Jul 282016

It’s fun to watch the Bernie Sanders fans tear into Hillary… but it’s *terrifying* to realize that a sizable fraction of the US electorate actually wants the guy and his policies. Policies that are, at their core, every bit as delusional as those that have brought Venezuela low.

Animals go hungry in Venezuela zoos due to shortages

Not just “going hungry,” but around 50 animals have simply starved to death. Zookeepers have taken to trying to feed mangos and pumpkins to the lions and tigers… obligate carnivores.

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Jul 062016

While FBI Director Comey recommended no charges against Hillary, he did her no favors with the rest of his presentation. In fact, he laid out a pretty good case for why she *should* have been charged. Why wasn’t she? One of life’s great mysteries, I suppose.


Compare and contrast what she said *didn’t* happen with what he said *did.*

So, she gets off scot-free, at least from a criminal law sense. But if Trump and his people have *any* sense (I’ll leave my own opinion on that a blank spot for now), they’ll get all kinds of mileage out of this in the coming months.

Yeesh. I just feel sullied and unusual whenever I realize that Donald Trump is the least awful option this election season. In contrast, this trailer I stumbled across for a video game called “Scorn” almost seems like a normal sort of election campaign ad.

Giger-esque body horror? Meh. I’ve seen Hillary Clinton evade a proper prosecution.

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Jul 052016

After Bill Clinton’s secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the FBI today announced that they’re not recommending charges against Hillary Clinton for her illegal use of a private server.

From FBI Director Comey’s statement:

Our investigation looked at whether there is evidence classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on that personal system, in violation of a federal statute making it a felony to mishandle classified information either intentionally or in a grossly negligent way

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.

So, yeah. No charges. Figure *that* one out.

Rule of law?


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Jul 022016

That is, if the people in charge have *any* sort of brains left:

Hannah Cohen: disabled woman badly beaten by TSA on return home from brain tumor treatment

So, short form: a 19-year old woman with a brain tumor, deaf, partially blind, partially paralyzed and easily confused, was beaten bloody by the TSA (with some help by the local PD) in Memphis. Why? Because she was easily confused and didn’t understand why they wanted to run her through the scanner again. Hannah’s mother was *not* allowed to explain to the TSA agents what the story was; instead Hannah was hauled off to the hoosegow.

Authorities later threw out the charges, local news station WREG reported, but the Cohen family has filed a lawsuit against the Memphis Airport, Airport Police, and the Transportation Security Administration.


They’re suing for a whopping $100,000. No, really, that’s it. If there was ever a time to sue for Insane Amounts of Money, this would seem to be it:


As the very first post on the relevant Fark thread said…

This is the face of your government. Have a happy 4th America. 240 years was a good run, wasn’t it?

Ah, now I remember why I haven’t flown in years…

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Jun 262016

Hamilton: An American Musical with special guest Hillary Rodham Clinton

Premium Seat – $10,000 Includes Photo Reception with Hillary

Host – $33,400 Includes Premium Seat and Wrap Party with Hillary and other special guests

Event Chair – $100,000 Includes two Premium Seats and Wrap Party with Hillary and other special guests, and Invitation to the Democratic National Convention

I mean, gosh! You’d have to be crazy to *not* buy a couple of tickets! You have to spend money to make money, right? And how else are you going to get this close to Hillary to bend her ear for two seconds to try to influence her policies than by throwing fat stacks of cash at her?


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Jun 232016

So pretty much all day today I’ve been dealing with getting a book assembled. It’s of unusual format (11 inch-high pages about 40 inches long) and of only 27 pages length, but it cost enough to have printed that I only got ten. And so today I ran my butt 40 miles down the road to the print shop to get it (and a few other things that were printed), and once I got home I’ve spent the rest of the day dealing with these project. After many hours futzing around, I have a grand total of one copy of the book all assembled.


Anyway, I was busy all day today. While driving home I heard something on the radio that made me think someone was playing a little joke, and then forgot all about it. So when I finally finished that first book, I turned on CNN to find that the House Democrats have lost their tiny little minds and have been having a childish temper tantrum all day. If you’ve somehow failed to hear, they’ve been having a “sit in” in the House preventing work from going forward because they lost votes on their initial ideas about restricting the civil liberties of American citizens without due process. Take, for example, Senator Diane Feinstein explaining that it is up to Americans to prove their innocence, a complete reversal of more than 200 years of American jurisprudence. She then goes on to say that that’s just the first step; next comes banning the average civilian firearm.

And the floor of the House looks like it has been invaded by an army of Trigglypuffs, shouting their inane slogans: “Why do you want to let terrorists buy a gun?” “No bill, no breaks!” And other such nonsense, like a bunch of idiot campus causehead protestors. At the same time they’re yapping about wanting a Real Debate, they’re shouting down anyone with an opposing view, like Louis Gohmert pointing out that the Orlando terrorist attack was, in fact, a terrorist attack:



At left, Rep. John Lewis. He made his name in the 1960’s working for civil rights; now he’s working to curtail civil rights.

The reason I turned on CNN in the first place was to see the Libertarian town hall in hopes that maybe, just maybe, the Libertarians might give me hope this time around. But it was pre-empted by coverage of the Democrats House whine-in. It’s very unlikely, but just barely possible enough that maybe there was some thought in advance to scheduling this childish display in order to wipe out one of the few opportunities the Libertarians have of reaching the public.

And apparently Nancy Pelosi is sending out fundraising emails. Even the talking heads on CNN generally agreed that this was “gauche;” the Dems claim they’re doing this to protect families and children and puppies and baby unicorns, but it’s really just a craven and monumentally cynical publicity and fundraising stunt.

Even Raedthinn can’t stand these idjits, and he doesn’t even watch CNN.


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Jun 222016

Brazil Just Shot and Killed Its Own Olympic Mascot

Specifically, “Juma,” a 17-year-old endangered jaguar that was trotted out like a prop for a torch ceremony. When returned to its zoo, it escaped, wandered around for a bit, got shot with four tranquilizer darts, and when that didn’t knock it down they upgraded to “solider with a rifle.”

Tell me that this Olympics just looks like a barrel of fun:

Times like this I’m glad I don’t give a rats ass about sports, or otherwise the prospect of having to decide to wander on down to Zikaville to watch some games surrounded by a nation on the brink just might give me heartburn.

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May 212016

California’s last resort: Drink the Pacific

The article mentions that a desalination plant near Santa Barbara can be brought online with the expenditure of buckets of cash… and that the plant has been sitting there, idle, for 25 years.

Apparently, it was built during a drought, and about the moment it came online the drought ended, so they stopped running the plant. But the thing that gets me: during all the time that California supposedly hasn’t needed the water, California has been draining the Colorado river dry. Which leads to *this* news story:

Lake Mead declines to lowest level in history

Yeah, desalination is expensive. But then again, so are social programs and prisons and sanctuary cities. So I have no sympathy for a state that is rich as hell, blows it’s money on silly nonsense and ignores the things it needs to do. If California would build a hundred desal plants along the cast, each with its own nuclear powerplant, much of Californias water problem could be dealt with during droughts. And when the droughts end, the nuclear powerplants would power the state.

Something California doesn’t seem to understand is that there are *other* states that rely on the Colorado River… states that, unlike California, don’t have a vast ocean coastline to fall back on. I wonder about the possibility of states like Nevada and Arizona suing the bejeezus out of California, suing them for, say, a trillion dollars. *That* might inspire the California state government to finally shake off the scourge of Greenpeace and the like and doing what needs to be done to actually protect the environment.

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