May 252017

There seem to be two primary ways to tell if a forthcoming movie or TV series is going to be bad:

  1. The released materials – photos, descriptions, clips, trailers, etc. – just look or read as “bad”
  2. The people promoting the show start putting plans in place to downplay how awful it is, or to explain away a forthcoming disaster.

With Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve had a whole lot of #1. The disregard for established continuity, the jarring design elements, the apparent lack of any actual familiarity with Star Trek on the part of the people behind the show have led a *lot* or people to conclude that this STD is gonna burn.

But now they’re entering into Phase 2. Specifically… the “Ghostbusters 2016” playbook of “let’s blame the fans:”

Racist Star Trek Fans Decry Discovery‘s Diversity, Revealing They Know Nothing About Star Trek

Yeah, that’ll certainly help fix the problem. Someone doesn’t like your show? Call them a racist or a sexist. It worked *so* well for Ghostbusters 2016.



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May 212017

Humans have been successfully minting coins for around 3,000 years. It’s not exactly a mystifying dark art.

Scores of defective Rio Olympic medals fall apart

The article is a little lean on details, but it seems that a bunch of Rio medals (6 or 7 percent, mainly silver medals) are having trouble with their “coverings” and are “flaking apart.”  This is pretty vague, but what it sounds like to me is that the medals were actually made out of some base metal and then plated in silver. Lame.

I honestly don’t have a good explanation why for something like the Friggen’ Olympics the silver medals would be made out of anything but pure silver. It’s not like silver is *that* expensive.

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May 172017

There have been a lot of Star Trek model kits over the years, enough so that it seems like a producer would have to have something pretty unique to make their mark on the market. It seems that some years ago a project was started in Japan to market a truly unique model of the Enterprise-D. What the “Build The Enterprise” entailed was a “subscription” system where once  a week or so the subscribers would receive a magazine with Technical Manual-type stuff and parts to continue the build. In this case, the build was a 1/900 scale cutaway model of the Enterprise, with each deck represented by a sheet of laser-etched plexiglass. “Build TheEnterprise” was aimed at and released solely in the Japanese market.

As anyone who has been reading this blog long enough knows, I’m intimately familiar with the concept of “boy howdy, this project I’ve embarked on is certainly cool and I have high hopes for it” transmogrifying into “well, that didn’t sell worth a damn.” Heck, that’s pretty much *every* project I’ve initiated (anybody want to prove me wrong and turn American Nuclear Explosive Devices into something so popular that I’ll get off my ass and finally finish issue#2?) Of course, I’m just one goober with no marketing department, no marketing *budget*, no interpersonal skills and more stubbornness than sense. So you’d expect that professionals, with access to the experts (in this case, the likes of Mike Okuda and Rick Sternbach and others who, if you know anything at all about Star Trek ship design and model making, are well-known names) and who have had considerable success in the past, would have another success with a project like this.


They had the bad luck of starting up right after the tsunami and Fukushima reactor meltdown. As a result the Japanese model building market wasn’t in the mood and the project failed. One hundred issues were projected… only four were actually released. One would hope that a project like this would be recoverable in some form… a Kickstarter or some such. Because from all appearances it was a heck of a thing. But it seems that it has been simply abandoned by those in power.



So, let that be a lesson to you: do your market research first, and think twice before doing your initial release just before a major earthquake right next to a nuclear reactor that has been hobbled by red tape and anti-nuclear activists. And you can add the failure of this innovative cutaway model to the list of things the anti-nuke Luddites have inflicted on mankind by making sure that old reactors can’t be replaced with new ones.


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May 162017

We all know – because some people just won’t shut the hell up about it – that there is a “wage gap” between men and women. Those who are honest about the topic know that a large fraction of the gap comes down to the fact that there are a lot more men in the STEM fields, which tend to pay better. So, how to close the gap? Hire more womenfolk, obviously. But how does a woman get hired as, say, an engineer, a technician, a mechanic, a scientist? Forget all that “schooling and hard work” crap, there’s a better solution! Coming soon to a university curriculum near you, no doubt…

Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Queer, Polyamorous Kink Witch

Meet a woman who ties herself up and casts spells to find empowerment.

Well, hell, and here I thought “empowerment” came from learning all you could, making yourself invaluable and doing a good job. Apparently, though, it actually involves ropes.


Hey, weird chick, you be you. If this sort of thing is fun and entertaining for you, then, whoopee, I guess. Fine, great, whatever. But when this sort of thing is touted as real and anything remotely resembling rational or aspirational, as opposed to being a cautionary tale of “this is what happens when someone is unsullied by reason or skepticism,” it’s hardly a wonder that far too many people avoid good and useful paths in life – the kind that aid society and pay well, but require that you work hard and honestly – in favor of buying into magic.


When I say “magic” I don’t mean I’m turning something into something else — magic is working with energy. You can’t create something that isn’t there. You’re using energy and you’re manipulating energy with intention, so I’m working with the energy of my own self-love and manipulating that and working with that in a positive way and setting intentions for myself.


There’s a new use of words like “energy” and “intention” that I really don’t think apply to anything in the real world.

Or as Fark called it:

“Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Queer, Polyamorous Kink Witch.” Translation: PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEE

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