May 182017

This is some sorta propaganda art-film. The winner of a competition organized by the horrifically-named “Européens Sans Frontières (Europeans Without Borders),” the purpose of which, best as I can gather, was to produce a film about the plight of “migrants” as they try to gain access to (and gain control over) the lands and womenfolk of western Europe. I think that’s it, anyway. But the end result is… well, I’ll have to let it speak for itself, cuz I sure as shootin’ can’t explain it:

What *seems* to happen here is that a bespectacled European fairy aids some human traffickers in smuggling a family of “migrants” into western Europe in order to provide cheap labor and put some locals out of work. or something, it’s hard to tell. The original was in French, so maybe it loses something in translation. The thing is, I honestly can’t tell what the actual propaganda is here. Is it supposed to be “we welcome our replacements,” as seems the PC thing for Europeans to do these days? Or is the complete ridiculousness of it meant to satire that sentiment? Or – and I might be going a bit out on a limb here – is this actually a dark tale about one of the few remaining European fairy folk getting revenge on the European humans who wiped out her kind by sneaking in other humans from an alien and antagonistic culture, knowing full well that once a critical mass of the invaders are in place Europe will be plunged into another meatgrinder, killing off  tens or hundreds of millions of humans,  and providing the now nearly extinct fairy folk with a measure of justice against the Europeans who wiped them out centuries before?



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May 162017

We all know – because some people just won’t shut the hell up about it – that there is a “wage gap” between men and women. Those who are honest about the topic know that a large fraction of the gap comes down to the fact that there are a lot more men in the STEM fields, which tend to pay better. So, how to close the gap? Hire more womenfolk, obviously. But how does a woman get hired as, say, an engineer, a technician, a mechanic, a scientist? Forget all that “schooling and hard work” crap, there’s a better solution! Coming soon to a university curriculum near you, no doubt…

Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Queer, Polyamorous Kink Witch

Meet a woman who ties herself up and casts spells to find empowerment.

Well, hell, and here I thought “empowerment” came from learning all you could, making yourself invaluable and doing a good job. Apparently, though, it actually involves ropes.


Hey, weird chick, you be you. If this sort of thing is fun and entertaining for you, then, whoopee, I guess. Fine, great, whatever. But when this sort of thing is touted as real and anything remotely resembling rational or aspirational, as opposed to being a cautionary tale of “this is what happens when someone is unsullied by reason or skepticism,” it’s hardly a wonder that far too many people avoid good and useful paths in life – the kind that aid society and pay well, but require that you work hard and honestly – in favor of buying into magic.


When I say “magic” I don’t mean I’m turning something into something else — magic is working with energy. You can’t create something that isn’t there. You’re using energy and you’re manipulating energy with intention, so I’m working with the energy of my own self-love and manipulating that and working with that in a positive way and setting intentions for myself.


There’s a new use of words like “energy” and “intention” that I really don’t think apply to anything in the real world.

Or as Fark called it:

“Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Queer, Polyamorous Kink Witch.” Translation: PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEE

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May 152017

The video title says “autistic,” but it’s really just “social justice warrior.” The two should not be confused like this, as there are substantial differences. For example:

  • It’s not unethical to be autistic.
  • If you happen to be autistic you can’t choose to not be.
  • Autism does often convey other benefits… many times autistic people provide valuable contributions to society.
  • Autistic people are often worthy of love and respect.

So… behold the modern campus (Western Washington University, apparently) leftist when they see an opinion they disagree with. If you are in an office setting… hell, crank it up. Let everyone enjoy this.

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May 142017

If anyone thought there was a chance in hell of a peaceful solution to the Arab/Israeli problem… this bit of news should dispel that notion:

Convicted murderer of six Israelis elected as Palestinian mayor of Hebron

The guy killed six people, and managed to get released in a prisoner exchange. There are two “ponderables” that spring immediately to mind:

  1. What does this say about the mindset of the people who voted for him?
  2. What does this say about the wisdom of releasing terrorists in prisoner exchanges without first injecting them with AIDS, mercury, lead? Is it possible to create a small capsule that can be injected or swallowed that will sit there inert for, say, a year or two and then break open and infect the guy with rabies?
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May 122017

An overly sawed-off shotgun:

A hand-held M2 .50-caliber machine gun:

A hand-held 7.62 mm minigun:

Note that neither of those machine guns is anywhere near on-target after about a tenth of a second of firing.


Basically… all kinda useless. And I’m glad I live in a country where people can make and fire such things.


And because why not… here’s a kludged six-barreled shotgun. There are some ergonomics issues.



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May 122017

Sick of “white privilege?” Sure, we all are, especially those of us who supposedly have it yet somehow don’t seem to get that monthly gift basket of goodies the White Cis Patriarchy apparently promised us. So, rather than deny it, why not invent some new forms of “privilege” for idiots to get upset about?


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May 122017

So, a Chinese “Mixed Martial Artist” challenged a “Tai Chi Master” to a bout. Challenge accepted and, fortunately,videoed from many angles. How’d it go? Well…

The results – the MMA fighter had the “Master” on the ground within about seven seconds, then spent another dozen seconds or so repeatedly pounding said “Master” in the noggin. It was a classic rout… it was not even remotely close. So how’d this happen?

Well, think about it. Classical martial arts are kind of an art form… sort of like dance, with rules and traditions and ethics. Focusing on a specific martial art, such as Tai Chi (which, honestly, to me always makes me think of “old people moving slowly”), may make you an expert in that martial art… but it may also limit you to the moves associated with that martial art. But “mixed martial arts,” that’s another matter. Here, the goal is not to honor ancient traditions, but instead to beat your opponent into the dirt by whatever means necessary.

Now, admittedly, your average black belt could undoubtedly pummel me so fast I’d be indistinguishable from a screeching SJW in a matter of seconds. But if it came down to a fight between an Old School Traditionalist and an MMA fighter, or a Navy SEAL… I’m putting my money on the guy who’s job it is to beat the crap out of the other fella.

Traditional martial arts are necessarily hidebound… they are traditions, after all. Perhaps they have been finely honed over the centuries, brought to a level of perfection. And that’s fine, but don’t confuse it for “actually useful in a combat situation.” The Samurai are  today seen as some sort of near-magical combatants, yet the Japanese military hardly employs them anymore. The *actual* Samurai got slapped around by a bunch of Japanese farm kids with rifles back in the 19th century. When the Japanese Empire decided to revive the Samurai “Bushido Code” and virtually worship the Samurai in the first half of the 20th century, they got smacked around by a bunch of American farm kids with rifles.

The katana, the chosen sword of the Samurai, is itself a fantastic example of what I’m talking about. Over a thousand years of so, Japanese swordsmiths created a beautiful sword… but imbued with with mystical claptrap. And if there’s one thing that doesn’t help your sword actually perform, it’s magic. The katana is viewed by many as being some sort of nearly perfect tool… the traditional manufacturing process creating a blade of remarkable strength, durability and sharpness, the killingest chunk of metal to be found. But… no. What those swordsmiths produced was a blade that would be regularly bested by a virtually identical blade  made by machines using modern steel straight out of a steel mill.None of all that folding or tradition… just take some bar stock, hammer a bit, grind a bit, heat treat a bit, then go embarrass the hell out of the relatively brittle “traditional” sword. What the Japanese swordsmiths succeeded at was making not the best possible sword steel, but the best possible sword steel using the technology and science that they had. But their techniques were evolutionary dead ends. They made, in essence, the very best possible Thylacines. Great fits for their niche… until something better and more adaptable came along. In the case of the katana, what came along was Western science.

And in actual head-to-head competitions science will kick mystical traditions ass, every time. Where science will lose is not in the actual fight, but the propaganda. People are willing to believe nonsense over sense, especially if the nonsense makes promises that science can’t. Doesn’t matter if the nonsense can actually make good on the promise, many people will still buy it. So… will moving slowly make you capable of defending yourself against a mugger? Sure, why not! It’s an ancient tradition!



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May 112017

… that not only is Maxine Waters still “a thing,” but she continues to wield political power far out of proportion to the limited capabilities of her tragically limited little mind:


And while this next video is of pretty awful quality, it is important for one thing, if nothing else: it explains exactly why we had a housing bubble based on sub-prime mortgages a decade ago. Fascists like Waters threatened mortgage lenders to crank out criminally awful mortgages, under threat of punitive Federal actions. And as bad as it was then, the drive among the fascist class to enforce their idiot fiscal policies at the point of a sword remains.


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May 042017

STEM is values-neutral. By that I mean, with engineering you can design a better hammer… but that hammer could be used to drive a nail to built a kitten orphanage (good), or it could be used to knock someones brains out (quite possibly bad). Here’s an example of STEM, in the form of an app developed for smart phones (themselves the result of thousands of years of STEM work), being used to promote superstitious, fictitious and malicious bullcrap:

Believe in equal pay for equal work?
Put your money where your mouth is.

In short: this app – apparently not designed in entire seriousness, but as some sort of attempt at what SJWs consider to be humor – divides a lunch bill “fairly.” Now, to my mind if a group of people go to a restaurant and want to divide the bill fairly, the easiest way would be to simply get separate bills, and each pay their own way. The guy who ordered the lobster and steak would pay more than the guy who ordered a cup of soup because he ordered the more expensive item. Simple, right? But this apps developers have different ideas. The bill is split up evenly among the number of people on it… and then the fractions are weighted based on each persons “privilege.” Using the long-discredited, yet still quite popular, delusion of the “wage gap,” the white guy is charged a buck, the black woman $0.64, and so on.

Of course, this will be perfectly “fair” for the white guy office drone out to lunch with the black female CEO…

Again, this was done as satire to teach white people that they suck and will perpetually be browbeaten over invented nonsense. But apparently the app is real and downloadable… and if recent history of apparently nonsensical stuff (and I’m looking at *you,* Nordstrom’s “muddy jeans”) teaches us anything, it’s that a whole lot pf people will willingly glom onto complete nonsense – often at considerable cost to themselves- if they think that it makes them cool, hip, popular, politically correct. People *will* obtain and use this app in all seriousness, thinking that by screwing over one person in order to make someone else feel better, they’re actually carrying out acts of “justice.” But it seems to me that what an app like this will really do is help speed the segregation process along. if you were invited to lunch with people who you knew were going to financially screw you over… would you go? I’d be brown-baggin’ it. And I’d remember that those people are *not* my friends, but are rather thieves, idiots or ideological monsters.



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