Feb 042018

All I know about the “Black Panther” Marvel property is… shrug. Dunno. Some guy in a magic black suit, leads a high tech nation somewhere in Africa that has somehow gone undetected due to… a cloaking device, or something? Whatever. I’ve seen lots of yapping about how great the movie will be and how evil white folks shouldn’t go on the opening day, rather leaving open all the seats for the masses of black comic book fans who will surely go in record numbers. Eh. Whatever.

But this guy makes the argument that the fundamental features and position of the “Black Panther” character fall directly in line with alt-right positions, such as migrant-free ethno-states, a determination to maintain cultures, borders and gender roles, and so on. Should be interesting to see if that holds in the movie, and, if so, how it gains traction in the current culture.

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Feb 022018

The torch that the Boring Company is selling is cool and all, but it’s not a flamethrower by any real definition of the word. A flamethrower doesn’t just project flame a few feet, but a *stream* of some flammable liquid a considerable distance.

THIS is a flamethrower. It also seems to be being used in a rather unwise manner, but hey, looks like they’re having fun and all, and “because it’s fun” is reason enough for anyone to do anything, long as you don’t damage other people or their stuff.

Hot chicks, fully automatic weapons and destructive devices.  Bite me, joyless gun-grabbing safety fascists and hoplophobic pearl-clutching SJWs.


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Jan 312018

It had been my hope – that I knew wasn’t going to come true because, you know, come on – that President Trump would do what the Constitution calls for from the President for the State of the Union: turn in a report to Congress. Instead, he did what is now culturally expected: stand in front of Congress and the cameras and give a long laundry list of talking points and promises. Same old, same old.

Still, it made for interesting watching. Specifically, it made for interesting watching of the Democrats: would they applaud anything? As it turns out, no. The Congressional Black Caucus, when told that African American unemployment is at a historic low? They looked damned glum. But the high point had to be this guy:

Rep. Luis Gutierrez walks out of Trump’s State of the Union as progressives write off bipartisanship permanently

When exactly did he walk out? When a bunch of Republicans started chanting “USA! USA! USA!” that so triggered Gutierrez that he had to retreat to a safe space. Because if there’s anything that a Congressman should be offended by, it’s people chanting the name of the country that Congressman is in.

This is Rep. Gutierrez:

Not saying there’s a resemblance to this memetastic feller… but there is:

Keep acting that way, Dems. Keep acting that way ON CAMERA, and you’ll turn your almost inevitable gains in the forthcoming midterm elections into another pro-trump tidal wave.

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Jan 252018

If you want uncritical videos about goofy subjects like monsters and UFO’s, YouTube will hook you up. Look at all the “Flat Earth” videos. Look at them. But if you want skeptical takedowns, you might have to dig a little further, and if you want skeptical takedowns that are well researched and explained, you have to dig a little further still. But Trey The Explainer does the job nicely.

Many of his videos are about paleontological subjects, but many others are about various “cryptids” (i.e. mysterious animals that people “know” to exist but can never seem to prove… Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Honest Politician, that sort of thing). Some are better known than others, but two vids I found quite good are on the Black Knight Satellite and the Ropen. Both are relatively recent inventions; both are manifestly silly; both are easily and quite adequately explained away with clear video evidence showing them to have mundane explanations; and yet, both are readily believed by many.

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Jan 252018

I’m poking away at the last two major unstarted (until now) stories for book one of “War With The Deep Ones, “Brass Valley” and “Amber Aspect.” And this (Ligeti’s “Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, 2 Mixed Choirs and Orchestra”) seems just about perfect for the mood I hope to convey:

No scene such as this occurs in book one, but if I were to pick the music for a hypothetical Lovecraftian movie, this, or something very like it is what I’d tell the composer to include for the scene where the hero, antihero, victim or whoever approaches the vast, incomprehensible cosmic horror. If you’ve seen “Oblivion,” that’s actually pretty much what happens here anyway…


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Jan 242018

This music video dates from 2017 and was made to promote “Guardians of the Galaxy 2.” It is by definition a product of the 21st century. And yet… and yet, they managed to accurately capture the screaming horror that was 1970’s disco. I was honestly torn between laughing my keister off and doing my best George C. Scott “turn it off, turn it off” impression and throwing the computer across the room. If you are too young to remember the 70’s and always wondered what it was like…  behold, ye younguns, and despair.

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Jan 232018

“So you’re saying” is often a way to tell the viewer that “you” are saying something other than what “you” are actually saying. When it’s used once or twice in an interview by  professional journalist/interviewer, it might raise an eyebrow. When it’s used so many times that someone can edit together a complete interview of nothing but “so you’re saying” followed by corrections… well, that indicates that the interviewer might not be in the right profession.

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