Feb 192016

North Korea: Fears Kim Jong-un’s nuclear tests will trigger Mount Paekdu volcano to erupt

That… would be spectacular. Nothing immediately springs top mind as being more downright entertaining than the Norks nuking one of their own volcanoes into wakefulness, spewing out buckets of liquid-hot magma onto the surrounding countryside.


On other matters, one of the sidebar articles describes how miffed a bunch of refugee/colonist-apologist groups are about a cover of a Polish magazine. The cover shows a blond woman wearing the EU flag being groped by hands belonging to fellers who are out of the frame, with the caption “The Islamic rape of Europe.” I can see the complainers point… why would anyone associate sexual violence with the colonists, just because sexual violence has shot up where the colonists have set up camp?



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Feb 162016

My interest in visiting my partial-ancestral homeland of Sweden declines by the hour:

Swedish police being ATTACKED as they struggle in ‘NO GO ZONES’ as migrant crime rockets

Some 52 areas have been put on a ‘”blacklist” which are then divided into three categories from “risk areas” to “seriously vulnerable”.

And the report revealed Sweden’s Capital Stockholm had over 20 no-go areas where over 75,000 people live. 


Should be interesting to see what effect this has on the Swedish welfare state. By most metrics Sweden is already pretty poverty stricken, well below most US states (only Mississippi being poorer by many measures), so they don’t exactly have a whole lot of economic slack. Just absorbing hundreds of thousands of destitute refugees would be rough enough, but the fact that the refugees seem to be creating disproportionate strain on not just the welfare system but the criminal justice system is only going to make things… entertaining.

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Feb 152016

Abortion is illegal in Brazil. And if there was ever a group you’d expect to be deathly opposed to abortion, it would be Brazilian *Baptists.* Well, guess what:

Baptists indicate support for abortion in Zika hit nations

In short, the rise of panic over the Zika virus, which seems to cause microcephaly in babies born to infected mothers, is causing some anti-abortion groups to consider supporting abortion.

Assume this actually happens: religious groups come to support abortion in the case of Zika. Well… microcephaly is hardly the worst thing that can medically befall a fetus (insert joke HERE about the career opportunities in politics and entertainment that are open to people with walnut-sized brains). So the field seems wide open for categories of “life unworthy of life” that can be supported by different groups.

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Feb 062016

The United States is probably unique, or close to it, in having a government where no matter how religious the people in it are, they’re not allowed to impose their religious views on the masses… and yet the masses generally demand that the political leaders be (or at least pretend to be) quite religious.

One talk show personality I listen to on occasion is Michael Medved. When he’s talking about politics, I generally find him to be reasonable… but he loses his damn mind when he starts going off about religion. A day or two back I heard him discussing the idea of electing an atheist President. He opposes the idea because, in his view, without some Unchangeable Universal Truth upon which to anchor your decision making on… why, an atheist could suddenly decide tomorrow that murder is awesome! Rape is neato! He has taken this position numerous times, and I’ve been hearing it from others for decades.

I take issue with this line of reasoning on two grounds:

  1. Name me a religion that’s more than a century old that really, truly has unshaken, unbending moral positions. Not so fast, Christianity. Sit your ass back down and ponder the 1800 years when you thought slavery was cool, and suddenly changed your mind when the industrial revolution made slavery non-competitive in the marketplace. Or why you *now* think that democracy is a good idea, but back when Korah wanted a bit of it, God smote tens of thousands of people for the sin of being geographically nearby.
  2. If atheists, who are not anchored by faith in some specific set of codes brought down from On High, are so likely to wander to and fro ethically… why are there so few of them in prison? Attend:

Are Prisoners Less Likely To Be Atheists?

Where we find that in 2013, the US Federal prison system found:

Protestant 28.7% 44.0%
Catholic 24.0 25.1
Muslim 8.4 0.6
Native American 3.1 0.1
Pagan 2.0 0.1
Jewish 1.7 1.2
Churches of Christ 1.5 0.8
Buddhist 1.0 0.5
Jehovah’s Witness 0.7 0.8
Seventh Day Adventist 0.3 0.4
Mormon 0.3 1.4
Eastern Orthodox 0.2 0.4
Apostolic 0.2 0.4
Hindu 0.1 0.3
Atheist 0.1 0.7
Pentecostal 0.1 2.4
Sikh <0.1 <0.1

From this, we can see that atheists are *under* represented in the prison population by a factor of seven to one. Pentecostals, however, are under represented by a factor of 24 to one, Mormons by about four to one, Protestants by about three to two. Note one group is *over* represented by a factor of about 14 to one. With the exception of the pentacostals, the data doesn’t really argue in favor of the notion that religion imparts law abiding. And since we’re repeatedly told that the basis of law is pronouncements from On High… if *atheists* are better at obeying them than the people who claim to believe in that On High source, doesn’t this destroy the idea that a lack of some specific Truth makes one an uncertain candidate for President?

Seems to me a better approach than trying to elect someone based on what god they express belief in would be to elect people based on their track record of upholding the Constitution or arguing in favor of changing it. Because unless you’re an atheist or a Pentecostal, the prisons are filled with people who believe in the same sky wizard you do, and who like taking a dump on both their religions by-laws *and* the laws of society.

Note: I ain’t an atheist.

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Feb 042016

Turns out that small explosion on the Somali Airbus that blew a hole in the fuselage and sucked one passenger out to his doom was probably caused by a bomb. A bomb carried by the one passenger who got ejected from the plane.

So, huzzah, I guess. Best of all possible outcomes to a suicide bombing… the bomber was the only one to die.

Probe of Somali Jet Blast Points to Suicide Bomber

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Jan 302016

Yesterday dealt with some wacky science conspiracy theorizing. Todays… actually matters. Some “anti fascist” socialists in Germany decided to post this to their Facebook page (and then deleted it when someone noticed):



The caption translates to “rather sexually overactive refugees than racist Germans,” but the sign is a bit more to the point. But what these idjits seem to not understand: if they were able to wave their magic wands and vaporize German racists… the rapists they’re importing in seemingly vast numbers will only create *more* racists.

Remember come November that these people have the same basic political philosophy as Crazy Uncle Bernie.

UPDATE: it appears that the posterboard the woman is holding has been photoshopped. It originally seems to have read “Will trade racists for refugees.” The change in text is what, in the best tradition of professional journalism, is known as “fake but accurate.”

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Jan 292016

This is interesting: a recent translation of a previously untranslated Babylonian text indicates that the ancients were on the path towards developing the rudiments of calculus, using some mathematical cleverness to predict the path of Jupiter across the sky. This is not an easy or straightforward task, but “the Babylonians did so by tracking Jupiter’s speed as a function of time and determining the area under a time-velocity curve.”

The recognition that the area under a time-velocity curve related to distance traveled did not re-appear until Europe in the mid-14th century; it’d be another three centuries before Newton and Leibnitz invented calculus.

This Babylonian Astronomy Text Changes History

Couple this with the Antikythera Mechamism and the fact that Archimedes was also on the path to calculus, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that the ancient world was a lot closer to industrialism that we might have thought. Had science flourished and not been squashed by mysticism, we could well be a thousand to fifteen hundred years further along technologically.

A discussion with a friend today raised an interesting ponderable: how might history have been different if the Moon was seen to rotate, rather than being tidally locked? Assuming that it was at the same distance yet still rotated (thus minimizing issues with tides), I have the feeling that science just might have had a chance to triumph. Plato and the Pythagoreans believed that the heavens were perfect and inviolate; if the Moon rotated, it might have been clear that the Moon was a flawed, imperfect *place,* rather than some flawless celestial crystal or a great mirror reflecting Earth.


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Jan 192016

Faith, according to many, can impart many good behaviors. But then it can also do this:

The boy accused of blasphemy who cut off his hand

In short: at a mosque in Pakistan, a 15-year-old boy mis-heard a question raised by the imam: “Who among you doesn’t believe in the teachings of the Holy Prophet? Raise your hands!”

He raised his hand. He was promptly accused of blasphemy by the imam. This being one of the worlds many Dumb Regions, the accusation of blasphemy is taken quite seriously (it often leads to an official death sentence, coupled with unofficial lynchings; in court, you’re generally not allowed to defend yourself, and even the accusation can’t really be brought out in court because *that* would be blasphemy). So, the kid did what I suppose makes sense if you are a religious nut who has been accused of committing blasphemy with your hand: he chopped it off and tried to hand it to the imam on a plate.

Since this is a Dumb Region, the locals did not drag the kid to a hospital to try to reattach the hand; they bandaged him up and buried the hand. They did not shake their heads and bemoan the fate of the poor, crazy dumb kid… they have decided to revere his act of religious devotion. People from surrounding villages have started to swing by to express their admiration.


But on the other hand (snerk)…

I can see an opportunity here. Is it possible to advertise and promote this act among others of his religion who are equally religiously nutty? Get them to believe that it is an act to emulate? Beyond the utility of having people who might otherwise be building suicide bombs disarming themselves (heh), there’d be just the sheer entertainment value.

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Jan 182016

We’ve seen this story more and more recently:

Wisconsin lawnmower factory says it will FIRE all 53 of its Muslim employees if they take unscheduled prayer breaks

In short: a bunch of the employees on an assembly line walk away from their jobs twice a day, apart from the scheduled break times. The business has a problem with this… not really surprising, as having people step away from an assembly line can mean the whole process grinds to a halt. The article does not say how many employees the company has as a whole, but if the prayer-walkoffs do cause the whole company to lock up, then I can see why this would be a major problem.

So, I have a solution which everyone should appreciate.

Some groundrules for my solution:

  1. Those who want to wander off and pray are allowed to do so.
  2. Those who don’t should not be made to pay for it. This means not only the company, but other employees… they shouldn’t have to put in extra time because their co-workers weren’t on the job.

So… my solution is simple. If shutting down the production line twice a day for, say, ten minutes at a time without extending the work day to make up for it costs the company (handwave) $5000 a day in lost productivity… those employees who want to leave to go pray get to make up the difference. Fifty employees cough up the $5K/day difference, or $100 per day per employee.

Seems simple enough.  The company doesn’t suffer economic losses, the other employees don’t have to stay late, and those who want to go pray get to go pray. Simple! Fair! Equitable!

Also noted in the story is that the company has a dedicated “prayer room.” One wonders… if during  Prayer Shutdown someone wanted to use the “prayer room” to sacrifice a pig to Odin or Pele, or even just have a ham sammich, swig some mead, and sing sagas about That One Time Ragnar Went A’Whorin’ In Cairo, would the other inhabitants of said prayer room complain? Well, if history is any guide, Odinists are not really welcome in generic “Multicultural Rooms.” Which is exactly why if there are any pagans working at this manufacturing facility, they should make full use of the “prayer room.”

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Jan 112016

During New Years  celebrations in Germany,  a whole bunch of migrants from the middle east decided to do some cultural outreach and shared some of their culture with the native German women by raping a few hundred of them. In the past day or so, Germans, grateful for the opportunity to share in such a diverse bonanza of civilizations, shared some of their culture with the migrants by beating the tar out of a number of them.

Awesome. Nothing about this can possibly go wrong.





And then there’s this:

European migrant crisis causing dangerous gender imbalance in region, expert warns

Bullet points (data may not be accurate, who knows):

  • 58% of the migrants into Europe last year were adult men. A full 17% were adult women. the rest were children.
  • Sweden has 123 boys for 100 girls, a worse ratio than China (117 to 100).
  • 71% of the migrants to Sweden were male.
  • Over 90% of the 16 and 17 year old migrants were male.

Awesome. AWESOME.

Europe had better figure this out, and soon. My suggestion: ship the male refugees back to Syria (screw trying to figure out where they were *originally* from, just ship ’em all to Syria) until the ratio of male/female refugees in Europe are 1:1. There’s precisely zero reason why these brave males should have left their womenfolk behind.


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