Sep 242016

Taken at face value, these stories are stupid. But: the apologists for one religion in the world today have proven adept at convincing masses of non-thinkers that any criticism of the religion (it’s history, tenets, beliefs or current practices) is “racism.” Well… if that’s acceptable for *one* religion, it’s acceptable for *all* religions. Don’t like my carrying a sword, spear, pistol or shotgun wherever I choose to travel? Not only are you trampling my religious rights… YOU’RE A RACIST. If this catches on, this could end up being endlessly entertaining.

Rep. Dave Brat: Removing Mandatory Bible Readings from Public Schools is “Institutional Racism”

Italian School’s Headmaster Cancels Traditional Catholic Mass; Politician Calls It “Reverse Racism”

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Sep 202016

After a couple days of wacky jihadists making news outside of Utah, someone decided that Utah needed to get in on that action. However, this here is what I think is a “fake Muslim,” an outright whackjob.

Empty bomb threat detailed in letter to media leads to school’s lockdown, former Utah State Eastern coach’s arrest

Meanwhile, Craig remained in front of the school. He told emergency dispatchers that he had placed explosives in the car near the school, so police did not approach him directly. Instead, they spoke on the phone and sent a robot with a microphone near the spot where Craig was lying on the ground, behind his car, Cannon said. Craig moved closer to the microphone, got out a book and read aloud a speech about perceived “social injustices” similar to those he described in the email he sent to The Salt Lake Tribune and other media. In that message, he identifies himself as Christopher Craig and as “the radical Islamic jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr,” saying he would “call 911 with a threat of an explosive” at the school. The email describes a promised bomb threat and a hunger strike he plans to conduct in jail.

“Racism is the reason for my hunger strike,” the email reads, “to take this conversation deeper, to the truth, core and roots.” He describes black men as “the most racist, bigoted group of homo sapien primates” and titles the message “In honor of Skylar Dore” — an allusion to a white Louisiana police chief who was fired after a profanity-laced Facebook post about the death of white police officers in Baton Rouge.

Feller seems to be schizo. It’s claimed that he was wearing Arabic-style clothing, but if you watch the video it sure looks like it was a cheap parody of Arabic clothing, like a bad Halloween costume.

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Sep 032016

And from the looks of it, someday soon.

Drone footage showing the flood of people dying to get into the “Ark Encounter” five minutes before opening on August 28, 2016.


So what will the reworked casino/hotel version be called? “Trump Titanic II” seems obvious. TrumpTanic? Looking at the shape of the “Ark” I’d recommend making it into an Exxon Valdez tribute. Slight reworking of the island at the rear and a new coat of paint and you’re good to go.

That is one *hell* of a parking lot. The amount of carbon dumped into the air during the process of chopping down the forest, grading the terrain and laying down the asphalt, coupled with the solar radiation that will be absorbed by the blacktop and converted into straight-up heat… that parking lot alone will be responsible for the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and the flooding of Florida.

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Aug 302016

News out of Germany:

Far-Right blamed as entrance to mosque in Germany bricked up

The small northern German town of Parchim has only 150 Muslims and no dedicated mosque, so they meet in a transformer station. But someone bricked-up the entrance to said “mosque” with cinderblocks, and added a number of flyers explaining why. Terrible, just terrible. I mean, look at this:

Whatever happened to craftsmanship? To taking pride in doing a quality job? For the love of God, Montressor, learn basic bricklaying.

The fliers included things like quotes from Turkish president Erdogan: “The mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the faithful our soldiers”. Left unexplored in the article is *why* the “far right” might take issue with sentiments such as that.

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Aug 182016

Now that it should be clear to everyone that decades of diligent effort by anti-nuclear activists have resulted in the proliferation of carbon-burning powerplants and thus rampagingly successful global warming, fire season in the southwestern US is going to become an increasingly interesting time. This seems to have been true out here in Utah this year. It’s also true in southern California where they not only have many, many acres of nicely flammable scrublands, but they’ve also parked a whole lot of stuff and people in those places.

One place that’s currently on fire is San Bernadino county; the “Blue Cut Fire” has presented the world with this fairly amazing bit of helicopter footage:

Facebook videos don’t seem to automatically integrate into the blog, so here’s a differently edited, lesser version of the footage (the Facebook video is better and longer):


So unless climate changes in a direction that results in consistently *more* rain in this quarter of the continent, I expect we’ll be seeing more of this sort of thing… at least until everything burnable has been burnt. About the only alternative is to steamroll the anti-science Left and start cranking out the terawatt breeder reactors, hooking them up to massive desal plants and monstrous pumping stations and creating a vast irrigation system across the western half of CONUS. Which is worth doing anyways.

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Aug 072016

Why do people refuse to learn from history???

A Mormon Tycoon Wants to Build Joseph Smith’s Mega-Utopia in Vermont

Some feller name of Dave Hall has a bucket of cash and a dream: to build planned utopian town-like properties based on some “vision” that Mormon church founder Joseph Smith imagined nearly 200 years ago. These would be square “plats,” with a square “ring wall” made up of buildings with farm-like area in the middle, and surrounded by a narrow bit of “nature.”

Hal wants to build a thousand of these sites in Vermont, moving 20 million people into a state with a current population well under one million. Oddly enough, the people in the area where he’s buying up property have a problem with this.

Some of the “features” of this planned community:

each person will be allotted just 200 square feet of living space


A plat, says Hall, will be subject to state and regional laws, but will also be overseen by a board and hierarchies of leaders with, it appears, strong Mormon family values. “Each [multi-family] house has house captains, which are a team of one man and one woman,”


Families and individuals who wish to join must invest their net worth and be employed either outside the communities or by a NewVistas company, or Vista Biz. Those who start Vista Bizzes will be given startup funds by the community but must surrender their IP rights. They also must agree to put nearly all their profits back into the community in exchange for what Hall calls “dividends”—payouts from overall wealth earned by the plat businesses.


To make all this work, some as-yet unavailable or generally unused technologies are needed. Robots that rearrange your furniture. Storage containers that rise us out of the floor. Small elevators. Toilets with built-in medical tricorders. But over all of this is the fact that since the basic plan of this “plat” was produced by Joseph Smith, it thus has the taint of prophesy and divine inspiration. And we’ve all seen how successful communities built on religious ideas can be.

The goofiest notion of all is that he’s buying up properties that are already happily occupied. Why not set up shop where people *aren’t*? I’m sure Detroit has some room for something like this. The Midwest has *single* farms bigger than his whole planned community. So why build right where you know you’re going to annoy the locals by changing *their* environment?

All that said… there’s something about this idea that makes me nervous in a very real sense. Not about the “plats” themselves… if they are roaring successes or the first generation born there tears the place apart during Festival, I don’t really care as such. But what does this sort of thing say about space colonies?

Initial small colonies – say, a few dozen people on Mars – will be run like military establishments. They’ll pretty much have to be. But what about town-sized orbital habitats? Here, the territory is strictly limited. An inhabitants options will necessarily be somewhat limited… a good terrorist could shut off the sun or evacuate all the air. So will such settlements need to be run in the soul-crushing collectivist manner suggested for the “plats?” A horrifying thought.

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Jul 252016

So a few days ago a German-Iranian goes buggo and shoots a bunch of people in Munich. An Afghan refugee stabs people on a train in Wurzburg. Yesterday, a Syrian refugee in Reutlingen, Germany, chopped a pregnant Polish woman to death at a bus stop with a machete. Today, a Syrian asylum seeker tried to suicide bomb a music festival in Ansbach, Germany; he didn’t have a ticket so he set off his bomb, filled with nails and screws, outside, killing himself and injuring a dozen.

The suicide bomber had actually been denied asylum in Germany more than a year ago but Germany failed to deport him because reasons. Good job.

I have this feeling that carrying out acts of terrorism left and right against Germans might not result in universal happitimes. The Germans, as memory serves, have kind of a mean streak.

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Jul 232016

Move along, this ain’t it.

Chatsworth church builds submarine for vacation bible school

The claim: while the submarine doesn’t have an onboard nuclear reactor, the church itself *does,* and they’re working on hooking up the reactor to recharge the batteries on the sub. As to the engineering of the submarine itself:

The submarine is made of wood and covered with a fiberglass coating.

*Maybe* they’re being cute and the nuclear reactor they’re talking about is the sun, and they’re working on setting up solar panels to recharge the batteries. But the way it’s worded doesn’t really indicate that. And there’s not a chance in hell I’d put a kid on that “sub” and try to submerge it even half an inch. It looks like an ill-constructed *boat.*

So, they call it a sub, when it (apparently) is not a sub.

They say they have a small nuclear reactor, which is almost certainly untrue.

Hmm. They’re a Christian church. I’m neither a Bibleologist nor Bibleonomist, but isn’t there *something* or other in that book that speaks unfavorably about telling untruths?


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