Nov 242015

Get ready to laugh.

Man Media Touted As Victim of Islamophobia Reportedly Arrested in Turkey For Joining ISIS


Teenage Islamist ‘poster girl’ who fled Austria to join ISIS ‘is beaten to death by the terror group after trying to escape from Syria’

Haw! That’s some funny, funny stuff right there, I don’t care who you are.

Heh. Dumb people, amiright?

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Nov 232015

Apparently all the swag and educational/career opportunities that famed hoaxer “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohammad received from his slightly re-purposed commercial digital clock was not enough to satisfy him and/or his family. They are now suing the taxpayers of Irving, Texas for $15 for the usual “emotional distress” reasons.

Ahmed Mohamed: ‘Clock boy’ seeks $15m from city and school

In case anyone has forgotten, Ahmed took an old digital clock, removed it from it’s plastic case and put the guts in a new metal case. Originally it was battery & wall-cord powered, but in its new configuration it only worked with the cord, which makes the choice of a conductive metal pencil case a dubious one. He took the piece of junk to school and claimed to have “invented” it; he plugged it in in class with an alarm set to go off during class, disrupting the class. The clock was examined and promptly found to be not a bomb; but it was determined that Ahmed had tried to make something that other people – my guess would be his fellow students – might think was a bomb and be freaked out by it. As a result the police became involved, as is normal and proper whenever there’s even the lamest, least-likely bomb threat at a school. As a result of properly playing the media, Ahmed was transformed from a prankster with minimal engineering skills into an engineering genius, inventor and victim of racism. He and his family have scampered off to Qatar and are suing Irving from a distance.

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Nov 222015

It appears some SJW’s have determined that yoga shall not be practiced by Canadians.

Free Ottawa yoga class scrapped over ‘cultural issues’

Since yoga is a silly religious thing over in India, silly Canadians are not allowed to flex slowly on rubber mats.

Well, at least this retarded nonsense isn’t restricted solely to American college campi. So, there’s that, I suppose.

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Nov 192015

So, a few days ago French aircraft joined the air war in Syria, bombing some targets in Raqqa. The obvious question, if you think about it, is: “Why did they bomb the targets they did?” Because:

  1. If it’s a meaningful target, shouldn’t the target *already* have been bombed?
  2. Or did the French have access to information the US didn’t have?

As it turns out, the reason seems to be that the targets were previously u-bombed was because the US knew of them, but US rules of war did not allow them to be targeted due to concerns about collateral damage.

ISIS fight shifts to French rules of engagement

The US, it seems, only goes after targets with zero risk of civilian casualties. Islamic State knows this, and locates their facilities next to schools and hospitals and such. Because as warfare and its TV coverage over the last 40 years or so have shown, when the US takes out civilians, the images of pain and despair are broadcast far and wide in an effective program to demoralize and turn the western populace against the war. But at the same time, our opponents commit *intentional* atrocities… and they themselves broadcast those images as a way to demoralize the west and pump themselves up. Despite what some yammering nincompoops say, not all cultures are equally worthy. As much as many people want to believe that people are all pretty much the same, people *aren’t( the same. Differing civilizations hold wildly different views about the value and purpose of human life, and it can lead to completely opposite reactions.

Now that ISIS has dragged Russia – and perhaps soon, China – into this thing, they’re going to find that the American squeamishness about harming civilians is not widely shared. In a rational world, ISIS would now be in a panic. But in *this* world, they are probably giddy, sine they seem to think that bringing an apocalyptic war to the region will speed up the End of Days. They of course think that this will result in their being seen favorably by their chosen deity… but lets face it, the denizens of Muspellsheimr really don’t give a damn about people one way or the other, so ISIS, it’s lands, stuff and people, will burn along with everyone else.

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Nov 132015

Well, hell.

Paris shootings: 18 reported killed

A little vague and lean on the details. Hostage situations, AK-47s and explosions.

At Least 18 People Reported Dead After Explosions, Shootings Rock Paris

Shootings at at least three restaurants and explosions at a stadium.


At least 35 dead after shooting, explosions, hostage-taking in Paris

Additionally, at least 100 hostages in a theater.

UPDATE: Now it’s 60 dead.

UPDATE: Deputy mayor of Paris announced at least 118 dead. France has closed its borders, something I would’ve thought problematic in the European Union with the whole freedom-of-movement thing.

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Nov 032015

Liveleak has posted a video that is *claimed* to be of  failed suicide bomber in Yemen. The story is said to be that the feller was riding a motorbike and wearing an explosive belt, heading towards some target or other, but it went off early, blowing him in half. So what we’ve got here laying in the street is the guys upper torso, head, left arm and upper right arm; legs, lower torso and right hand are apparently elsewhere. What’s kinda twitch-makin’ is that he seems to be still alive. There is remarkably little blood… you’d expect it to be dumping out of him. But *perhaps* when he separated the great bulk of his blood was promptly jettisoned and is elsewhere. How he can still be even *kinda* alive is beyond me, unless what’s seen here as signs of life – head moving and such – are just nerves twitching, post mortem.

Anyway, embedding the video here in the open seems like maybe not the best for this here Disney-level family-friendly fricken’ blog.  So ifn’ ya want to see what happens when you don’t bring enough bomb, check out the link.

The video leaves on a cliffhanger. Did he survive? Did he learn to walk again? Will his legs vote in the next Democratic primary in Chicago? Will Lance Henrickson portray him in the movie?

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