Nov 262015

A 115-year-old smokestack in Pell City, Alabama, laughed off two attempts to bring it down with explosives, so a construction worker went at it with an excavator. So how’d that work out? Let’s watch:


And because why not, here’s the ad for the product that popped up before the smokestack video. It’s an awesomely low-brow product to help you extrude your supper called “Squatty Potty.” Does it work? I have no idea. Is the commercial awful? You betcha. Did it make me laugh? You betcha.  Is it available from Amazon and am I going to link to it on the off chance someone wants to buy one from said link and I’ll receive a pittance as a result? You betcha.


Squatty Potty® Toilet Stool, 7 Inch- The Original – Made in U.S.A.


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Nov 232015

Apparently all the swag and educational/career opportunities that famed hoaxer “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohammad received from his slightly re-purposed commercial digital clock was not enough to satisfy him and/or his family. They are now suing the taxpayers of Irving, Texas for $15 for the usual “emotional distress” reasons.

Ahmed Mohamed: ‘Clock boy’ seeks $15m from city and school

In case anyone has forgotten, Ahmed took an old digital clock, removed it from it’s plastic case and put the guts in a new metal case. Originally it was battery & wall-cord powered, but in its new configuration it only worked with the cord, which makes the choice of a conductive metal pencil case a dubious one. He took the piece of junk to school and claimed to have “invented” it; he plugged it in in class with an alarm set to go off during class, disrupting the class. The clock was examined and promptly found to be not a bomb; but it was determined that Ahmed had tried to make something that other people – my guess would be his fellow students – might think was a bomb and be freaked out by it. As a result the police became involved, as is normal and proper whenever there’s even the lamest, least-likely bomb threat at a school. As a result of properly playing the media, Ahmed was transformed from a prankster with minimal engineering skills into an engineering genius, inventor and victim of racism. He and his family have scampered off to Qatar and are suing Irving from a distance.

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Nov 162015

Racist joke found written underneath one of the world’s most famous paintings

In short:Kazimir Malevich painting ‘Black Square’ from 1915…

After looking at the painting under a microscope, experts found that the inscription says: ‘Battle of negroes in a dark cave.’

I suppose that’s racist enough. But if you *really* want to be offended, consider this:

‘Black Square’ has long been considered one of the most important artworks of the early 20th century’s avant-garde movement.

When I think of “important artwork, guess what I *don’t* think of:


Well, at least the title is honest. But really, how pretentious does someone have to be to see a square of black paint as Important Art?

Don’t answer that.

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Nov 102015

Raedthinn is back at the vet. His incisors are sorts floating freely, rather than being locked back in place. So for the third time in three days, he’s going under, this time to get his teeth, and the chunk of bone they’re attached to, sewn or wired back into place.


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Nov 092015

I gave the vet clinic about five seconds to get up and running this morning and then called in to check on how Raedthinn is doing. I’ve been freaking out since I left him there yesterday because the last I saw of him, he was sedated really heavily to take X-rays… and at the time he looked very, very dead (look close and you could *just* make out breathing). So that was my last image of him. Anyway, the receptionist went back and took a look at him… he’s “bright eyed and bushy tailed.” So, huzzah. At some point later in the day he will see the surgeon, but at least he got over that first hump, getting over sedation. Cats and chemicals… not a good combination.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed. I’ll leave the “Raedthinn Restoration Sale” up and running for a while more.

UPDATE, 5 hours later: I spoke briefly with a receptionist at the clinic. Raedthinn is out of surgery, came through it well. Apparently the damage wasn’t as bad as the vet yesterday suggested; the jaw as a whole apparently wasn’t broken and didn’t need wiring together, but a piece of the jaw broke off with the one wonky fang, and that chunk, and the fang, have been removed. I’m hoping to speak to the surgeon later today when I pick up Raedthinn and get more definition on just what all happened.

Since the damage wasn’t as bad as expected, I’m hoping that the bill won’t be as bad as expected. So… I’ll leave the “sale” up for a little longer, but I’ll hazard a guess and say that donations are probably no longer needed. Of course, if you really *want* to, say, to say “thanks for all the cat photos, aerospace pictures and glitteringly brilliant political analyses…”

Today, Buttons and Speedbump have been their usual selves. But Fingers has been in hiding… she knows Raedthinn’s not here, and seems to be quite disturbed by that.


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Nov 082015

Raedthinn has suffered an injury requiring surgery tomorrow (managed to break his jaw – I think on the basement stairs – and it needs to be wired together). This has turned a “blah” Sunday into a rather dark time.

This won’t be cheap. So, if you’ve wanted to buy all the US Aerospace Projects publications, here’s your shot: all 18 Bomber Projects, all four Transport Projects, all three Spacecraft Projects, all two Launch Vehicle Projects. Normally $115, but until I say otherwise, lets say… $75. Slightly more than 1/3 off. Or if you just want to help with the Raedthinn Restoration, click on the “Tip Jar” and help till your significant other hurts you.

WP_20151108_015 WP_20151108_010

UPDATE: Raedthinn is back; sale has ended.

Raedthinn, like most cats, seemed to take his damage in stride. I saw him several times this morning, looking perfectly normal and content, even though his jaw must’ve been broken; I’m guessing he must’ve bit down on something this AM while I was out getting some grub and shoved the broken bit of jaw out of place. But even so, when I came home about noon, he was laying calmly on the bed and just gave me a look like “Sup.” I saw the tooth, checked him out, promptly freaked, called the emergency vet and dashed off.

I suggested to the vet that if he could be patched up so the tooth stayed like that, Raedthinn would look the utter badass. Sadly, the tooth is still firmly attached to a bit of jaw… a bit of jaw that has busted off and need to be put back in place. It appears his lower mandible is in three distinct pieces just now. How *exactly* Raedthinn accomplished this I’ve no good idea other than late last night he went bugnuts and dashed up the basement stairs, banging into everything on the way. I don’t know if the broken jaw is a result of the mad dash, or the mad dash was a result of the broken jaw.

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