Woman’s will asks for her [still-living] dog to be buried with her

The German Shepherd in question is not only still living, but apparently quite healthy.

See, here’s the thing: you can kill a pig or a sheep at will, because they are meat critters. You generally own such animals specifically for the purpose of killin’ ‘em at some point and putting their carcasses to use. But *dogs?* If you own a dog in order to kill it… yer doin’ it wrong.

Dick move, lady.

Buttons has needed some minor dental work for a while… he has some plaque buildup, and his breath is really quite spectacularly awful. And he has developed a bump on his lower lip. So i took him to the vet today…. and spent maybe 2 minutes with the vet. And most of that was in setting up the appointment to bring him back Thursday to get the *tumor* removed from his lower lip.


So why the hell not, here are some vids of Buttons today, waiting to see the vet. The mournful sound he makes is the sound he *always* makes at the vet. Happiest cat in the world… so long as he’s home.

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According to some superstitions, it’s a bad idea to create a representation of a human face. And thus we have these dolls for the more unfortunate children of the world:

Deeni Dolls


“There is an Islamic ruling which forbids the depiction of facial features of any kind and that includes pictures, sculptures and, in this case, dolls.

“I spoke to a religious scholar in Leicester who guided me through what was and what was not permissible when producing the product.

“The Deeni Doll has no face on it whatsoever and is Shariah compliant.”

The doll itself retails at £25 and, whilst it may not be the first of its kind in the world, it is thought to be the only one produced to such a high quality.

Ye gods. Sure, what do kids indoctrinated into a dehumanizing belief system really need? *Toys* that dehumanize them even more. If a child is taught that it is wrong for a doll to have facial features, it won’t be long before they come to understand that showing their own facial features is wrong. And thus they accept covering their own features and suppressing their individuality.

A common trope in sci-fi and fantasy is to have the massed forces of the enemy wearing uniforms that disguise their features – think “Imperial Stormtroopers.” One purpose of this is that if the enemies all look exactly the same, especially if they don’t have recognizable faces, then you can mow them down in industrial numbers and not give a damn. Because by eliminating their individuality, you are eliminating what makes them human. They are no more than robots made out of meat.

So… that’s what these jackholes are doing to their own children.


Oh, well. At least this idiocy provides an opportunity for mockery for the rest of us. By leaving the “faces” blank, they become the perfect canvases for “improvements.”

deeni-doll 6 deeni-doll 5 deeni-doll 4 deeni-doll 3 deeni-doll 2 deeni-doll 1

Sydney Siege: Up To 40 Hostages Held – Reports

Subtle hint:

A black flag with white Arabic text, similar to those used by Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria, was also visible.

This will surely end well. Best of luck to y’all in Australia.

Hands up! Don’t Jihad!

It looks glorious:

Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle Replica


Presented for the first time in a large-scale format, this intricately detailed Aliens APC model is in glorious 1:18 scale, measuring a very impressive 20-inches long! Using the original blueprints as reference, no detail has been spared making this the most accurate recreation possible. The Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) features moveable gun turrets and rotating wheels, and is authentically weathered for added realism. It is complete with a separate Aliens-themed display base, designed to replicate the floor tiles of the Sulaco. This museum quality scale model is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail, and limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.


“Polystone” is just a hoity-toity word for “urethane resin mixed with rock dust.” This, sadly, is a more expensive medium than injection molding, as is normally used on car toys & replicas of this size. And thus the going price is $540. Ouch.

A truly gigantic RC Antononv 225 Mriya and Buran flying around in Switzerland. All goes well until the Buran is released and then… well, you see why when the 747 dropped the Enterprise, the 747 promptly dove just as fast as it could…

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Peru riled by Greenpeace stunt at Nazca lines

Greenpissers set up some big ol’ yellow cloth letters next to one of the better known Nazca geoglyphs (the hummingbird). The problem here is that the surface is *really* fragile. The “Nazca lines” were originally made by simply scraping a thin layer of black dust off the whitish substrate; it’s easy to do, and easy to damage. The link above includes some Associated Press branded photos of the Greenpissers message, but if’n ya want an idea of what their little stunt did…






Monday is going to be fun… a morning appointment at the hospital to undergo a “methacholine challenge.” The latest effort to try to figure out what the deal with my lungs is to have me breathe in increasing doses of methacholine, a chemical that will, if you have asthma, cause your lungs to go bugnuts. So with any luck (ha!), it’ll be a boring time masked up like a third rate Bane. More likely, it’ll be some fun times feeling my lungs curl up and die. Wheeeeee.

UPDATE: Home at last. The testing was unpleasant, but not as bad as expected. In short, you breathe in increasing doses of a substance that makes your lungs rebel. If you have asthma, the effects will appear soon; if you don’t have asthma, the effects will still show up, just later and lesser. And as it turns out… my lungs actually performed somewhat *better* at the initial low concentrations than during the baseline. If your lung function drops 20%, you have asthma. Mine, at the end with the highest concentration, dropped 5%.  So… no asthma.  Good news, I suppose, in that that’s one illness I don’t have, but I’m back to wondering what causes the susceptibility to bronchitis.

The high concentration stuff was just plain uncomfortable, but my lungs worked through it.

The worst part of the day was getting stuck in Salt Lake City rush hour traffic. Gah. Granted, had this been my commute back when I lived in California, I would have thought it a good day… but I’ve spent ten years in rural Utah where a traffic jam is a thirty-second delay caused by a tractor in the road you have to pass before you can get back to your 80 mph cruising speed.

Let it never be said that airline travel can’t get worse:

U.S. Airways Jet From Israel Diverts to Rome After 16 Get Sick

Not just sick… chain-vomiting sick. Due, at least initially, to an “odor.”

Here’s the bit I don’t get, though:

Two passengers and 14 crew members were given medical treatment after a U.S. Airways flight to Philadelphia from Israel made an emergency landing in Rome the airline said.

Fourteen crew members?

In order to protect the eyes and minds of those who don’t want to be exposed to the very definition of “D-bag,” here’s the link, rather than the embed.

You really only need to see the first second or two, and I’m pretty sure that you, too, will go “Yup, that’s it.”


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