Mar 132014

UPDATE: And so, the aloted time period ends, as does availability of these items. Huzzah.

I am making available, for a limited time, four bound volumes of large format diagrams. These are 11X17 line-drawing CAD diagrams produced by yours truly, bound in red pressboard report covers (why? because that’s classy, that’s why).

I had not planned on releasing these, but I had also not taken into account the fact that the IRS will very soon be demanding a sizable income tax check from me. Ooops. So, my sudden financial panic is your opportunity to get a limited edition item. They will be available until some time on Thursday, March 20. At which point they will be gone forever. Each one will be hand inscribed with the number of the edition (“#1 of 5” or “#4 of 7,” whatever the case may be), with the numbering done via order in which orders are received. Also with my hand-enscribbled initials. (Because who knows, I might be famous someday.)

What I have:

1) BoMi: the complete set of diagrams created for the “Bomber Missile” articles for Aerospace Projects Review issues V2N3 and V2N4, a total of about 45 pages. Includes the MX 2276 from 1955, up through the SR-126 studies from 1957, Brass Bell, Convairs RoBo, Super Hustler, FISH; and Boeing Model 728 studies, among others. $45

BoMi booklet 2014-03

Img_3762 Img_3763 Img_3764 Img_3765 Img_3760 Img_3761

2) BWB: The complete set of diagrams created for the V1N3 APR article on Blended Wing Body aircraft, 29 pages. Contains many jetliner concepts, along with such oddities as the Lockheed CL-1201,a giant nuclear powered VTOL assault transport concept. $40

BWB booklet 2014-03 Img_3759

3) Model 2050E X-20 Dyna Soar: the diagrams from the not-yet released issue V3N4 APR article. These are the diagrams in their current state; some may change before I’m done with them. And some will not appear in the article. Includes not only the X-20, but also several proposed launch vehicles (including, I’m reasonably proud to say, the first publicly available accurate and detailed diagrams of the X-20 atop the Titan IIIc), layouts of test and operational versions of the DS with transstage, several small space stations designed expressly for DS servicing, and several high-energy transstage concepts. Also includes really quite good diagrams of the ASSET test vehicle and the X-37B spaceplane. 24 pages, $35

x-20 booklet 2014-03 Img_3766 Img_3767 Img_3768 Img_3769 Img_3770

4) Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Starships: diagrams from my hopefully-forthcoming book on nuclear pulse propulsion. I really had not planned on releasing any of the diagrams prior to publication of the book, but what the heck: here are 14 pages showing several versions of the Enzmann Starship, the Dyson Starship, the BIS Daedalus, the Martin/Bond Worldships and the US Naval Academy “Longshot.” $30

nppstarships booklet 2014-03Img_3771 Img_3772 Img_3773 Img_3774 Img_3775


Several of the X-20 and NPP diagrams have been formatted specifically for this release, and will not be otherwise released. And of course if I get mashed by a Mack truck or flattened by a meteorite, these diagram sets will be the only versions of these diagrams ever released. So, you know, there’s that…

Please note that since these are physical objects, postage is sadly required. There’s only two options for that… US and non-US. You only need to buy *one* “postage,” no matter how many of the diagram sets you buy.



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Dec 062013

Until December 18, the AIAA is selling 25 books for $25, and ten books for $10. Some good stuff here at some pretty substantial discount. You don’t have to be an AIAA member to get the discount.

NOTE: I have no relationship with the AIAA, and don’t make a nickel off these sales. So.. if you want to buy stuff and still feel like you are Supporting The Cause, feel free to navigate to through the “Search’ box that’s to the upper right of this page. i get a tiny fraction of the sales prices for items purchased via search & referral. I suggest buying stuff like laptops and computers and  cars and such. So long as I’m getting a small percentage, it might as well be a small percentage of a large dollar value…

The Aircraft Designers: A Grumman Historical Perspective
Michael V. Ciminera
NOW $25!

Meeting the Challenge: The Hexagon KH-9 Reconnaissance Satellite
Phil Pressel
NOW $25!

Space Shuttle Legacy: How We Did It and What We Learned
Roger D. Launius; John Krige; James I. Craig
NOW $25!

Augustine’s Laws
Norman R. Augustine
NOW $25!

100 years of Flight
Frank H. Winter and F. Robert van der Linden
NOW $25!

Have Blue and the F-117A: Evolution of the “Stealth Fighter”
David C. Aronstein and Albert C. Piccirillo
NOW $25!

Advanced Tactical Fighter to F-22 Raptor: Origins of the 21st Century Air Dominance Fighter
David C. Aronstein, Michael J. Hirschberg, and Albert C. Piccirillo
NOW $25!

Aerodynamic Principles of Flight Vehicles
Argyris Panaras
NOW $25!

Voyager Tales: Personal Views of the Grand Tour
David W. Swift
NOW $25!

Hans Von Ohain
Margaret Conner
NOW $25!

Road to Mach 10: Lessons Learned from the X-43A Flight Research Program
Curtis Peebles
NOW $25!

Eleven Seconds into the Unknown
Curtis Peebles
NOW $25!

Blazing the Trail: The Early History of Spacecraft and Rocketry
Mike Gruntman
NOW $25!

The Rocket Company
Patrick Stiennon and David Hoerr
NOW $25!

Rocketdyne: Powering Humans into Space
Vince Wheelcock
NOW $25!

Space Exploration and Astronaut Safety
Joseph N. Pelton
NOW $25!

Shades of Gray
L. Parker Temple III
NOW $25!

Unmanned Aviation: A Brief History of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Laurence R. Newcome
NOW $25!

Starting Something Big: The Commercial Emergence of GE Aircraft Engines
Robert V. Garvin
NOW $25!

The Power to Fly: An Engineer’s Life
Martin Ducheny and Brian Rowe
NOW $25!

Aerospace Engineering Education During the First Century of Flight
Barnes McCormick; Eric Jumper; Conrad Newberry
NOW $25!

The History of North American Small Gas Turbine Aircraft Engines
Richard Leyes II; William Fleming
NOW $25!

Methods to Extend Mechanical Component Life: Lessons Learned with Space Vehicle and Rocket Engine Components
Dieter Huzel
NOW $25!

The Engines of Pratt & Whitney: A Technical History
Jack Connors
NOW $25!

From Rainbow to Gusto
Paul A. Suhler
NOW $25!

Experiments in Aerodynamics
S. Langley
NOW $10!

Skycrane: Igor Sikorsky’s Last Vision
John A. McKenna
NOW $10!

Hired Minds
Bryan Gardner
NOW $10!

Terminal Chaos: Why U.S. Air Travel Is Broken and How to Fix It
George L. Donohue; Russell D. Shaver II
NOW $10!

Space: The Fragile Frontier
Mark Williamson
NOW $10!

Rocketeers and Gentlemen Engineers
Tom Crouch; Buzz Aldrin
NOW $10!

The Superpower Odyssey: A Russian Perspective on Space Cooperation
Yuri Karash
NOW $10!

Centennial of Powered Flight
Gerard Faeth
NOW $10!

When the Airlines Went to War
Robert Serling
NOW $10!

Advice to Rocket Scientists
Jim Longuski
NOW $10!

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Nov 202013

The complete rework of APR from the original release a decade ago is going a lot slower than I’d planned. A lot of people have asked for the original versions of the as-yet-unreleased issues of APR to be made available. I’ve been hesitant to do so, but… it’s just taking too long. So, I’ve taken the original Word files for the six issues of Volume 4 and the six issues of Volume 5, and made two PDF files from them. I’m making them temporarily available as two bulk sets. When the issues are re-released, these full-volume sets will be withdrawn. So, Volume 5 might remain available till the sun explodes, I dunno…

If you’re dying to get hold of the old-school APRs, here’s your chance. Remember, these are the *original* files from around 2002-2004, without any updates, edits or other changes. Errors, crappy formatting and all. A bunch of the individual old articles remain available as well.

APR Original Run Volume 4 downloadable PDF: $30



APR Original Run Volume 5 downloadable PDF: $30



Here are the contents:


Volume 4:

The X-15 Research Airplane Competition: The Bell Aircraft Proposal by Dennis R. Jenkins
First in a series of articles describing the competitors for the X-15

Lockheed Model L-153 Part 2 by Bill Slayton
Immediately post-war M-wing jet fighter designs

Cobras Of The Field by Scott Lowther
Modified helicopters for ag duty

Lockheed Model L-153 Part 3 by Bill Slayton
Immediately post-war swept-wing jet fighter designs

The X-15 Research Airplane Competition: The Douglas Aircraft Proposal by Dennis R. Jenkins
The Douglas competitor for the X-15

The Martin “Spacemaster” by Scott Lowther
An unconventional design competitor for the Shuttle

Radial Engine P-51 Mustang by Scott Lowther
A little-known modification to the supreme WWII fighter

The X-15 Research Airplane Competition: The Republic Aviation Proposal by Dennis R. Jenkins
The Republic competitor for the X-15

Boeing Super Clippers, then and Now by Scott Lowther
Truly grand aircraft

The X-15 Research Airplane Competition: The North American Proposal by Dennis R. Jenkins
The winning competitor for the X-15

The HFB 530 Ranger by Mike Hirschberg A German VTOL strike/recon design

Lockheed Model L-153 Part 4 by Bill Slayton
Early Post-war variable geometry fighters

Sonic Cruiser Update by Scott Lowther
New drawings of a new aircraft

LARA Craft: COIN Raiders by Scott Lowther
A long way to go for a bad pun for some tough aircraft

English MUSTARD by Scott Lowther
An early 1960’s British fully reusable Space Shuttle

The NACA’s First Jet by Scott Lowther
The last gasp for ducted fans prior to the turbojet

Addendum to Issue V4N5

The Hopeless Diamond by Scott Lowther
The first cut of the stealth fighter

Sea Dragon by Scott Lowther
A giant, dirt-cheap launch vehicle

North American NA-116 by Scott Lowther
A long-range bomber

Multibody Designs From Lockheed by Scott Lowther
Unconventional yet fuel efficient designs


Volume 5:

Editor’s Gratuitous Additions: Republic XF-103
A little bit of extra info.

Republic XF-103 by Dennis R. Jenkins
About as sleek as an aircraft can get.

Boeing’s Advanced Multipurpose Large Launch Vehicle by Scott Lowther
Perhaps the most powerful space launcher ever seriously conceived.

McDonnell Douglas GRM-29A by Scott Lowther
Just about the coolest spaceplane ever… but would it have worked???

The Rockwell XFV-12A V/STOL Prototype by Dana E. Lubich
It came close…

XFV-12A Followons by Scott Lowther
The end of the program wasn’t the end of the concept

Hawker Siddeley HS 141 by Scott Lowther
VTOL jetliner concept

Bell/Boeing Armed XV-15 by Scott Lowther
A tilt rotor with a mission

Lockheed Sea Sitter by Scott Lowther
A seaplane to conquer the oceans

Early Atlas Missile Designs by Scott Lowther
Evolution of America’s first ICBM

Boeing’s Air-Launched Micro-Fighters by Scott Lowther
The fighter needed for a flying aircraft carrier

Chrysler SERV by Scott Lowther
An SSTO Space Shuttle design

Soviet Seaplane Jet Bombers by Thomas Mueller and Jens Baganz
A counterpoint to American efforts

4,000 Ton Orion by Scott Lowther
Recently declassified data on a large nuclear pulse propulsion craft

Mart Model 262 by Scott Lowther
A mysteriously delayed article on VTOL fighters…

NASA Langley High Speed Civil Transport by Scott Lowther
Mach 3 and Mach 4 transports from the late 1980’s

Convair/Canadair Tilt-Wing Close Support Aircraft by Scott Lowther
VTOL gunship

Spacejet by Scott Lowther
Spaceplanes with dropable jet engines

Handley Page All-Wing Airbus by Scott Lowther
A British flying-wing transport from the 1960’s

Convair NX-2 Nuclear Powered Bomber by Scott Lowther
A well known but – until now – poorly documented nuclear powered aircraft project

Technology Needs for High Speed Rotorcraft Part 1 Sikorsky and Bell by Scott Lowther
Tiltrotos, tiltwings, fan-in-body designs

Lockheed-Martin ICE by Scott Lowther
An experimental tailless stealth fighter design

Raumwaffe, 1946

Boeing WS-110A



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Jul 242013

Sale has ended.


Still going on, 1/3 or so off Aerospace Projects Review. Only a few more days.


Volume 1: Normally $44.50 for all six issues; on sale now for $30.00



Volume 2: Normally $52.50 for all six issues; on sale now for $35.00



Volume 3 (so far… including N2&N3 Addenda): Normally $36.50 for all issues; on sale now for $24.00



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Jul 202013

Sale has ended.

A sale on Aerospace Projects Review:

Volume 1: Normally $44.50 for all six issues; on sale now for $30.00



Volume 2: Normally $52.50 for all six issues; on sale now for $35.00



Volume 3 (so far… including N2&N3 Addenda): Normally $36.50 for all issues; on sale now for $24.00



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Sep 112012

A short-term sale… just a few hours. So act fast! All downloadable drawings and documents and APRs, as well as Reichdream items. Sale excludes matter-mail items and APR subscriptions. Minimum order: $25.

There has *got* to be a way to do this with Paypal in a way that doesn’t seem lame, but I don’t know what it is. So, here’s what I’ve come up with: order the “coupon” below (a nominal fifty cents), and at least $25 more items… and I will refund you 40% of the total. More steps than would seem necessary, but I think it should be workable.

Remember to order the “coupon” and the items all in one order. Otherwise… it won’t work. No “coupon,” no savings…

Sale has ended.

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Aug 252012

A customer contracted me to build him a 1/24 scale X-20 Dyna Soar display model. Photos below of preliminary castings, produced in the last few days using a silicone mold that turned out to be too thin. There are flaws in the too-thin mold that came through on the cast, but which wouldn’t exist on a second mold which I plan to make. And obviously the ginormous hole in the tail end wouldn’t exist on a finalized model.

The entry shield will be held on with neodymium magnets, and there’ll be a few more details along with some printed goodies (at least one of which should be *really* impressive) as well as a new stand. There will be specially printed markings, and a choice of finishes… ultra-glossy nitrocellulose lacquer, or satin nitrocellulose lacquer.

The new mold will require that I buy $500 worth of silicone. Anyone interested in an X-20 of their very own? There won’t be too many of these made. If interested, send me an email:

Again, the model shown here is not a final version, just something of a “prototype.” The actual models will look substantially better.

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Jul 042012

Note: for those who signed up for the “” e-mailing list prior to today, the sale you were emailed about earlier (1/3 off stuff) is about over. For those not signed up, the sale is still about over, but you probably didn’t hear about it…

Since I’m a fantastically nice guy, the sale is HERE. Keep in mind, I’ll post sales like this off and on and give the mailing list a lot more leadtime on ’em, so… sign up!

Sale has ended.

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