Apr 232018

So there’s this creepifyin’ news article:

A joyful reunion with birth parents leads to incest, murder

In short: a young lady finally meets her birth father. Then she marries him. And bears him a kid. Who the father/grandfather kills. Then he kills his daughter, her adoptive father and then himself. Yeeesh.

And then there’s the ads.

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Apr 192018

You know how it’s a popular joke to point to some dumb kid doing something monumentally stupid and then say something along the lines of “ladies and gentlemen, the leaders of the future.” Well, guess what: the leaders of the present aren’t that fargin’ impressive either.

D.C. lawmaker who said Jews control the weather visits Holocaust Museum but leaves early

The photo, taken in 1935, depicts a woman in a dark dress shuffling down a street in Norden, Germany. A large sign hangs from her neck: “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.” She is surrounded by Nazi stormtroopers.

D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) studied the image. “Are they protecting her?”

Lynn Williams, an expert on educational programs at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and White’s tour guide for the day, stared at the photo.

“No,” she said. “They’re marching her through.”

“Marching through is protecting,” White said.

I… but…

And what’s better: there’s even more stupid on display in that story, and not all of it is the council members. It sounds like he hired out of the shallow end of the pool for his staff, of which he has a surprising number.

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Apr 142018

Refugees set for NHS payout because midwives didn’t tell them to feed baby

This is *spectacular.* So some Sri Lankans moved to Britain and had themselves a kid, but did not effectively learn the language. The kid was born with cerebral palsy. Because the parents didn’t speak adequate English, the medics who attended the birth could not explain to the parents that, you know, you need to feed the kid from time to time, and now some nine years later the kid is in bad shape in part because the parents didn’t adequately feed the kid. This is, of course, the fault of the medics who, and I’m quoting here, “failed to overcome the language barrier, directly resulting in the child suffering catastrophic brain injuries.” And now the British taxpayers are on the hook for some millions of lawsuit lotto that the family has won.

Because it’s every medical practitioners job to be proficient in every language on the planet, so long as that medical practitioner is in a western country.


If you are a parent, isn’t it kinda *your* duty to see to it that your kids are properly taken care of?

Anyway, there was also this on the side of that page:

Two in five Brits believe multiculturalism has failed

Commissioned by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, the Yougov poll of 5,200 people also found that 51% of people believe immigration is putting pressure on schools and hospitals.

Huh. Wonder why.

The article says that 40% of respondents agreed with a speech given in 1968 by some guy named Enoch Powell, who was a politician of some kind. In case you are an American and don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things British, here’s the speech:

In looking that up, I came across the following. It’s apparently a speech in a British TV crime drama, made by the villain of the piece. And it is a speech, if you read the YouTube comments, that speaks to just a whole lot of people. That’s the problem with forced multiculturalism: the natives didn’t ask for it. They weren’t consulted. And when they complain, they are cast as villains for wanting to keep things they way they have known them to be. And once you decide that someone is a villain for wanting to live in their own homes with their own cultures, they will sooner or later no longer give a damn about whether or not you see them as a villain. You can call someone a racist or a fascist or a Nazi or a misogynist or a sexist or a what-the-hell-ever only just so many times before the nasty word loses its sting and becomes meaningless. And when you call them that bad word for being opposed to something they can *see* as being *actually* bad… you will make them decide that that bad word isn’t something to run from, but is instead their natural ally. So good job, “progressives,” you’ve made the rise of fascism and nationalism and actual racism pretty much inevitable.




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Apr 132018

I hate to be “that  guy,” but Millenials… get it together, kids. You’re looking bad.

Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study

41% of Millennials believe that fewer than 2 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

22% of Millennials haven’t heard of the Holocaust or unsure if they have

66% of Millenials don’t even know that Auschwitz was a death camp.

Sadly, I can’t say that the rest of the public is vastly better off, but the Millennials are distinctly worse. And then there’s this:

People should be allowed to use Nazi slogans or symbols: 15%

This is perhaps the worst example of ignorance of the bunch. Sure, the Nazis were scumbags and if you’re proudly waving a swastika because you think Hitler was Da Bomb, you’re a dumbass. But this is America, gottverdammt, and you’re allowed to wave around any Blödmann symbols you like… swastika, hammer & sickle, Little Red Book, Planned Parenthood logo, Confederate flag, what-the-frak-ever. This survey indicates that 85% of respondents have no idea what the 1st Amendment, not to mention common sense, is actually about.

But wait! There’s more!

Just 66% of millennials firmly believe that the earth is round


It’s easy to blame this level of Earth-shattering dumbth on the Millennials. But let’s face it: kids know what they’re taught. We olds of the world have clearly failed them in the teaching department. Soon these ill-educated younglings will be voting. Imagine the world they’ll create, one based on “feelings” and ignorance. Gah.


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Apr 102018

… how terrified the Mayor of London would be if he saw *me* walking down his street:

And as part of The Dark Lord High Baron Mayor of Londons effort to clean the streets of dangerous weapons, they got these:

Scissors? A file? Pliers? Really? REALLY? I carry a multitool at all times. I carry a modest pocketknife at all times. And when I go for a walk, I take a walking stick (friggen knees… bah) that I made from a garden tool handle and a hammer. And sometimes I carry concealed. Why? because I want to, that’s why, and that’s all the reason any free man needs to do anything that neither picks another mans pocket nor breaks his leg. So what is it that they have on the streets of London if not free men?




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Apr 042018

Got my cheapo laptop back. It was scraped clean, all data and programs removed, so I’ve spent the last few hours re-loading stuff onto it. Even though no important data was lost, it’s still a pain in the keister to deal with that nonsense.

So, did I miss anything newsworthy in the last day or three? Listened to a lot of radio news while driving around today. Apparently a dull news day, nothing much to report on.There was certainly nothing worth discuss along the lines of, oh, let’s say a mass shooting. I seem to recall a lot of yammering about one such yesterday at a politically relevant media corporation, but the silence today indicates that it didn’t actually happen. Because surely if there was yet anther right-wing cis white conservative AR-15-toting gun-nut male shooting a joint up, it’d be news for *days.* Right?

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Mar 312018

A lot of folks reading this blog are likely too young to remember the days before AIDS. Many of y’all, I’m sure, have only known of AIDS as a disease that requires some spendy drugs, but is not a fatal or even a necessarily terribly inconveniencing one. I assure you younguns that it wasn’t always like that. And it may not always *be* like that.

When the disease that would eventually become known as AIDS was first making its presence known in the 1970s, it seemed to be confined to gay guys and intravenous drug users. Consequently… society didn’t much care. Of course it didn’t help that nobody knew what caused it. But when it became clear that it was a viral infection transmitted through bodily fluids – especially when it was discovered that the blood supply was tainted and that people who were neither homosexual nor drug abusers, but were simply hemophiliacs and the like were coming down with a disease that was not only unstoppable but fatal – well, people freaked the fark out.

This was not an isolated incident. In recent years with the threat of various pandemics such as ebola and the various flus, people lost their minds. The same happened back in the early 80’s when people realized that for some years a virus had been floating around that could kill them. The fact that the disease had been spread by people that society didn’t think that much of… well, that didn’t make things any better.

The 1970’s had been a decade of unrivaled hedonism. The 1950’s had seen the widespread introduction of antibiotics which had seen the end of syphilis and gonorrhea as the historical threats that they had long been; the 1960’s saw the collapse of many of the cultural norms that had kept peoples behaviors at least somewhat in check. And so when the 70’s came along with it’s malaise and despair due to the economy and the collapse of American exceptionalism, people went just plain stupid. They thought that sexually transmitted diseases were just minor inconveniences, to be dealt with with a shot afterwards. They thought they were invincible.


So when the 80’s came along with the threat of AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease that would KILL YOU without remorse and without hope, society went goofy in another way. All of a sudden teenagers like myself were told that if you had sex, you’d die. And people began to wonder: would you die if you shook someones hand? If you kissed them? If you sat on a toilet seat? If you got bit by a mosquito that had just bit someone else? In a world where nobody was really all that sure about just what the AIDS virus was, how it spread and how it might mutate, these were common enough concerns, and they weren’t *stupid* concerns. The West Nile virus, for example, killed a popular and healthy PE teacher not far from me last year because he got bit by a skeeter.

In the years since the 80’s, it has become popular among many on the political left to actually blame Reagan for much of the trouble with AIDS. Their reasoning? He didn’t talk about it. Well, sure, fine, he didn’t talk about it. But curing a disease is hardly in your average Presidents skillset, not een if they are a really good orator. In the generations since Reagan, we’ve had the sainted Clinton and that god among men, Obama, each with eight years and neither of *them* have cured AIDS either. So just what Reagan was supposed to do to make these people happy is unclear.

Here’s the thing, though. If Reagan had exercised more power than a President might actually legally have, it’s just possible that he *could* have ended the AIDS threat in the US. Consider.

In the real world, AIDS ceased to be terrifying as drugs were developed that basically jumped up and down on AIDS, driving it into remission. They didn’t *cure* AIDS but they made it seem irrelevant. Now people with the Great Plague Of The Age could expect to live out a more or less full life span. But the virus is still there, lurking in infected cells, having wormed its way into the host cells DNA.

In the real world, AIDS became a political disease that somehow conveyed morality to its victims. If you have lung cancer or emphysema because you smoked all your life, if your liver is trashed from drinking, if your brain is mush from smoking dope, you’re seen as kind of a dumbass. But if you got AIDS because you did some clearly unwise things… why, you’re some kind of a *hero.*

So, imagine a slightly different turn of events. Perhaps the politics went a little different, or one sympathetic victim or another was less sympathetic, or less of a victim. And so AIDS was treated the way society would treat an outbreak of, say, ebola or smallpox. If you were found to have contracted the fatal, transmittable disease, you would be quarantined until you were safe or dead. Would this automatically end AIDS? Of course not. The disease is symptom free for *years* in some cases, so lots of people would have it and not know it. But if there was a firm policy on quarantining all who have it, and a widespread campaign for universal testing, the chances are really quite good that the AIDS epidemic in the US could have been stamped out by the early 90’s: there’d be people in the quarantine zones who have it, but more people aren’t getting it.

This sort of thing was predicted in any of a number of dystopian movies and books of variable quality, where either victims of AIDS or some future AIDS stand-in disease are rounded up and thrown into camps. By comparing any effort at quarantine with fascism, the idea of quarantine was essentially nixed. Keep in mind, kids, that when the role of “bath houses” in the spread of AIDS was first realized, many in the gay community fought tooth and nail to make sure that these sources of pestilence were allowed to remain open.

Would a “fascist” quarantine system have ended AIDS? Maybe. Cases can be made either way. But you know what *didn’t* end AIDS? The approach we took. We now have millions of people infected with a disease that is being held in check with drugs. And now, look, oh goodie:

Why Are Drug-Resistant HIV Strains Becoming More Prevalent?

“Subtype AE” is emerging in the Philippines, and it’s resistant to the antiviral drugs that have kept AIDS in check. More than 10% of new antiviral patients in many latin American, African and Asian countries have forms of AIDS that are resistant.

The process of perpetual treatment of AIDS has led to the perpetuation of AIDS. Future mutations *could,* maybe, just possibly, lead to a far more dangerous form of the disease. Airborne strains, strains actually transmittable by insect bites or sweaty handshakes or breathing.

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Mar 292018

A few years ago the cultural gatekeepers were all kinds of giddy over the book “Ready Player One.” Now it seems they are ready to hate the movie with the passion they imagine that straight white males hated Ghostbusters 2016. For example:

The Ready Player One backlash, explained

I haven’t read the book, but I’ve been bombarded with the summary: it’ the future, everything sucks, people spend their lives in virtual reality. Control over that reality will pass to whoever can win some big game; to win the player needs to be ridiculously well-versed in 1980’s nostalgia and video game nerd-dom. Seems like exactly the sort of thing for a Steven Spielberg movie. But now our cultural betters have decided that the whole premise of politically incorrect… because “Gamergate” has made gaming culture toxic.

If you’re like me, you’ve heard of Gamergate, but never really understood just WTF it was all about. As with many things these days, there seems to not be a universally agreed-upon definition. However, I recently saw this video that explains Gamergate:

Basically, Gamergate was the opening salvo in the fight back against the SJWs, though the SJW’s seem to have the upper hand in the propaganda. And consequently, if the SJWs hate “Ready Player One” for the same reason they’re bonkers about Gamergate, I think it just might be worth seeing.



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