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Hint: not the US.


Two UAE reactors should be operational by 2020 and Saudi Arabia could complete twelve nuclear reactors from 2022-2034

Why is it that the middle east is preparing for a post-oil world… but we’re not? Bah.

While the US government is insanely bloated and often just plain insane, it’s worth noting that it’s nothing compare to the Europeans:

Photographic ID card now needed to buy hair bleach under European anti-terror laws

Peroxide blondes must now apply for photographic ID to buy the strongest hair bleach, under little-noticed new European anti-terror rules.

Model car buffs are also hit, as chemicals they use for fuel are controlled under the new scheme, run by the Home Office.

Anyone wishing to buy such materials must pay £40 for a three-year licence, or face two years’ jail. Shopkeepers can also be imprisoned if they do not check papers.

Papers, please…

In a sane world, this would be one of the biggest stories in the developed world’s news. But in a sane world, this story would have never happened.

British Town Of Rotherham Shocked By Revelations Of Sexual Abuse

The ultra-short form: Rotherham had a “ring” of men who trafficked and gang-raped girls for a long time. This, sadly, is not an especially novel development… it happens far too often, far too widely, in places where you’d think the people woudl be far too civilized for that sort of thing. But horrible as the generic “sex trafficking of children” label is, it gets worse, due to the sheer *scale* of the operation: up to 1,400 children over 16 years. And the local authorities were repeatedly informed, but over a span of years did little to nothing. Why? Because they were afraid. Not afraid of the sex traffickers themselves, per se, like one might expect… it’s not unreasonable to assume that such a ring would be composed of and associated with dangerous men and organized criminals. But they were afraid of something far, far worse: political correctness. As it turns out, the men involved here were, in the vague terms so often employed, “predominantly Asian.” And by “Asian” they’re not talking about Koreans or Siberians or Chinese or Laotians or Russians or Indians. No, in Brit-speak, “Asian” seems to mean “Pakistani.” The victims were predominantly *not* “Asian,” but dirt-poor actual-ethnic-English.

Don’t you *dare* try to draw any conclusions from that. Don’t even think about it. Put it out of your mind.

And we’re now back to:



The Bell YFM-1 Airacuda remains one of the more unusual aircraft ever built. About a dozen of these planes were built in the late 1930′s to fill the role of “bomber destroyer,” a concept similar to that employed by the German Messerschmit Bf 110: a flying armaments platform meant to blast enemy bombers out of the sky. To that end it had aimable 37mm cannon in the noses of each of the two engine nacelles, which were mounted over the wings and featured pusher props. As well as the cannon, each nacelle also held a crewman whose main role was to load the cannon and hope that he didn’t have to bail out (what with the pusher prop right behind him).

The idea was interesting and the design certainly looked seriously impressive, but just about everything that could go wrong did. It was underpowered so that it was actually slower than enemy bombers.  It was heavy and sluggish, so it couldn’t dogfight regular fighters. The Allison engines tended to overheat, especially on the ground. When the cannon fired, the nacelles would fill with smoke. It had bomb bays in the wings, but the bomb payload was too small to make it of much use. The auxiliary power unit provided electrical power to essentially everything, so if the APU failed, so would the fuel pumps, avionics, hydraulics… basically everything. If the pilots needed to bail out, chances were good they’d smack into the empennage (which happened to one co-pilot as he bailed out, breaking his legs).


Photo via Mark Nankivil.

What the hell is the deal with teenage girls? They seem to be especially susceptible to falling under the sway of fantasy… be it sparkly emo vampires, Beatle/Beiber celebrities, even online horror tropes like Slender Man, teenfems seem to lose all ability to process data rationally and become rather loud and overly enthusiastic fangirls. Add to that list of “fantasy subjects who drive girls insane” one “religious leader” who keeled over nearly 1400 years ago:

British female jihadis running ISIS ‘brothels’ allowing killers to rape kidnapped Yazidi women

Colorado teen pleads guilty in plan to join ISIS

16-Year-Old French Girl Detained At Airport, Wanted To Fly To Syria And Join ISIS


Yeah, yeah, probably far more western teen *boys* are taking leave of civilization and heading off towards jihad than girls. But while I can see the allure of the caliphate for evil males, what the hell is in it for girls? As can be seen from one of the headlines, some of the girls left the civilized world in order to help torture and terrorize other women and girls. W. T. F.

A 25-year old guy – undoubtedly known to his family as a “gentle giant” – recently decided it would be a jolly good jape to take a machete and chop the head off of an 82-year-old woman. Also two cats.

Nick Salvadore, suspect for beheading of Palmira Silva, is would-be cage-fighter and Muslim convert

Isolated incident, to be sure. The idea of a British Muslim beheading people is too ludicrous to ever occur more than once.


And in the “How about NO” department:

British jihadists now want to return home

One thing I don’t get is the idea that the UK and US government should try to prevent home-grown jihadis from venturing off to ISISland. I say let ‘em go. hell, set up a fund to help pay their way. Just don’t let them come back.


Individually they are interesting. Put them next to each other, and you can imagine some sort of interesting developments…

British ex-boxing champion Anthony Small defends ISIS beheadings

A British convert to Islam posts videos extolling the virtues of chopping off heads because they are “infidels” and warning that Brits should be aware that they are all valid targets of that sort of thing at home. He also posted a video titled “Why Muslims have no sympathy for Lee Rigbys son!”

And then there’s this:

Police ask victims to do ‘DIY’ investigations of some crimes

Where we learn of the widening issue of British police forces who can’t be bothered to even *try* to solve crimes, including not even showing up. Interesting quote: “some offences, such as criminal damage or stolen vehicles, are on the verge of being decriminalised by police forces which had given up investigating them.”

Say, that’s neat. At the same time a death cult is gaining in power and adherents in the UK, the British police are deciding that that whole “crime investigations” thing is just too much trouble. What could possibly go wrong?

Although… one might suggest the possibility of a deeper, more devious plan here. As things currently are in Britain, Islamism/Jihadism can grow and increase in Britain, imposing sharia over an increasing fraction of the land until it eventually either takes over or results in civil war. The current political system permits no opposition. However, by pulling the cops back from enforcing the law, this means that if Brits decide to Do Something About It themselves… who’s to stop them? It might be better to have a civil war of sorts *now* than later after the UK has already lost much of it’s blood and treasure to the forces of dumbth and darkness.

Mysterious Phony Cell Towers Could Be Intercepting Your Calls

It seems that there are at least 17 cell phone towers in the CONUS that do not appear to be a part of any recognized network, yet they are functional. Someone built the things, and if you are close to them, your phone will connect through them. And at that point, whoever is operating the towers can not only listen in, they can also upload malware to your smart phone. One especially exciting bit of programming that can be uploaded to your phone can turn it into a spy device: even when you think it’s off, the mike and camera can listen, watch and transmit.

The obvious suspect would be the NSA. But they can tap into the existing network and get everything they want anyway, much more readily than via a few mystery towers. A more disturbing thought is that the towers were paid for and operated by the Chinese or some such foreign entity. Many of the towers are built on or near military bases, just perfect for capturing juicy tidbits.

Might be interesting if it turns out that all of these towers have perfectly mundane and valid back stories… but the publication of this article inspires China to build just such towers.

A map of these “interceptor” towers:


I would have expected more in California, Silicon Valley and such. Still, the “southern border” clustering seems odd. Perhaps these are being installed by Mexican drug cartels for some reason?

Derek Grant jailed for killing son’s mugger in Greenock

OK. If I’m understanding this story correctly, there are four people of interest here: Father, Son, Mugger, Judge

And it went like this:

A) Mugger steals Son’s phone

B) Father confronts Mugger

C) Mugger stabs Father in the eye

D) Father stabs Mugger to death

E) Judge thanks Father for improving society sentences Father to six years in jail

Britain… y’all gots issues.

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