Sep 032016

And from the looks of it, someday soon.

Drone footage showing the flood of people dying to get into the “Ark Encounter” five minutes before opening on August 28, 2016.


So what will the reworked casino/hotel version be called? “Trump Titanic II” seems obvious. TrumpTanic? Looking at the shape of the “Ark” I’d recommend making it into an Exxon Valdez tribute. Slight reworking of the island at the rear and a new coat of paint and you’re good to go.

That is one *hell* of a parking lot. The amount of carbon dumped into the air during the process of chopping down the forest, grading the terrain and laying down the asphalt, coupled with the solar radiation that will be absorbed by the blacktop and converted into straight-up heat… that parking lot alone will be responsible for the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the flooding of Florida.

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Sep 012016

UPDATED: See more at the end.

Sure, “crazy” and “stupid” are obvious. But I’m thinking more along the lines of “vapid.” There’s something about the woman’s voice here that I find to be *really* grating. Not just the insane worldview on display, but just the voice itself, the speaking style that seems… I dunno. Like, omigawd, old-school Valley Girl but with a dash of stoner thrown in, so that her *voice* sound… what? Lazy? How to describe it?

Take a look at the video after the break and despair.

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Aug 312016

China and Ukraine agree to restart An-225 production

China will be building them based on the Ukrainian design, presumably with Chinese engines and equipment. The question is: why? What ginormous payloads do the Chinese think they’ll need modernized Mriyas for? The An-225 was designed to carry the Soviet “Buran” space shuttle orbiter on its back… *perhaps* the Chinese are thinking of doing the same thing. Feel free to speculate.

The article suggests the Chinese believe that the first of an unspecified number of new AN-225’s will fly in 2019… only three years away. That’ll be a neat trick, unless the Chinese have been working away at this for a while, or are going to work themselves to death to get it done, or are going to half-ass certain aspects of the process. I wouldn’t bet against any of those.

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Aug 292016

Military hardware design programs often have code names that are random or nearly so, so you can’t figure out what they are if you overhear them. Concepts like “Have Blue” or “Copper Canyon” or “Science Dawn” or even “Silver Bug” are pretty opaque. But every now and then there are concepts like Avro Canada’s 1960 idea for a truck capable of carrying and launching two Minuteman ICBMs: “Big Wheel.” For once, the name matched the product.


One wonders what sort of career these might have had in the Monster Truck circuit after they became obsolete.

This is a document I scored off ebay a little while back; it arrived and I’ve scanned it and will include it in the very next APR Patreon catalog. If you’d like a copy, a monthly contribution of as little as $4 will get you the full-rez 300 dpi scan of each months reward documents and diagrams… currently, three documents, one large-format diagram or piece of artwork. That’s a buck an item. Give the APR Patreon a look.

bigwheel layout

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Aug 282016

I have yammered on in the past about how in Britain is had not been a crime for someone to steal your home via squatting. This changed, I believe, a few years ago. I don’t know how enthusiastically the British police may be enforcing that particular law, but Utah police? They’re on it:

Swat team sent in to arrest alleged squatters

In this case, the house they were squatting in was privately owned, but *not* occupied when the two squatters moved in. Nevertheless, the police decided to remove them and charge them with a number of offenses including burglary, a felony.

Now, I’d prefer to not have SWAT cops stomping around my place making a mess. But I’d gladly deal with the disruption, the kicked-over stuff, the bullet holes and the chalk body outlines on the floor if that meant evicting a Britain-style home invader/squatter.


PS: In  bad mood tonight. On my evening walk I came across evidence of someone killing cats, at least two. Not cats I knew, but… not the way to get on my good side. Not sure what to do about it.

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Aug 272016

Enough that a truckload of ’em can do this to a nearby house:

The woman who lived in that house was missing for two days. She was finally pronounced dead when official examined “dental pieces,” which I assume means “assorted and scattered teeth.”

Truckload Of Airbag Parts Explodes En Route To Takata Plant, Killing Woman Inside Her Home

Somebody’s in trouble, I think…

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Aug 202016

An autistic Native American kid was spat on, yelled at and struck because of the political message of his shirt. Under other circumstances, this would be a clear case of a “hate crime.” Will that be the case here? Let’s watch!

Oklahoma Native American Says He Was Attacked Over Redskins Shirt

The actual narrative of events, who threw the first punch, differs between the two people involved. But given that the other guy is the Executive Director of the White House Initiative of American Indian and Alaska Native Education, you’d at least *think* that one of them would have had the maturity to not get in a fight over a shirt. but then… it’s *this* White House.

Just wait till the *next* administration. Hoo boy.

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Aug 192016

I know you’ll all be stunned, but the State Department has essentially admitted that that $400 million cash payment to the mullahs in Iran was actually a ransom payment:

State Dept.: $400M to Iran was contingent on US prisoners’ release

Let me think: did the current Administration say something that indicated that it *wasn’t* a ransom payment? Hmmm…

Groovy. Expect to see Americans get kidnapped around the world at an accelerated pace now that scumbags across the globe know that the US government will pay up to $100 *million* per hostage.

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