Jun 092015

These vids of two women and a six-year-old incompetently fighting in a WalMart are making the rounds online today, so I figured I’d get on the bandwagon. You have a choice between being saddened by the clear awful Idiocracy on display, or laughing your posterior off. Me, I chose the latter. Especially the comments from the spectators; the cameraman suggests that someone should break them up, but that that someone should be another woman. A woman nearby agrees with him, pointing out that if he got involved he’d be opening himself up to a lawsuit.


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Jun 082015

Just what you see on the wall, pal.


Practical applications are few, but, dayum. Now if he could get the individual lasers truly focused on a single spot, the ability to burninate things would go through the roof, but it’s still not quite a functional weapon (apart from blinding). But something that becomes obvious is the need for heat rejection. A true laser weapon would probably have to be water cooled. Interestingly, you’d probably end up with a crew served weapon hearkening back to World War One era water-cooled machine guns.

Browning and his 1917

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Jun 032015

Sure, we all want to bring back the mammoth, the saber-toothed cat, the dodo and the T-Rex. But actually accomplishing the goal of returning species that have vanished is not an easy task. Well… a group has managed to do it!

Small problem: the species is diphtheria, and the group that pulled it off is Spanish anti-vaccinators.

Six-year-old diagnosed with first case of diphtheria in Spain since 1986

The kid was not vaccinated, even though diphtheria vaccinations are free in Spain. The Spanish authorities had to search the entire world for meds to treat this… because it’s a disease that people just don’t get anymore, since the vaccination for it is so effective. The Russian ambassador flew in a supply of the meds from Moscow. So… good on the Russians here.

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Jun 022015

So here I am, plugging away at various new products that’ll hopefully raise a couple nickels, when I decide to surf the net for a moment to distract me a bit, and I come across this:

Finally, A Hulkbuster Toy That Can Fit An Iron Man Figure Inside Itself

I have no particular interest in the Hulkbuster toy as such, but I do recognize the magnificence of the manufacturing of it. It’s a beautiful little replica. And by “little” I mean 1/9 scale, or 16 inches tall. And by “replica,” I mean “the price tag for this thing is $840.”


Is a superhero toy worth $840? I dunno… it’s worth what people will pay for it, I suppose. And, sure, there’ve got to be collectors and die-hard fans who’ll cough up that kind of money from time to time. The thing that saddens me… on a planetary scale is there really that much of a bigger market for *insanely* expensive toys than there is for obscure aerospace history? Just a few dozen of these toys would be worth more than I make in a year. And I do mean *few.* And yet I fully expect that the manufacturers will sell far more of these things than there are APR Patrons.

And thus, I’m saddened once again by my own relative lameness.


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Jun 012015

Spacy Richmond resolution attracts far-out responses

In the Bay Area (the bay in question being San Francisco Bay, shockingly enough) town of Richmond, the city council recent passed a resolution against space-based weaponry. This was based on a 2001 anti-space-weaponry bill proposed by Dennis Kucinich (D: Insanity), and has resulted in the city being barraged with complaints by crackpots, loons and other generically silly people who seem to think that CIA mind control rays in low Earth orbit are trying to penetrate their aluminum foil hats.


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May 302015

If you are looking to say, “Well, that is legitimately the oddest thing I’ve seen all day,” then I’ve got ya covered. Like “Iron Sky, ” “Kung Fury” is a crowdfunded film from Scandinavia; it’s half an hour filled with every single 1980’s trope (Lamborghini Countach! VHS quality video! David Hasselhoff! Bad cel animation! Terrible early CGI! Computer hacking via mashing randomly on the keyboard! 8-bit graphics!), along with instant classics like barbarian chicks with miniguns, laser-raptors, Tyranosaur slap-fights, Kung Fu Hitler, elderly Thor and more!

There’s no point in attempting to describe the plot.

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May 292015

Baltimore Get Bloody as Arrests Halt

Baltimore suffers deadliest month in 15 years as arrests plunge following Freddie Gray case.

Basically, it looks like the Baltimore PD said “screw it, they don’t want us there, we ain’t goin’ there.” Which to me seems a perfectly sensible response. As a result, the murder rate has spiked… 38 so far in May. Arrests have dropped 56 percent from the previous year.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H. L. Mencken

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May 282015

Yikes. A graph depicting the ongoing death toll of workers in Qatar building the facilities for the 2022 World Cup:


Parents: don’t let your kids be a part of this travesty. Teach them that there are alternatives to soccer. Safer, less violent, more socially uplifting alternatives… not to mention more interesting and useful. Baseball. Basketball. Rugby. Gunrunning. Dungeons and Dragons. Smoking dope. Chess. Mortal Combat. Watching paint dry.

Soccer: not even once.

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