Jan 152015

And all these years I was thinking that it was just a fictional punchline to English jokes.

How do I know that Belgium and the Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards are real? Because they’ve entered the exciting world of Jihad:

Belgian operation thwarted ‘major terrorist attacks’

Two dead, one injured and in custody. Reportedly an ISIS cell on the brink of carrying out a Charlie-Hebdo-style attack.

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Jan 152015

Boston Area Highway Blocked by Protesters

In short: Boston-area idiots thought it was a good idea to chain themselves across a busy highway, bringing traffic to a halt, to protest against people who weren’t trying to use the highway. As a result, an ambulance carrying a severely injured car crash victim had to divert to another hospital.

I’m all in favor of the right to protest, but when your protests are aimed at inconveniencing and even endangering the general public, you’re a jackass. Several possibly-legal responcses by the general public to such “direct actions” seem to present themselves:

1) Park stopped vehicles so that the exhausts are Appropriately Oriented. Might be challenging to pull off.

2) According to Weather.com, Boston is currently 28 degrees F. Hence the Supersoaker utility.

3) Depending on snow conditions… a snowblower or snowplow might be able to pile up drifts onto the new snow-fence across the road.

4) Just throw wet blankets over them.

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Jan 122015

This here is the kind of preacher who makes people atheist:



In short… he *claims* that he punched a “kid” square in the chest because he wasn’t believing the right way and was bright enough to be dangerous. In all probability, Internet Tough Preacher here is making it up. However, even if so he is claiming to be pleased with himself for the use of violence upon a kid for the purpose of forced religious conversion.

The video is a short crop of a presumably much longer sermon, and so context is lost. What he’s describing, if it actually happened, seems to have taken place in a “youth group,” which might mean that ITP was himself a kid at the time. But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make it better.


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Jan 092015

While Islamists were busy making a mess in France, Islamists in Nigeria were showing those European pikers how it’s *really* done:

Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria’s Baga town hit by new assault

Numbers are vague, but the dead civilians range from the hundreds to 2,000, depending on who you ask.

Surt must be most pleased at his followers actions.

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Jan 092015

I’ve noticed that “identity” has become a popular topic of late. Granted, it has probably been a popular topic for several millenia, but it has recently dawned on me – after listening to the President of France today – that there is something of a schizophrenic understanding of the concept. To understand what I mean, consider two recent news events:

1) The suicide of “Leelah Alcorn.” Alcorn was born Joshua, physically male, but by 17 had decided that “she” was a female, wanted to change “her” name to “Leelah,” wanted sex change operations and hormones and all the rest, and when “her” parents refused, “she” chucked herself in front of a truck, thus using some uninvolved truck driver as her means to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Now, don’t get me wrong: people who are physically male and think they are female is a Real Thing. It’s not that they are nuts (though I imagine there is a notable fraction of that), but many of them are genetically, hormonally or structurally screwy. Something went wrong in their embryonic development, and a female brain got inserted into a male body (or the other way ’round). Unless you yourself are bugnuts, you can’t look at this situation and think that the person under discussion is necessarily morally wrong, or that their desire to adjust their physicality to match their persona is inappropriate. Sometimes, things just go wrong; if someone was born blind, or with a missing limb, you’d hardly blame them if at 17 they decided that they wanted to take advantage of medical technology to correct the flaw.

That said… Leelah/Joshua was physically a male. Look at the photos of him, and it’s clear he was a dude. A kinda1980’s sitcom stereotype of a gay dude, perhaps, but a dude. And for the bulk of human history… if you’re built like a dude, yer a dude. That’s the way the vast majority of people have been raised and naturally think. So if you’re in this situation, you might *want* everyone to think of you as a chick and refer to you as a chick, but most people are going to see a dude. And the more you demand that they see you as something that they don’t, the more screwy they’re going to think you are.

Still: society has gotten to the point where “gender identity” is such a politically correct concept that every media outlet is going to accept the gender identity chosen by the subject of the piece. And thus Bradley Manning, the Army traitor who stole a bunch of data, delivered it to Wikileaks and is now luxuriating in federal prison for the next several decades, is generally referred to as “Chelsea” Manning, despite the fact that he/she is not too likely to get hormones or a sex change anytime soon. And half of the news about Leelah Alcorn is how her evil parents buried their son under his birth name.

So: it is accepted wisdom in our culture that if you want to be considered a woman, even though you look, talk and are built like a man… you will be accepted and referred to as a woman.


But then…

2) In the last couple of decades the world had seen a spate of terrorist acts carried out by people who say they are Muslims, and say they are doing these things in the name of their faith. And yet, we get statements like this:

French President Hollande: “These Fanatics Have Nothing To Do With Islam”

Wait, what?


On the one hand, society is being told to accept the self-chosen identities of *some* people, but to reject it for others. This is not new; even GWB yammered on about how the 9/11 hijackers had nothing to do with Islam, even when it was abundantly clear that that was the primary motivating factor.

So long as such things as identity are so chaotically understood, there will be chaos in society.

If anyone has a solution to this conundrum, I’d be thrilled to hear it.

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Jan 072015

The terrorist attack in Paris was brought on because the targeted company publishes “Charlie Hebdo,” a satirical French-language newspaper that has published cartoons mocking, or at least depicting, Islam’s inventor Mohammad. The goal was not only to punish Charlie Hebdo, but also to discourage future mockery of Mo. It was, in short, a direct attack on free expression.

There are two responses that should be spooled up and enacted just as soon as possible:

1) Find the perpetrators and kill them. Or capture, charge, try and imprison them, if you must.
2) Promptly show that efforts at squashing free expression will not only fail, but backfire.

Most people obviously cannot do much about #1, but #2? That’s a game anyone can play. Unfortunately, it’s a game a lot of journalistic cowards are too *afraid* to play:

Some Outlets Are Censoring Charlie Hebdo’s Satirical Cartoons After Attack

As one publisher says in the piece, “what right do I have to risk the lives of my staff to make a point?”

That’s right. You have no right to risk the lives of your staff. So stop sending them to war zones, disaster scenes, high crime areas.

The article includes a distressing number of photos included in major media outlets that show the Charlie Hebdo magazine, but censor out the “offending” cartoons. Feh.

So, these are the ones that got censored. I don’t speak a word of French beyond “merde,” so I have no idea if these are in any way NSFW. So I’ve put a little break here juuuuust in case you’re feeling squishy about opening them up at work or some such.

It should be noted that Charlie Hebdo seems to have been a generally anti-religion publication. Do a Google image search, and you’ll see a *lot* of cartoons, many quite vulgar, that depict old-school anti-Semitic cartoons… and some seriously anti-Catholic cartoons (anti-Catholic. In freakin’ France.) And yet… I don’t see a whole lot of news items about how the offices of Charlie Hebdo were firebombed by Da Joooz or shot up by the Papists.

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Jan 072015

I just can’t snark.

12 killed in shooting at French satirical magazine

Three Surt worshippers attacked the offices of a magazine and killed the editor (Stephane Charbonnier AKA “Charb”)who was under active police protection, so that alone should prove interesting) and three of the magazines cartoonists, Cabu, Wolinski and Tignous. I understand that these are the most famous cartoonists in France.

Claims are that the shooters shouted “The prophet is avenged” in French and “Allahu Ackbar” as they slaughtered people, including executing a cop in the street. The three “gunmen” escaped and are currently on the loose.

There have been a multitude of exclamations of grief and sympathy for the French. I will say, instead, to anyone in France: good hunting. Go get ‘em.


Interesting timing:

Furore over novel depicting Muslim-run France


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Jan 062015

Documentaries purporting to support creationism, ancient (or even current) aliens, ghost hunting, etc. are bad enough. But there’s a concept so mind-bogglingly backwards that you’ll shed neurons just finding out that there are supposedly educated people who actually buy into it: geocentrism. Yes, there are people in the modern world who actually believe that the Earth is the unmoving, non-rotating center of the universe.

Self-Centered: ‘Geocentrist’ Movie To Get Limited Theatrical Release

Look, I know if you look into the sky, it *looks* like the Sun and Moon and stars are turning around the Earth, and that you don’t *feel* the Earth turning. For most people and most professions, a geocentric worldview works as well as a heliocentric one.

But you know what kind of person a geocentric worldview *doesn’t* work for? Forget the astronomers. Forget the cosmologists. It doesn’t work for anyone who uses GPS. It doesn’t work for anyone who needs to aim an ICBM. it doesn’t work for anyone involved in trying to put something in orbit. And I don’t even mean an orbit out to Saturn, I mean the simplest orbit around the Earth.


Look, I get it. Some people have a driving need to feel special. So they try to become celebrities, or politicians, or conspiracy theorists, or religious cranks like these goobers. But individual humans are, statistically speaking, *not* special. And Earth? Even more not special. We’ the center of precisely nothing, except a cloud of satellites and space junk that *we* launched. We are the center of the universe in precisely the same way that Mecca is the center of the spherical surface of the Earth: it ain’t. There ain’t no such damn thing as a center to the universe, anymore than there’s a center to a finite but unbounded region such as a spherical surface.

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Dec 302014

I’m going with the second most popular definition of the word “jit” as defined by Urban Dictionary, what with the first most popular being rather NSFW:
The term jit is originally prison slang. It just means somebody younger than you. However, it is most often used to refer to young thugs/wannabe thugs or other punky kids. For instance, you wouldn’t call your 10-year-old cousin a jit.

And now, how the word is used in actual practice (with substantial NSFW language):



HAM” as it turns out is Word Of The Day #2.

Children are our future, yo.


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