues Apology For Defending Friend Against Rape Accusations

In today’s “some white feminists ain’t sh*t” news, Lena Dunham has proven once again that she’s a hot flaming garbage barge of trash, after defending a male writer on her defunct HBO series Girls, when it came to accusations that he raped a 17-year-old actress.

If history has taught anything, it’s that the most vehement hate is directed not at the “other,” but at the heretic. If this situation was clearly something that would stay internal within the members of the regressive left… hey, great, knock yourselves out, kids. But the problem is that it will (and in fact long has) bleed out into the rest of society. Someone makes an accusation? the accused is automatically guilty. Someone defends the accused? That defender is also guilty.

UPDATE: It gets even better. By expressing doubt based on experience, now Lena Dunham is a racist.

Zinzi Clemmons: ‘It’s Time For Women of Color…to Divest From Lena Dunham’

I don’t know who the hell most of these people are, but it’s all kinds of entertaining to see them tearing each other apart. They are trying to tear down western civilization, but they seem to be having some trouble keeping it together.

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Nov 172017


Men may not be clear on what sexual harassment is

2 in 3 don’t think repeated unwanted invitations to drinks, dinner, or dates is sexual harassment

OK, so the lesson here apparently is… if you ask someone out and they say no, NEVER ASK THEM OUT EVER AGAIN.

You gotta wonder what the end result of the acceptance of this sort of rule would be. Since first invitations often fail, it seems that the only people who would persist, and thus stand a chance of success, would be the rule-breaking kind. The rule-following kind would thus be preferentially locked out of dating success. *Unless* they took a different approach, and instead of repeatedly asking out the one person they actually like, they just ask out a whole bunch of largely random people. So, this sort of rule would seem to tend towards driving dating success for the “alpha” types and the “hookup culture” types.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll work out great.

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