One of the best reasons to not reduce much of certain regions to softly glowing green glass is because of all the neat historical and archeological sites and artifacts. But if those sites and artifacts don’t exist anymore… that reason goes away, and were left with “ummm… something about looking bad, or something?”

How Syria’s ancient treasures are being smashed



At some point, “silly” turns into “sad” which turns into “tragic.”

British Film Institute tells filmmakers to tick new diversity targets or miss funding

In order to score funding from the BFI (honestly, I don’t know how important that is for the British film industry), it is proposed that new Britfilms must have two of the following three features:

at least one lead character must be “positively reflecting diversity”, with the story more likely to receive funding if it “explicitly and predominantly explores issues of identity relating to ethnicity or national origins, a specific focus on women, people with disabilities, sexual identity, age and people from a socially disadvantaged background”. … It will ask filmmakers to ensure that at least 30 per cent of supporting and non-speaking characters are also “diverse”.

Off-screen, at least two heads of department must be from diverse backgrounds, as well as a range of “key creatives” including the director, screenwriter, composer and cinematographer.

The third category requires companies to offer paid internships and jobs to “new entrants from diverse backgrounds” and to help them progress.

One wonders what exactly is meant by “diverse. Does this mean that a film about, say, King Henry the 8th  can get away with having an Irish character? or must it be a blind black lesbian single mother who has courageously struggled against domestic abuse and alcoholism?

On this same page there is a link to a piece about a new BBC series:

BBC goes for Game of Thrones audience with new Saxon vs Viking drama

Now how the hell are they going to shoehorn 30% “diverse” actors into a story about Scandinavian white people fighting Germanic white people in a world populated almost exclusively with white people? Or are they going to make a third of these dark-age warriors gay cowboys eating pudding?


‘Mocking accents should be a crime’ says linguist, Dr Baratta

I’ve no idea who this goober is. Likely a nobody, apart from being a professor of Something Or Other at Manchester U. But making speech a crime? How does this merit anything other than mockery and derision? Anybody know what exact accent he has, so that it can be mocked? Really, there’s only one reply to this sort of idiocy.

Since the US team finally lost and left the World Cup Of Kickball  Boredom a while ago, the news – at least from what I’ve seen – has been blissfully free of socceryammerings. This indicates that Americas interest in the World Cup was solely driven by the fact that some Americans were in it. Woo! There’s hope for us yet; remove the nationalism, and people realize just what a snore that game is to watch.

Still, apparently there was a game today that the Brazilian team lost. Who cares? Well… apparently a whole lot of Brazilians. It’s good to see this game bring so much joy to these people:

All Of Brazil Is Crying Right Now


The link is just *filled* with people with a really screwed up sense of priorities. Is Brazil such a utopia that things are so awesome that a loss in a *game* is the emotional equivalent of watching your baby getting torn apart by rabid hamsters?



ISIS Blow Up ‘Heretical’ Shia Mosques In Mosul

Them ISIS boys have been busy. Click the link to see some Michael-Bay-esque photos of centuries-old religious sites being blown sky high.

Here’s the purported trashing of the tomb of the Biblical prophet Jonah (the “great fish” feller):

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And good times had by all in wrecking a Christian cemetery (to the familiar strains of “Allahu Ackbar,” the phrase that let’s you know something barbaric is afoot):

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Just keep repeating “It’s a religion of peace, it’s a religion of peace…”

Someone flew a quadcopter with a good camera into a fireworks display. The footage is friggen’ *spectacular.* I recommend watching it fullscreen at best resolution. Or download the best-rez version.

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Was the quadcopter lucky to survive? Yes. Did the pilot violate a number of Federal, state and local laws, enough to be staring down the barrel of tens of thousands of dollars in fines and a decade in prison? Very likely.


If you answered “Why, that’s just a big ol’ sugar cookie baked into an unconventional configuration,” you are correct, sir!

American Apparel shares Challenger photo as ‘clouds’

Ow. Ow. My head. It hurts.


Seems likely that there are two explanations for this:

1) American Apparel is one of those annoying “edgy” companies that likes to push buttons, with the belief that “there’s not such thing as bad press.”

2) They hire monumentally stupid people, unaware of cultural icons.

AA has claimed that the real answer is #2, that the “international social media employee” who posted this was born after 1986, and thus, gosh, the little scamp couldn’t possibly be expected to be aware of Challenger. Uh-huh…

I vote #1. By being dicks, people are talking about them again. Hell, they even managed to get some space on the prestigious Unwanted Blog…


My interest here is not AA. I don’t give a damn about them or their shenanigans. But I find it sad that the excuse “whoops, too young to even know what Challenger was” is sufficiently valid to gain *any* traction. You know what? Hindenburg was slightly before my time, yet I think I’d recognize it in a photo, even if it was lightly Photoshopped.


China bans Ramadan fast in Muslim northwest

Students and civil servants in China’s Muslim northwest, where Beijing is enforcing a security crackdown following deadly unrest, have been ordered to avoid taking part in traditional fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

This could be entertaining.


So, the Supreme Court decided that Hobby Lobby, a family owned business, *can* refuse to provide abortifactants to its employees due to the fact that the family that owns the corporation has a bit of a religious issue with killing babies (or “abortion,” if you prefer). That’s *all* the ruling says… Hobby Lobby cannot be forced to pay for abortion drugs. That’s it. The ruling doesn’t say that Hobby Lobby can prevent its employees from buying those drugs *themselves.” The ruling doesn’t say that Hobby Lobby can force anyone to carry babies to term. Just… *you* can’t force Hobby Lobby to buy something they don’t want. That’s it.

But oh, no, not if you read *this* steaming pile of crazed idiocy:

Why Women Aren’t People (But Corporations Are)

With such highlights as:

The decision to declare women Unpeople…

…women (lesser people-ish entities)…

Today, five men on the Supreme Court said that women’s reproductive health care is less important than a woman’s boss’s superstition-based prudery and moral trepidation about fornication for female pleasure.

They ruled that it’s okay for a corporate person to discriminate against a female semi-person and dictate that she not spend her compensation on stuff that might possibly be enabling sex without consequences…

This piece has over 1600 comments. I just glanced through a tiny fraction of them, and the general consensus seems to be that not having your employer pay for *everything* is the greatest human rights travesty since slavery.

LuftWaffleErin Gloria Ryan

I sometimes feel like women won’t be taken seriously as actual human beings until we start getting really violent and nasty. In the short-term, we’ll be seen as “unstable bitches.” But if we start inflicting the kind of terror on these men that they inflict on us, maybe they’ll start seeing us equals. Ladies, let’s start committing some violent crimes!


ClestestiErin Gloria Ryan

F**k Scalia, f**k Thomas, f**k Roberts, f**k Alito, they need to die, and Kennedy needs to be at the very least beaten unconscious. This is literally the WORST thing EVER to come out of the supreme court.

How the hell can we have a civil society if people cannot even be *vaguely* honest about what the hell is going on? You’ve got freaks screaming about wanting to commit acts of violence because they’re not getting free stuff.

Yow. A sudden 55-mph gust scatters some Super Cub towplanes around the US Air Force Academy airfield on April 23. Some pretty fast piloting saves the day. But I’m not sure if some underwear was lost…

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