Feb 032017

Man sets off explosive at Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena; no injuries

The article is loaded with a lack of details. A homemade explosive that gave off a lot of smoke but caused no injuries and minimal damage… some sort of smoke bomb, perhaps? Or a pipe bomb that fizzled? A Molotov cocktail that didn’t bust open?

And then there’s this fountain of data:

The suspect was described as about 6 feet tall with a thin build and a heavy beard. He was wearing all black clothing and a black beanie.

The was a six foot tall man with a beard. Maybe white. Maybe black. Maybe Indian. Maybe Japanese. That beard could have as easily been blond as black or red.

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Feb 022017

… to burn the joint down.

Protests, Violence Prompt UC Berkeley to Cancel Milo Yiannopoulos Event

Leftists responding with a terroristic temper tantrum?

Here’s a woman being interviewed and then getting assaulted for having the wrong politics:

And here they are beating a man down in the streets, and then continuing to beat on him once he’s down:

Probably safe to assume that we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of this sort of thing. A few days back someone sucker punched Richard Spencer in the street. Not that big a deal on its own… just one guy hitting another guy. Spencer is the “alt right” guy who did the “hail Trump” nonsense a while back, a “neo-Nazi” feller. After Spencer was punched, there was a *lot* of chatter online about whether it was ok to physically assault Nazis, and the general consensus seems to have been “yes.” On one hand… fark Nazis. But on the other hand, the Left has spent *years* tossing the “Nazi” epithet around, calling anyone who disagrees with them a Nazi or a fascist. So they have in essence been making the argument that it not only acceptable but *praiseworthy* to physically assault Republicans, libertarians, centrists… anyone they don’t agree with. Hell, **I* have been repeatedly called a fascist over the years when I have argued in favor of a small government that is Constitutionally restrained and limited in power with minimal negative impact on the freedoms of the citizenry. These jackholes don’t know what “fascism” really means, but they do know that it’s ok to attack fascists and that they can declare anyone they like a fascist.

So… yeah. Get used to this.


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Jan 302017

Last night news broke that gunmen had shot up a mosque in Quebec City. It was all over the news, on CNN and online. It was very quickly declared an act of terrorism (hard to argue that shooting up a group of random civvies is anything but), but apart from a death toll of five and the fact that two shooters were arrested, there was a distinct lack of data. I watched the news and poked around online for a while hoping that some details would come out, but apart from a whole lot of people screaming and speculating, there was nothing. I assumed that when I woke up this morning, CNN would lead off with the details about who the shooters were.

So I wake up, turn on the tube and see… nothing. They’re yammering about Trump, bitching about Friday’s executive order, showing Chuck Schumer crying about it, showing protestors doing what they can to inconvenience as many uninvolved people as they can. A few other news items, but I haven’t even seen them mention the Quebec attack. It’s dropped completely off the radar.

Last night the speculation ran rampant in various places that the shooting must have been carried out by white supremacists, Canadian Trump supporters, right-wing Quebecker nationalists… *some* form of alt-righter. Take a look at the comments HERE if you’ve a mind to. This morning all I can find is some sort of rumor that one of the shooters was of Moroccan origin, which would *tend* to argue against this being one of those long hoped-for (on the left) right-wing terrorist acts. The names *seem* to be Mohamed Khadir and Alexander Bissonnette, indicating that terrorists are finally getting in on the diversity bandwagon.

But CNN at least doesn’t seem too interested int he story now. It’s almost as if they have decided that it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative anymore.

UPDATE: It seems now that there is only a single suspect in custody, Alexander Bissonnette, who does seem to fit into the alt-right/white nationalist stereotype. Huzzah!This story can now be readily discussed on the news, I suppose.

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Jan 282017

President Giant Middle Finger has been busy signing executive orders left and right. Friday he signed one banning the importation of refugees and such from a few specific countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The idea, apparently, was to preclude the arrival of Jihadis who want to commit acts of terrorism in the US.

On the one hand, he is enraging the left and causing them to expend substantial effort, energy, time, political capitol and funds in protesting. Every day he signs an executive order that causes the causeheads to rant and rave; this by itself is neither good nor bad, though given how wrong and generally silly the leftist causeheads have been these last few decades I’m generally given to support whatever they oppose. This, of course, is pretty much what led to the Trump Presidency in the first place. Many leftists have taken the opportunity to crank up their hysterical hypobole generators all the way to eleven, such as:

As Trump severed the torch-bearing arm from the Statue of Liberty and the US went dark overnight on Friday…

The US went dark? Trump chopped the arm off the Statue of Liberty? Huh.

However, the refugee ban is problematic for a few reasons.

Firstly, it seems to have been slapped together without a whole lot of thought given to some of the ramifications. Thousands of legal US residents who were out of the country – such as former Iranians who have gone back to Iran to visit family – are now kinda up the creek, unable to board planes back to the US. Worse, it blocks Iraqis who aided the US military – translators and guides and such – from coming to the US. Unlike the vast majority of the “refugees,” those Iraqis who worked for the US are exactly the people we *should* be importing… not only do we want their kind (i.e. people who want to work for our interests), it is *right* to rescue those who have served our cause.

Second, while the nations on the list are understandable, there are some nations mysteriously left off. What about Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Turkey? These countries crank out the jihadi whackos as fast as the others… and they have a history of actually getting terrorists into the US.  It has been pointed out that Trump has no business dealings in the nations he’s banned… but he has substantial dealings with nations he didn’t. Hmmm.

And on another matter… during the inauguration protests, a limousine was vandalized with spraypaint then set on fire. There were a few layer of irony here. First the limo was spray painted with “We the people.” then set on fire. Which mean the protestors were setting “we the people” on fire. Second… the owner of the limo? Guess what. Muslim immigrant. Way to show your support, folks.


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Jan 272017

The SDASM Flickr account has uploaded some interesting photos of a nuclear detonation. What makes it interesting: the nuclear detonation was in space. Click the small pics below to go to the SDASM Flickr page for better rez versions.



Vaguely relevant:

Doomsday Clock ticks 30 seconds closer to midnight, thanks to Trump

While the world is certainly a goofier place than it has been in a while, the idea that we’re closer to DOOOOOOM now than during the Cuban Missile Crisis strikes me as ridiculous.


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Jan 252017

Requisite virtue signaling: I didn’t like Trump. Didn’t support him, didn’t vote for him. And while I don’t think he’s an idiot, I think he often does a damn fine impression of one. That said, his inauguration hit me with a massive wave of “Oh, was that today?” and then I moved on with the day.

Other people reacted to the inauguration with a bit more enthusiasm. Such as the person in the video below. Give it a watch and just go ahead and try to convince yourself that it’s not side-splittingly funny.

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Jan 252017

Weather has been rather aggressively wintery of late. For example, I am getting a serious uncomfortableness about the amount of snow and ice built up on my roof. Conditions on the roads have been similarly dodgy from time to time. So it wasn’t entirely shocking to hear on the news this last weekend that a Fed Ex truck got smacked by a commuter train in Salt Lake City.

But today the police released some dash cam footage that put a bit of a different spin on things. There was a police car *right* *there* when the incident occurred and good footage was obtained. You might think the truck driver is an idiot for pulling out in front of the train. But pay attention to the train crossing signals and barriers. More importantly, pay attention to the *timing.*


Note that there’s no audio. I *really* want to hear the audio. I bet it’s entertainingly expletiv-riffic.

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Jan 242017

Because racially divisive Identity Politics worked out so well for the Dems in the last couple of elections, DNC party chairman candidate Sally Boynton Brown doubles down and tells fellow Dems that she’s running to become the head honcho of their party so that she can shut down white Democrats who speak up.

Yeah. That’ll work *great.*

I fully support her and I hope she wins.

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Jan 192017

H.P. Lovecraft is one of the more important authors in the history of horror fiction, yet there have been relatively few attempts made to film his works with anything resembling a “big budget.”Still, there have been a few times where Lovecraftian ideas or themes have been incorporated into original movies; “Hellboy” is one of the more obvious examples. Another example, perhaps less well known, is the 1991 HBO TV-movie “Cast a Deadly Spell.” This is not based on a Lovecraft story, but instead is sort of an “homage” to Lovecraft. The main character, Harry Phillip Lovecraft (played by Fred Ward), is a private eye in 1948 Los Angeles… a Los Angeles where magic is an every day, commonly used tool. “Cast” is, in a word, damned entertaining, in much the same way that “Deep Rising” was. And it’s a friggen’ crime that HBO has never released this on DVD or Blu Ray.

“How long is that in dog years?” still gets me laughing a quarter century later.

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