Apr 092016

Pretty sure this sort of thing will help speed up the adoption of service robots in the fast food industry:

Employees at Oklahoma Burger King bust out windows after prank call

Now, you don’t typically expect *much* from entry-level jobs like this. But falling for *this* prank, which is so old it’s drawing Social Security and complaining about kids on its lawn? That takes a special breed of dumbass.

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Apr 062016

Does the headline seem like it might be a bit hyperbolic? Consider:

HUD Seeks to End Housing Discrimination Against Ex-Offenders

In short… if you are planning on selling or renting, it is now up to you to prove your case that the criminal who wants the place shouldn’t be allowed in. A history of rape, murder of talking in theaters is no longer prima facia evidence that the prospective renter is someone you should not do business with.

What’s the reason for this? Because certain ethnic groups are over-represented in prison, they are over-represented in the “ex-offender” community, and are thus over-represented in the “hell no, I don’t want a rapist living in my building” community. And thus, the geniuses at the HUD have determined that refusal to rent to criminals is racist.

If this seems good and logical to you… well, there’s no accounting for crazy, I suppose.


As for the term “Ex Offender:” while I will grant that in many cases, a criminal conviction need not necessarily imply that the person is and always will be a criminal thuggish threat at heart… at what point is a “murderer” no longer a “murderer?” When is a “rapist” no longer a “rapist?”

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Mar 092016

Obama to Skip Nancy Reagan’s Funeral to Attend South by Southwest

“South by Southwest” is a music & movie festival. Because while First Ladies are forever keeling over – can hardly go a week without a funeral for one or two of them – entertainment is something that a hard workin’ guy like Obama just can’t seem to find the time for. Obama also skipped Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s funeral a week back.

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Feb 252016

Anybody else? Decades in the slammer.

Former state Sen. Leland Yee sentenced to prison

Yee was a gun-grabbing State Senator from California who was put on the “Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll” by the Brady Campaign for, in part, co-authoring the nations first bill to require “micro-stamping,” where a gun would stamp an identified into each cartridge it fired. He tried to ban conversion kits. He was quoted as saying “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion.” He pushed bills to ban the sale of violent (read: fun) video games. 

Yee was also a gun-runner, nabbed trying to buy rocket launchers from Filipino Islamic terrorists to resell to someone who turned out to be the FBI. He has been sentenced to a whole five years.

Guess what his party affiliation he is. Go on, guess.



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Feb 132016

No doubt Obama is salivating over the opportunity to install another Justice; but CNN is reporting that Senate Republicans say they’re not going to even consider another nomination until the next President. They are, I’m sure, hoping for a Republican President who will nominate a Justice who will actually accept the Constitution as written. But chances are pretty good that come January the nomination will come in from President Clinton. or even President Sanders. I shudder to imagine who *he* would nominate. Is Gus Hall still available?


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Feb 032016

Venezuela on the brink of complete economic collapse

Color me stunned: a nation that went so socialist that they nationalized just about everything is facing some economic issues. Their new “economic czar” believes that simply printing more money *doesn’t* result in inflation. Just… shocking.

What’s especially entertaining is that when the socialists took over the economy, Venezuelas oil reserves were a massive source of national income. Essentially free money. And what did the Chavez socialists do with this? Did they build up the national infrastructure and invite foreign investment? Did they make Venezuela an inviting place to do business? No… they did the bread and circuses thing with welfare spending. And while Venezuela had a whole bunch of the sort of poor people that American poor people only *think* they’re as poor as, the Venezuelan welfare state did squat to raise the poor out of poverty. By embracing the nationalization of foreign businesses, the socialists made sure that nobody would want to do business there.

Probably some lessons worth learning here.

bernie-sanders 1

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Dec 032015

A few days ago I pontificated on the difference between “nuts” and “terrorists,” and lo and behold, today one “Syed Farook” and one “Tashfeen Malik”  go ahead and give me the perfect test case. Since there are two, “terrorism” would seem to be the most likely explanation; but since the guy (apparently) shot up his own co-workers, it would seem to be a “workplace violence thing.” The two apparently put some thought into the project ahead of time, which decreases the likelihood of “nutjobs” and pushes it towards “terrorism.” However the facts shake out, you can bet that there will be a great many trying to downplay any religious motivation (while playing it up for the Planned Parenthood shooting).

Of course, before much of anything about the shooters was known, Blatherer In Chief Obama bloviated thusly: “For those concerned about terrorism, some might be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can’t get on planes, bu those same people who we don’t allow to fly, can go into a store right now in the U.S. and there is nothing we can do to stop them. That is a law that needs to be changed.”

Neat. So those who are on the no-fly list should have their Second Amendment rights withdrawn. OK, sure. Why not. But then you have to ask: if these people have been adjudicated to be so much of a risk that they should not only not be allowed to buy a gun (legally), they should also not be allowed to fly… why are they being allowed to roam the streets? Shouldn’t they be locked up? If with the stroke of a pen one of their Constitutional rights can be wiped away, why not others?

And of course, once you determine that Constitutional rights are negotiable for those who have not committed a crime and been tried by their peers, ya gotta wonder whether Trumps hypothetical Muslim Registry would be equally popular.

So far I’ve heard nobody suggest that Syed or Tashmeen were on the no-fly list. So far I’ve heard that at least one of the guns they used was purchased legally, which in California certainly means both Federal and State background checks and registration. So once again… what new gun laws would have prevented this?


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Sep 192015

Remember a few years ago when the nations media was spellbound at the idea of a little kid trapped in a free-floating balloon, and it turned out to be a hoax? It seems that may be the case with Ahmed Mohamed and his clock, too.

Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock… and Ourselves.

In short, that clock this kid built? It seems that he didn’t so much build it as simply remove the guts of a commercially available mid-1980’s digital clock and stick them into a hard-shell pencil box. If this analysis is accurate – and it sure appears to be – this kid didn’t “invent” a damn thing except for a media circus. Note that his father is well practiced in the art of PR, having run for President of Sudan. You have to wonder how much of this was intended as a publicity ploy for the family, or an attempt to garner some of that sweet  “oh, boo hoo, come and see the Islamophobia inherent in the system” sympathy.

The clock the kid took apart was made by Micronta, a Radio Shack subsidiary. It’s an odd looking thing, but has the advantage of being pretty simple by modern standards… the sort of thing that might *look* like a a smart kid cobbled it together. But apparently…he *didn’t.* Still, for a minimum expenditure of time and resources, he’s looking to make out like a bandit.

Ahmed Mohamed gets a new Surface Pro 3, Band, and more from Microsoft

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Sep 172015

The internet is aflame over the story of Ahmed Mohamed and his home-made clock. In short, his piece of electronics got him suspended and arrested because the school thought it was a “hoax bomb.” As would have been entirely predictable, since the kid ain’t lily white, and since he is a Muslim, the claims are going around that this is clearly a case of unwarranted Islamophobia, a result of America’s racist demonization of our peaceful Islamic brethren.


You know, there might be a case to be made here. Except… hmmm. Let’s take a look at the clock in question:

Hmm. That’s kinda… dodgy. Sure, it’s probably just the electronic bits needed to make a clock (in a not-in-the-slightest-suspicious hard-shell case). But imagine trying to take that through the airport as a carry-on. Does it look like a bomb? Well, I don’t see any explosives. But does it look like what a lot of people seem to think a bomb looks like? Well… yeah, I guess. Is it over-reaction on the part of the authorities? Almost certainly. Is it Islamophobia? Is it racism? Hmmmm…









Now, if you can make a case that that Pop-Tart looks as much like a real gun as that briefcase-clock looks like a briefcase bomb, then *maybe* you’ll have a case that Ahmed is the victim of racism or Islamophobia, more than he’s a victim of “zero tolerance” policies. Let me know when any of these *other* kids get invited to the White House like Ahmed did.

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