Nov 092017

So, a supernova is a star going *BANG.* It’s either a supermassive star undergoing its final collapse and rebound, or a white dwarf of neutron star stripping atmosphere off a co-orbiting regular star until enough hydrogen has built up on the surface to undergo a fusion flash, or two neutron stars colliding… something like that. it’s supposed to be a relatively quick flash, then a fade into some kind of dimness. What it’s NOT supposed to be is an explosion brighter than a billion suns that lasts *years.*

Bizarre 3-Year-Long Supernova Defies Our Understanding of How Stars Die

The event occurred in a small irregular galaxy some 500 million lightyears away. interestingly, another supernova was detected in the same spot in 1954, but it’s difficult to suggest that they are necessarily the same object… might have been another supernova within the same galaxy. But *this* event has had an extremely unusual light curve, indicating something horrifically powerful and ridiculously long-lasting:

Compare the areas under the curves. Not only is this thing five or so times brighter than it should be, it’s lasting perhaps five or ten times longer. But the spectrum of the light curve indicates it’s a standard Type II-P supernova, which shouldn’t act like this.

To me this event seems like an atomic bomb. Not, y’know, like an actual atomic bomb, but instead one of the atomic bombs described by H.G. Wells in his 1914 novel “The World Set Free.” his atomic bombs were utterly unlike what actually wound up appearing. His A-Bombs were more like magical reactors: they burned for *years* emitting heat, light and radiation. In essence, his atomic bombs were reactors in meltdown. Perhaps that’s what’s going on with this supernova… instead of “bang” and its done, there’s some sort of “meltdown” going on. What that could possibly be, I’ve no idea.


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Nov 072017

I’m always amazed when westerners get in legal trouble in certain countries. My amazement generally comes less from them having committed whatever crime it was than from them having the terrible judgement that took them to those countries in the first place. Some nations should be simply *avoided* until they enter at least the 20th century in terms of legal systems.

Tourist faces death penalty for bringing husband’s pain pills to Egypt

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Nov 072017

Yes, this $375 ‘antifa’ jacket from Barneys is actually real

Anybody who would spend $375 on this deserves to be separated from their (likely trust fund) money. I only wish it was being separated my way.

Imagine the embarrassment if two Lil Snowflakes showed up at a protest both wearing the same thing.

“Dry clean only.”

The thing I find Damned Funniest, is if you go to the actual Barney’s page, you see this:

Pre-ripped jeans, no doubt. But here’s the thing that made me larf out loud:

Our model is 6’1”/185cm and wearing a size Small.


I’m pretty sure any one of my cats daily eats a heartier meal than the vegan bag-o-antlers they hired to model their edgy jacket gets in a years time.

What kind of anarchists are we raising these days? Too lazy to take a sharpie and scribble their own childish mottos onto some army-navy surplus jacket stolen from a homeless bum, but somehow equipped with buckets of disposable cash.

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Nov 052017

Well, here we go again, another whacko shooting a place up. As always there is a dearth of good information so far about the motives of the shooter, one Devin Patrick Kelley. One interesting snippet is that he was discharged from the USAF in 2014. Reports are that he was discharged for bad conduct. Some reports have it that he was dishonorably discharged. If this in fact the case, then he was legally barred from possessing a firearm:

Dishonorable Discharge and NFA Firearms

The dishonorable discharge is based on a general court-martial conviction. This means the conviction is a felony, regardless of what the underlying offense may have been. The convicted felon is banned from possessing a firearm including Title II Firearms (a Silencer, SBR, SBS, AOW, or Machine Gun).

A person who is convicted of a crime that is punishable by imprisonment for more than one year ( including a dishonorable discharge) is prohibited from possessing a firearm. Under 18 U.S.C. 922(g), a felon who is found guilty of gun possession may serve up to 10 years in prison.

If you have been convicted of a felony or a dishonorable discharge, be careful of constructive possession. You could be guilty of being in possession of a firearm if your spouse or another family or household member has a firearm that you “could” access.

I don’t know if “bad conduct discharges” result in the same revocation of gun ownership rights as a “dishonorable discharge.”

His motives may or may not be discernible. However, it should be instructive to keep an eye on politicians in coming days and weeks to see who tries to use this incident to further their aims: to those politicians, guys like this are their heroes and footsoldiers.

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Nov 042017

Anyone who has hung around my blog log enough has seen me bitch, moan and whine about my lack of marketing skills, with the consequent dismal sales of… well, everything I try to sell. I can take a decent photo from time to time. I make some snazzy blueprints. Me write gud, on occasion. And with most products I count myself lucky if I make $50 in the first month.

So imagine my admiration/annoyance upon seeing this “commercial” a guy slapped together to help sell his girlfriends used car:

My first thought was “that’s pretty good.” My second thought was “I wonder how well it’ll work, let’s check the ebay listing for the car.” So, I did:

1996 Honda Accord EX 2-door coupe, green, automatic, leather seats

With over 4 days left on the auction, the high bid is currently over $100,000.

Granted, chances are *real* good that one or more of the highest bidders will turn out to be jokers, and the girlfriend won’t actually get a hundred grand for the car. But even so, it’s a safe bet that whatever she gets, it’ll be *far* higher than she would’ve gotten otherwise.

But here’s an even better used car commercial:

As one of the YouTube comments says… “This is the most epic thing in the entire history of people telling lies to sell stuff.”



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Nov 032017

Memphis police put ankle monitor GPS devices on dozens of domestic assault victims

Yes, you read that right: they’re putting the GPS trackers on the *victims.*

Now, it’s not quite as bad as you might be thinking. In fact, on a certain level it’s a good idea: the system alerts the victim if the person who assaulted them, who is also wearing a GPS tracker, comes within a specified distance. But… there is a more obvious, less distressing way to go here: instead of tracking a monitor strapped to the ankle of the victim, just track their *phone.* These days it’s a reasonable assumption that just about everybody has a GPS-equipped phone of some type and keeps it near them. If the villain gets too close, the victims phone starts going buggo with warnings and text messages. Perhaps authorities would even call or Skype to speak to the victim and warn them and check on them. No answer, or a lack of the proper code response, and the cops are sent to apply a beatdown to the villain.


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Nov 032017

Unless I missed something (entirely possible) there’s still no good explanation or motive for the Las Vegas mass shooting beyond “I guess he was nuts.” And while there still isn’t a whole lot of pre-massacre verifiable evidence of certifiable nuttery, there is at least one guilt-by-association source of information: his younger brother. If crazy is genetic, there seems a fair chance that these two shared a good dose of it:

Vegas shooter’s brother threatened to kill nursing home employees

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Nov 022017

4chan is not exactly known as a repository for great political thought. Yet, a recent stunt that was promoted there seems to have elicited exactly the unhinged and disproportionate reaction that was expected:

Md. high school won’t ‘fall victim’ to ‘okay to be white’ flyers

In short, 4chan suggested that people simply hang up stickers or fliers that say, simply, “It’s okay to be white.” That’s it. And the result is SJWs freaking out and getting the cops involved. Because, apparently, to a whole lot of people is is distinctly *not* okay to be white.

Imagine if instead of “white” they said “black” or women” or “gay” or “trans” or “Klingon.” Would anybody complain? I doubt it.

“It’s okay to be white” signs stir controversy on campus, around country

It’s only controversial if indeed it’s actually debatable if it’s ok to be white.


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Nov 012017

Our betters, those fine Hollywood types who are forever going on about how enlightened they are, how tolerant and diverse and whatnot they are, and how those of us in flyover country – you know, the little people, the deplorables, the unenlightened – should leave our backwards ways and be more like them… it seems they have themselves a bit of a problem:

Andy Dick Fired From Movie Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Jeremy Piven accused of sexual assault on set of ‘Entourage’ by actress Ariane Bellamar 

Kevin Spacey: More allegations of sexual harassment surface

NPR’s top editor placed on leave after accusations of sexual harassment

Dustin Hoffman accused of sexual harassment

‘Sex and the City’ heartthrob was ‘a piece of meat’ for Hollywood execs

Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct

… and so on.

On a surface level a lot of this just simply doesn’t make sense: if you are rich and famous (at least, if you’re rich), you don’t need to use force to obtain sex. You can just easily pay for it. But it seems to me that a whole lot of this seems to be less about the actual sex and more about the exercise of *power.* That’s certainly what it seems to have been with Weinstein.

But here’s the thing: the infotainment industry seems to have more than its share of this problem right now, which would seem to indicate that it has more than its share of people who are in it for the *power.* Which should, I would hope, inform public opinion about the wisdom of listening to these people when they start yammering on about political issues. Couple their excess in preverion, their lust for power and the fact that they live in a world of make-believe and fantasy, and you’d think that people would be smart enough to not ever listen to them.

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Nov 012017

Utah nurse violently arrested in viral clip settles with hospital for $500G

Y’all will no doubt recall the thrilling tale of Nurse Wubbels and Detective Payne, where the detective aggressively arrested the nurse because she refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient when the detective did not have a warrant. She was utterly in the legal right; he was a dick.

I’m on her side here. But… dayum, half a million bucks? Does that not seem perhaps a bit much… especially since it’s partially coming not from the now-ex-cop, but from the hospital? The half million is split between the hospital and the city of Salt Lake, even though the hospital did not arrest her. I guess the worst yo can say is that the rent-a-cops just stood by, but I wonder just how many security guards anywhere would ever intervene in an arrest.

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