So after Sony decided to puss out and withdraw all plans to distribute “The Interview,” some movie theaters planned to show “Team America: World Police” in its place. Good idea, right? Paramount didn’t think so, and *they* have told theaters not to do so. Because reasons.

A couple things happened today:

1) The Cuban regime was staggering, but thanks to the Obama administration deciding to give a boost to the Cuban economy, the Castro Commies will last a good while longer.

2) Sony has decided to yank the release of “The Interview” thanks to threats from North Korean hackers.

3) New Regency has decided to pull the plug on a new Steve Carell movie “Pyongyang” just out of fear.

Huzzah, ladies and gentlemen. You can now expect to see more espionage and terrorism since it has been demonstrated to be a success way to get what you want.

Woman’s will asks for her [still-living] dog to be buried with her

The German Shepherd in question is not only still living, but apparently quite healthy.

See, here’s the thing: you can kill a pig or a sheep at will, because they are meat critters. You generally own such animals specifically for the purpose of killin’ ‘em at some point and putting their carcasses to use. But *dogs?* If you own a dog in order to kill it… yer doin’ it wrong.

Dick move, lady.

Specifically, in danger of being left without electrical power for *years* in the event of a sizable solar storm.

DHS: 100 Million Americans Could Lose Power in Major Sun Storm

The study said a future solar storm like the great magnetic storm of May 1921 would black out most states east of the Mississippi River along with most states in the Pacific Northwest.

Neat. Makes for a fun read. A less catastrophic reading of a major solar storm disaster would leave 10 million Americans without power for months. In either case, the death toll would be remarkable, especially if it hit the north in winter… or the south in summer.

You’d think that after a couple decades of scientists and government officials freaking out over the possibility of solar storms or EMP attacks trashing the grid and blowing out innumerable transformers, backup systems would be in place.

Every winter I seem to see reports from Dallas or Atlanta getting shut down by some relatively trivial ice storm because they don’t have enough snowplows to deal with it, when if these cities simply bought one single solitary truck a year, fifty years later they’d have fifty trucks (and these things last fricken forever). If FEMA simply bought X number of transformers per year and put them into secure storage, then if the worst happened they’d have a stockpile to start over with.

Such a threat is also a good reason to get away from the Ginormous Electrical Grid model. In simplistic terms, the longer your power lines, the bigger the risk from EMP; so it makes sense to chop the grids up into smaller sections. This also argues for smaller self-contained nuclear powerplants as a major source of electrical power.


It looks glorious:

Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle Replica


Presented for the first time in a large-scale format, this intricately detailed Aliens APC model is in glorious 1:18 scale, measuring a very impressive 20-inches long! Using the original blueprints as reference, no detail has been spared making this the most accurate recreation possible. The Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) features moveable gun turrets and rotating wheels, and is authentically weathered for added realism. It is complete with a separate Aliens-themed display base, designed to replicate the floor tiles of the Sulaco. This museum quality scale model is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail, and limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.


“Polystone” is just a hoity-toity word for “urethane resin mixed with rock dust.” This, sadly, is a more expensive medium than injection molding, as is normally used on car toys & replicas of this size. And thus the going price is $540. Ouch.

Peru riled by Greenpeace stunt at Nazca lines

Greenpissers set up some big ol’ yellow cloth letters next to one of the better known Nazca geoglyphs (the hummingbird). The problem here is that the surface is *really* fragile. The “Nazca lines” were originally made by simply scraping a thin layer of black dust off the whitish substrate; it’s easy to do, and easy to damage. The link above includes some Associated Press branded photos of the Greenpissers message, but if’n ya want an idea of what their little stunt did…






Ever since I started working on Aerospace Projects Review in the late 1990′s, people have asked from time to time if I planned on putting out an April Fools edition,or covering fictional designs, something along those lines. And I have always shot that concept down, because one thing I don’t want to do is contribute to confusion of mythology. Because even the most transparent fakery can be believed by far too many people (witness the patently absurd modern fiction called “Die Glocke”).

One of the better known “fakes” that has sometimes been understood to be real is the “Klagenfurt Klf 255.” This was originally published in the French aviation magazine “Fana de l’Aviation” as an April Fools gag in 1973. Supposedly a wartime German design for a rocket powered interceptor, the diagrams are actually reasonably convincing, as are the pre-Photoshop fake photos… but it was nevertheless pure fiction.

klf 255

Some years back someone sent me a photocopy of the original article. I’ve scanned it in PDF format and posted it to the APR Patreon for all patrons (this means as cheap as $0.75/month). Enjoy. And remember… It’s A Faaaaaaaaaake.


If you would like to access these items and support the cause of acquiring and sharing these pieces of aerospace history, please visit my Patreon page and consider contributing.


Let it never be said that airline travel can’t get worse:

U.S. Airways Jet From Israel Diverts to Rome After 16 Get Sick

Not just sick… chain-vomiting sick. Due, at least initially, to an “odor.”

Here’s the bit I don’t get, though:

Two passengers and 14 crew members were given medical treatment after a U.S. Airways flight to Philadelphia from Israel made an emergency landing in Rome the airline said.

Fourteen crew members?

In order to protect the eyes and minds of those who don’t want to be exposed to the very definition of “D-bag,” here’s the link, rather than the embed.

You really only need to see the first second or two, and I’m pretty sure that you, too, will go “Yup, that’s it.”

Need some nightmare fuel? Got ya covered:

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