Apr 192016

Behold: wherein a 5’9″ college age white guy does some vox pops interviews with college students and finds that at least some of them would be willing to go along with the belief that he’s actually a seven-year-old 6’5″ Chinese woman. Say or think what you will about the beginning subject matter – that of bathroom usage for people of unconventional gender – but when people are so beaten down by political correctness that they won’t tell you you’re clearly wrong on such simple matters of fact as the difference between 5’9″ and 6’5″, their future ability to make reasonable decisions on financial or STEM matters seems in serious doubt.

It would of course be interesting to see the full unedited vids. How many students told him he was nuts right off the bat? Or just refused to be interviewed n the first place?

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Apr 172016

Fears of ‘THE BIG ONE’ as SEVEN major earthquakes strike Pacific region in just 96 hours

Roger Bilham, seismologist of University of Colorado, said: “The current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude. 

“And if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.”

I’m just glad I don’t live anywhere near an earthquake zone.

Oh, wait…

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Apr 162016

A week ago, the news broke of some brutal bullying at a school in Nova Scotia. The source of the bullying was reported as being the influx of “refugees,” ill-defined. The story would have made a slight kerfuffle and then blown over as these things do… but the newspaper that broke the story then decided to retract the story. Not, apparently, because the facts were in repute, but because the story was incomplete. Now, the story certainly had a whole lot of holes. The origin and nature of the “refugees” was left to the imagination; no names of perpetrators were given; no indication of legal actions were described.

The withdrawal of the story made the story bigger, as it was seen by many as curious, to say the least, if not outright self-censorship in the name of political correctness. And so now, this:

We have listened and will learn from this

The newspaper has issued a mea culpa. Is it for leaving out the afore-mentioned details? Is it for retracting the story, rather than updating it? Guess again, chumps:

We should have asked more questions to clarify what happened and to get broader, more balanced perspectives to ensure that refugee children in the school would not be negatively impacted.

We later removed parts of the story and then the entire piece from our website when we saw it was being shared and misused to attack refugees and immigrants and to malign their faith and culture.

Say, that’s neat. No reference to aiding the *Canadian* children who were being brutalized. Screw those hosers, eh.

More entertainingly is an “I’m quitting” message posted at the newspapers site by one of their columnists. Why’d she quit?

Its prevailing damage is social — it is outright, unchecked victimization of the already victimized.

Note: the victims she references aren’t the kids who were being brutalized at the school, but the ones reported to have done the brutalizing.

Nothing so far written indicates that the story was factually wrong. It is of course always possible that the stories of bullying were made up, that the initial reporters got suckered into writing fiction. But that’s not what the editorial complaint is. Their complaint is that, in essence, they cannot write a proper story about a rapist without explaining what unfortunate event in the rapists childhood made him that way. They cannot write about a cult that performs human sacrifice without extolling all the good that the cult does with their bake sales. They cannot describe a fatal hit-and-run accident until they can explain why the driver did what he did. It seems that they feel that they cannot describe bad events without adding enough fluff to bury the badness under an avalanche of feel-good political correctness.


Thanks to blog reader Herp McDerp for the heads up.

UPDATE: More reporters are getting in on the story and interviewing the people involved, from parents to the school administration spokepeople. Here is one such article. One of the more interesting bits:

“Some of the parents at the centre of this article, the school was speaking to just last week and will continue to speak with them,” Hadey admitted despite the fact he just claimed no student or parent had come forward about the refugee problem.

Additionally, it appears that the chain one student was reportedly choked with was a necklace.

Some interviews with people involved, including a schoolgirl who backs up the original allegations (I guess the narrative will be that she’s an actress or a liar) and the spokesman who says that no parents have contacted the school and then says that parents have contacted the school:

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Apr 102016

I’ve been pondering writing something about “there’s no hate like nerd hate,” based on the irrational blistering outrage expressed by many pop-culture-specific critics over the new “Batman V Superman” movie. Honestly, it’s not that bad of a flick… in fact, in parts it’s quite good and overall entertaining. But the fact that “they got *this* wrong,” or “so-and-so would never do that” seems to push some nerds directly over the edge. But the problem is… what I just wrote pretty much sums up all I have to say about it. Zealots be zealous. Batman is allowed to use guns, get over it.

But then I read something that renewed my interest in the general topic of zealotry. Gentlemen, behold this, dredged up for that hive of scum and villainy, Jezebel:

American Idol’s La’Porsha Renae Does Not ‘Agree With the LGBT Lifestyle’

Basically… who friggen’ cares. I don’t know who this person is. I watched a few minutes of that show somewhere beyond a decade ago and promptly lost interest. But what entertains me to no end about this piece is that the person in question made a few statements that boil down to “can’t we all just treat each other decently?” You wouldn’t think that that would be controversial. But oh no, here come the Social Justice Warriors, because she was insufficient vehement in her love of every damned body. She dropped a casual reference that she doesn’t agree with the LGBT lifestyle, whatever the hell that means, but she still thinks people should be treated fairly. And here, her statements like “We should just respect each other’s differences and opinions and move on” are literally compared to her just barely declaring that gay people aren’t animals. The writer drops hints that this should trash the woman’s singing career.

There are hundreds of responses to that, if’n you want to dive into the shallow and angry end of the gene pool.

The Batfleck haters got nuthin’ on the Diversity and Tolerance Fascists.

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Apr 092016

There seem to be some details left out of this report:

Chebucto Heights bullying worries parents

In short, a Canadian school seems to be facing a spot of bother over some new students who are bullying (i.e. threatening and attempting murder) the previous student body.

UPDATE:This story has been removed.” The updated page for the story claims that the original story was incomplete, which it certainly seemed to be. The original story included such vague details as the school having a whole bunch of “refugees” as students, but didn’t say from where. It mentioned incidents of new students choking other students with *chains,* but left out details about what kind of chains (necklace chains? Bike chains?). It didn’t mention anything about these bullies being expelled, arrested or deported, which you’d certainly expect to see from a civilized nation that cares about its own, such as Canada.

Note that this story has been edited down at least twice. The original print article referred to “brutality” in the headline; that got weakened to “bullying,” then the article was finally removed altogether.

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Apr 092016

Belgian Suspect Ameroud Said to Have Carried Potentially Toxic Material

And by “toxic” they mean “typhoid and cholera.” Just wait until these spiritual seekers actually succeed in coming up with something good, like Ebola or some effective plague or flu. One wonders how the remaining Europeans will respond. History does not bode well for an alien religious/ethnic minority group that finds itself sufficiently hated in Europe. And I suspect unleashing biowarfare upon Europeans *might* be enough to nudge them in that direction.

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Apr 072016

On every conceivable technical level, this photo is awful, first and foremost by being horribly out of focus. But I like it not for what it shows, but for what was *about* to happen. This here is Bruce sitting in the little plastic-sticks-and-nylon-fabric cat “playhouse” Promptly after this photo he went back to the task he was performing just before the photo: madly (and futilely) attempting to dig through the side wall of the playhouse. Even through the bad photography you can kinda make out the crazy.


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Apr 062016

The “River of Souls” TV movie, to be more precise.

What the heck, Japan. This is Just Plain Weird. If you want to know just how weird in just one deeply distressing/hilarious GIF, lookit THIS.

Possibility exists that this is an April fools gag (the claim that the suit, which appears to be just spandex, has the ability to send fairly precise sensory impulses certainly would seem to back that up). But if it is… it’s difficult to distinguish, due to this falling squarely in line with the level of weird we’ve come to expect from Japan.

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Apr 062016

Does the headline seem like it might be a bit hyperbolic? Consider:

HUD Seeks to End Housing Discrimination Against Ex-Offenders

In short… if you are planning on selling or renting, it is now up to you to prove your case that the criminal who wants the place shouldn’t be allowed in. A history of rape, murder of talking in theaters is no longer prima facia evidence that the prospective renter is someone you should not do business with.

What’s the reason for this? Because certain ethnic groups are over-represented in prison, they are over-represented in the “ex-offender” community, and are thus over-represented in the “hell no, I don’t want a rapist living in my building” community. And thus, the geniuses at the HUD have determined that refusal to rent to criminals is racist.

If this seems good and logical to you… well, there’s no accounting for crazy, I suppose.


As for the term “Ex Offender:” while I will grant that in many cases, a criminal conviction need not necessarily imply that the person is and always will be a criminal thuggish threat at heart… at what point is a “murderer” no longer a “murderer?” When is a “rapist” no longer a “rapist?”

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