Jan 222015

The King of Saudi Arabia (future historians note: the transitional period between “Arabia” and “South-East Province, Republic of Greater Israel), that is.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘reformer’ King Abdullah dies

Now to see who puts in an appearance at the inevitable Gathering Of Terribly Important People. Ya gotta wonder if there might be Certain Administrations who make more of an effort here than, say, showing solidarity with the French a week or so back…

POLITICS G20 202428

Shown: a sycophant bowing and scraping before the now deceased King Abdullah.

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Jan 212015

Remember, these are the jackholes who want to drag Israel before the International Criminal Court…

“The stabbing operation against Zionists in Tel Aviv is a heroic and daring act. This is a natural reaction to the occupation’s crimes and its terrorism against our people,” Izzat al Risheq, an official at Hamas’s political bureau, wrote on his Facebook page.

Who were these Zionists who deserved to be stabbed to death? Random civilians on a bus. And at least one woman *not* on the bus, who was caught on video being stabbed in the back.

Palestinian Stabs Passengers on Tel Aviv Bus

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Jan 192015

Project Blue Book was the US Air Force project to study UFO reports and try to make sense of them and determine if there was any sort of threat to the security of the US. In 1969 the project wrapped up with a “nope” and a shrug, but nevertheless kept a whole bunch of stuff classified. A lot of researchers have been driven to distraction by the classified status of the documentation and have spent years making FOIA requests. The National Archives has made a whole lot of these documents available on microfilm, but one feller went ahead and scanned them and has made them available as 130,000 pages of searchable PDFs.

Air Force UFO files hit the web

The files are supposedly available on the website “The Black Vault,” but right now all I’m getting is a “this page cannot be loaded” message. I’d bet good money that the site simply got swamped with an exceedingly large number of people who want to download the docs. Or, you know, reptillian overlords. Whichever.

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Jan 172015

For Charlie Hebdo Gunman, a Discreet Burial in Reims

This has happened before: some scumbag commits horrible acts, and either keels over in custody or his body gets scraped up after a battle. And so, now what do we do with the remains? Nobody except the other scumbags want his corpse in their mortuaries or cemeteries. So often the answer is “secret burial,” which still leads people to be cheesed off that the body of the bad guy is somewhere near them.


How bout this? Cremate them. Take the ashes, and dump them into the nearest sewage treatment plant. Does this not solve the problem? Or how about this: we’ve all seen dead critters at the side of the road. Heck, I’ve seen dead cows, horses, deer and even moose at the side of the road, squished by cars, trucks, semis. The county or state generally does not leave these things there, but instead sends some unfortunate schmoes out to go scrape ‘em up. Now, you’re  a state road worker with a week-dead bloated cow, all 700 pounds of it, in the back of your truck. Clearly you’re going to take it *somewhere* where *somebody* will do *something* with it. Well… why not use that same process to deal with Skippy Al Dedbahdi The Undead Jihadi?

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Jan 162015

The publishing industry goes through fads. UFO abduction stories are popular for a while. Then sparkly teen vampire stories. And then starting few years ago, yarns claiming to be non-fictional biographies of people who died, went and saw Heaven, then came back. Many people have seized on these books to back up their religious beliefs.


“The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” Recants Story, Rebukes Christian Retailers

In short: in 2004 a six-year-old (with the unfortunate name “Alex Malarkey”) was in a car crash, seriously injured and pounded into a coma. Two months later he woke up and began to regale with tales of being shown around Heaven. Small problem: he now says that he made it all up as a way to get attention.

Amusingly, he apparently tried to tell the world of this fraud a while back, by posting  message saying as much on the “Alex Malarkey Facebook fan page.” The moderators there deleted his message and banned him.

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Jan 152015

And all these years I was thinking that it was just a fictional punchline to English jokes.

How do I know that Belgium and the Miserable Fat Belgian Bastards are real? Because they’ve entered the exciting world of Jihad:

Belgian operation thwarted ‘major terrorist attacks’

Two dead, one injured and in custody. Reportedly an ISIS cell on the brink of carrying out a Charlie-Hebdo-style attack.

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Jan 122015

This here is the kind of preacher who makes people atheist:



In short… he *claims* that he punched a “kid” square in the chest because he wasn’t believing the right way and was bright enough to be dangerous. In all probability, Internet Tough Preacher here is making it up. However, even if so he is claiming to be pleased with himself for the use of violence upon a kid for the purpose of forced religious conversion.

The video is a short crop of a presumably much longer sermon, and so context is lost. What he’s describing, if it actually happened, seems to have taken place in a “youth group,” which might mean that ITP was himself a kid at the time. But I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make it better.


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Jan 092015

While Islamists were busy making a mess in France, Islamists in Nigeria were showing those European pikers how it’s *really* done:

Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria’s Baga town hit by new assault

Numbers are vague, but the dead civilians range from the hundreds to 2,000, depending on who you ask.

Surt must be most pleased at his followers actions.

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Jan 082015

Wednesday nights “Daily Show” had a bit of a problem: how to be funny in light of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. I recall the Funny Industry had the same problem immediately after 9/11, with a number of comedy shows simply going off the air for a few days to try to figure things out. Of course, the Hebdo incident is less of a problem there… a dozen dead, rather than a few thousand… and it happened Way Over There, rather than in the very heart of the TV industry. Still I think The Daily Show managed to pull off the right mix: they started with a good (if incomplete) commentary on the incident, and then promptly segued into the only thing that could be funny in the current context: Nazi cows.


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