Apr 242018

The video link I’d posted a few days ago with Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar inciting violence and terrorism got taken down. So I went looking for a replacement video, and in the process found the video below, which seems to be a complete recording of the “discussion” that was excerpted. I say “seems” because I haven’t watched the whole thing. In fact, as I type this the video is currently paused at 15 seconds into a one hour, fifteen minute vid. Why? Because holy crap, that’s why. I try to be a tolerant guy. I recognize that I’m weird in my own way, grating to many, likely very annoying to listen to. But the first *word* spoken in this video set off my cringe-response about as powerfully as it ever has been. Yeesh. I dare y’all to take a look. Let me know how far you get before you go stabbing at that “pause” or “stop” or “turn it off, turn it off!” button.

UPDATE: tried it again, made it abut a minute in. All I can think is that somewhere, Paul Lynde must be looking on, shaking his head and saying “tone it down.”


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Apr 232018

So there’s this creepifyin’ news article:

A joyful reunion with birth parents leads to incest, murder

In short: a young lady finally meets her birth father. Then she marries him. And bears him a kid. Who the father/grandfather kills. Then he kills his daughter, her adoptive father and then himself. Yeeesh.

And then there’s the ads.

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Apr 212018

Ark Encounter’s Latest Attendance Numbers Are Ken Ham’s Nightmare

Their stated expectation for annual visits works out to an average of 117,000 per month. What they got:

July: 142,626
August: 106,161
September: 83,330
October: 93,659

November: 51,914
December: 36,472
January: 13,250
February: 17,961
March: 62,251

That’s neat.

The question is: what is this thing going to be when it’s inevitably sold off? Hopefully the locals will be able to successfully sue Ham & Co. to recoup the money they spent to bring this disaster to town, but if not it’ll be a useful lesson that, let’s face it, will be ignored too many times in the future.

It’s hard to imagine what it could be successfully and profitably turned into. It’s not exactly well situation to be a good hotel, casino, convention center or office building. I wonder if it’ll wind up just going up in flames; it’s not like it’d fully trust that it’s build the best, modern building codes.

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Apr 212018

Fresno State – and it’s donors – must be so proud.

Note: again, free speech. But also note, she is caught advocating violence, directly, bombing houses and hijacking airliners. Perhaps this isn’t enough for the cops to get involved, but it does seem like the sort of thing her employer might be interested in. It’s certainly the sort of thing that anyone thinking of going to Fresno State, or paying for someone to go to Fresno State, should bear in mind. Also: she’s a professor of the English language. Listen to her and judge whether you think that’s really something that she seems to be proficient in.

UPDATE: hmm. Seems the video has been yanked due to a copyright complaint from one Jesse Zook Mann. Without further info, I’d guess that Mann shot at least part of the video that was used, and was annoyed that the clips were used to show what a horrible person Jarrar actually is, using her own words.

Let’s try another one:

And the following certainly seems to be a copy of the original YouTube vid, so I’d expect it to get copyright-struck sooner or later (download now):

She thinks she is owed your stuff and your childrens minds.

Now, the question is: for regular folks, not part of the judicial system, or part of the educational system, not a donor to Fresno State. You know, regular folk with no power but what the Constitution allows. Nothing illegal, or violent, or threatening. Well, we live in the era of the non-stop protest. So… protest, but don’t be like one of those brainless bipedal semi-solidified farts on the left who pop up in the course of a presentation with a bullhorn and deafen everyone in the room. Be smarter than that… and get a Speech Jammer.

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Apr 192018

You know how it’s a popular joke to point to some dumb kid doing something monumentally stupid and then say something along the lines of “ladies and gentlemen, the leaders of the future.” Well, guess what: the leaders of the present aren’t that fargin’ impressive either.

D.C. lawmaker who said Jews control the weather visits Holocaust Museum but leaves early

The photo, taken in 1935, depicts a woman in a dark dress shuffling down a street in Norden, Germany. A large sign hangs from her neck: “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.” She is surrounded by Nazi stormtroopers.

D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) studied the image. “Are they protecting her?”

Lynn Williams, an expert on educational programs at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and White’s tour guide for the day, stared at the photo.

“No,” she said. “They’re marching her through.”

“Marching through is protecting,” White said.

I… but…

And what’s better: there’s even more stupid on display in that story, and not all of it is the council members. It sounds like he hired out of the shallow end of the pool for his staff, of which he has a surprising number.

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Apr 182018

To really no surprise, Barbara Bush, wife of George HW Bush, mother to Dubya, died yesterday:

Barbara Bush, Wife of 41st President and Mother of 43rd, Dies at 92

Babs was a dignified lady, and she sounds like she was a hoot. She and GHW celebrated their 72 anniversary a few months back… and I would not be in the least bit surprised if he joins her soon.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s meet the face of the modern left wing as they deal with Barbara Bush’s passing: Randa Jararr, professor of English at Fresno State in California:





She is a *tenured* professor, which makes it quite difficult for the school to fire her (the whole point of tenure). And *should* the school fire her for her personal views, expressed on her own time and not on school equipment or systems? I believe… no. She should *not* be fired. But then, I don’t believe  that anyone expressing conservative, libertarian, scientific or Republican views should be fired either.

That said: being a publicly funded dickhole in a position to spread venomous propaganda to the generation that thinks that snorting condoms and eating Tide pods is a good idea? Yeah, there should probably be some sort of consequence. Suggestion: any parent sending their Lil Tyke to Fresno State should make sure that they don’t take any classes from Jararr.

Now, something that probably*should* result in in direct action against her and/or her bank account is a tweet should made in response to the flak she was getting. She posted her phone number in case anyone wanted to call her. Interesting, right? Except no.The phone number was actually that of the Arizona State 24-hour crisis hotline. The entirely predictable result was that the hotline was bombarded by people calling to complain to her… potentially clogging up the lines for someone who might have actually needed the service. I don’t know what if any laws that might violate, but it seems likely to be legally problematic.

Did we care about Jararr before this? nope. Doubt much of anyone had actually heard of her. And I’ve little doubt that she’ll be remembered even a few weeks from now, unless she does a masterful job of keeping herself in the news. but she is instructive about the views of many on the left: they was people who disagree with them to die, and they will celebrate those deaths. And the fact that Jararr was largely unremarkable before this is instructive: it’s not like the left was disavowing her *before* this.

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Apr 142018

An update to THIS STORY from a bit over a week ago, where a guy doused himself with gasoline and a quartet of cops tried to keep himself from going FOOM. If you don’t want to see security camera footage of what some folks on fire looks like, don’t click on it. If you do… well, here ya go.

And then there was this entirely unrelated piece:

Sadly, the video cuts off a few seconds too early. The best part was the uncomfortable silence for a few seconds among the anchors as they processed the end of the piece, followed by laughter.

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Apr 142018

Refugees set for NHS payout because midwives didn’t tell them to feed baby

This is *spectacular.* So some Sri Lankans moved to Britain and had themselves a kid, but did not effectively learn the language. The kid was born with cerebral palsy. Because the parents didn’t speak adequate English, the medics who attended the birth could not explain to the parents that, you know, you need to feed the kid from time to time, and now some nine years later the kid is in bad shape in part because the parents didn’t adequately feed the kid. This is, of course, the fault of the medics who, and I’m quoting here, “failed to overcome the language barrier, directly resulting in the child suffering catastrophic brain injuries.” And now the British taxpayers are on the hook for some millions of lawsuit lotto that the family has won.

Because it’s every medical practitioners job to be proficient in every language on the planet, so long as that medical practitioner is in a western country.


If you are a parent, isn’t it kinda *your* duty to see to it that your kids are properly taken care of?

Anyway, there was also this on the side of that page:

Two in five Brits believe multiculturalism has failed

Commissioned by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, the Yougov poll of 5,200 people also found that 51% of people believe immigration is putting pressure on schools and hospitals.

Huh. Wonder why.

The article says that 40% of respondents agreed with a speech given in 1968 by some guy named Enoch Powell, who was a politician of some kind. In case you are an American and don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things British, here’s the speech:

In looking that up, I came across the following. It’s apparently a speech in a British TV crime drama, made by the villain of the piece. And it is a speech, if you read the YouTube comments, that speaks to just a whole lot of people. That’s the problem with forced multiculturalism: the natives didn’t ask for it. They weren’t consulted. And when they complain, they are cast as villains for wanting to keep things they way they have known them to be. And once you decide that someone is a villain for wanting to live in their own homes with their own cultures, they will sooner or later no longer give a damn about whether or not you see them as a villain. You can call someone a racist or a fascist or a Nazi or a misogynist or a sexist or a what-the-hell-ever only just so many times before the nasty word loses its sting and becomes meaningless. And when you call them that bad word for being opposed to something they can *see* as being *actually* bad… you will make them decide that that bad word isn’t something to run from, but is instead their natural ally. So good job, “progressives,” you’ve made the rise of fascism and nationalism and actual racism pretty much inevitable.




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