Oct 292017

From a theological point of view, “witchcraft” is no sillier than any other religion. From a practical standpoint? Yeah, it’s pretty damned silly, and not all that useful.

And thus, we get this:

Is Tumblr witchcraft feminism – or cultural appropriation?

It’s a perfect storm of every SJW identity politics group getting into a circular firing squad. The nucleus of this is a book written by a non-Wiccan, non-religious Hindu-Quakers working with an atheist who doesn’t believe in the occult that purportedly aims “to arm women – ordinary women who may scoff at spirituality or magic – with the subversive feminist powers of traditional witches.”


It’s the kind of empowered identity promoted in podcasts about toppling the patriarchy and Facebook posts about the radical importance of self-care.


As the article points out, there are several categories of witches,” including Tumblr/Instagram-dwelling SJWs who are politically active idjits generally supporting regressive political nonsense and using the iconography of newage claptrap to advertise and support their delusions. This new book is supposed to be aimed at that group. What’s startlingly hypocritical here is that this book is written by people who clearly don’t believe it. It would be like me writing a book on how to colonize Mars using acupuncture and dowsing rods. I suppose that might actually sell well… it would certainly be a unique item on the book market, but it’d make me feel sullied and unusual to write unless I wrote it as a satire. But to write it in such a way as to buttress the silly and self defeating beliefs of the deluded? Lame.

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Oct 122017

Well, *THAT* was dark.

Once again it was very much a Star Trek sort of episode, but it had some very non-Star Trek moments. From the alien religious service that featured something they *never* showed on Trek, to the message at the end: you really probably aught to have killed the children. Yikes.

It was awesome.

It did present what I’ve always thought was just about the only motivator for interstellar war that makes any sort of sense: religion, or something like it. If interstellar travel is s difficult and expensive as we currently foresee it being, then interstellar warfare would be ludicrously unlikely. It would consume an entire solar systems economy for centuries, for no good purpose. If, on the other hand, interstellar travel becomes as easy as its shown in Star Trek/Wars, then most of the motives for war vanish… sure, the Klingons can get *here* relatively easily, but the universe is essentially infinite. The motives of power and resources pretty much vanish in a world of infinite area and stuff.

But if you throw in religion, then interstellar warfare becomes less ludicrous (from a certain point of view). If your god tells you to conquer the whole universe, why, you go and do it.

And f you throw religion into the mix, then reaching an understanding with the aliens could become *real* difficult. In TNG+ Trek, somehow or other humanity has become essentially entirely atheist… something I really doubt. But everybody *else* in the Trek universe? They’re all religious (and it seems that each species has a grand total of *one* religion). But all the Trek religions seem to play well with each other, with virtually nary an interaction. But the great thing about “The Orville:” the Krill religion does *not* play well with others. it started off looking bad, and by the end of the episode… it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better.

Originally it looked like the Krill were going to be the Klingons of The Orville. But the Klingon religion, what of it has been shown, seems to involve a lot of wrastlin’ around and drinkin’ and partyin’. The Klingon religion seems like it would accept non-Klingons. the Klingon *culture* seems like it would accept non-Klingons who adopt the Klingon culture. The Krill? Not so much.

So, yeah. I continue to like “The Orville.” Even in a jokey show, they cover some really pretty disturbin’ stuff, while still being optimistic.

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Oct 022017

I’m constantly hearing about how Americans are too freaked out about terrorism, how Europeans have a more laid back, adult and rational response to it, how they just get on with life, don’t freak out about it. And then this happens:

Wimbledon station commuters flee train in ‘Bible’ panic

In short, some guy started reading aloud from the Bible on a British commuter train, so other passengers actually forced the doors open to get away from him.

Seems a bit of an over-reaction.

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Sep 212017

UC Irvine aims to transform public health with record-breaking $200-million donation

The donation comes with a bit of a hitch: it’s to be used to promote homeopathy.

On Monday, UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman announced that the Samuelis have donated $200 million to launch what he billed as the nation’s first universitywide enterprise to embed integrative health approaches in research, teaching and patient care.

“Integrative health approaches” in this context means “alternative medicine.” You know what we’d call “alternative medicine” if it actually worked? “Medicine.”

I suppose if it’s used to actually do good science on crap like homeopathy and reiki and psychic vampire repellent sprays, sure, fine, whatever. But I suspect that it’ll be used to ram woo into the medical industry *despite* the science.

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Sep 172017

Danish woman deported to Tunisia for refusing to remove niqab at Belgian airport

There’s a time and a place for cosplay. And an airport is not the place.

She flew in to Brussels Zaventem Airport from Tunis without having proven her identity; she refused to show herself and prove her identity in Belgium, and the immigration people weren’t having it. So, back she went.

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Sep 042017

Since “race issues” are all the rage these days, it’s interesting to see how other cultures do it. Yes, yes, I know, only white people can be racist… or so say people who, based on the prejudiced race-based opinions they spout, you’d *swear* were racist. But it sure seems like something very like racism seems to exist pretty universally across all cultures and ethnicities.

Take, for example, the Japanese. They are so efficient at it they’re racist against *themselves.* If you watch this and come away pondering “say, that kinda reminds me of big city elitist white liberals and white rednecks,” then, well, I guess that’s on you.

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Aug 252017

Been away from Ye Olde Internet for much of the day… hey, I’ve got other stuff to do. When I checked email there were a few notifications of comments on this here blog; I normally give them a quick glance and reply… or don’t. As I hope seems fair and accurate, I generally let people say whatever they want, whether I agree or not, so long as they don’t go bonkers.

One of the notifications was from a commenter I didn’t recognize, commenting on the recent ANTIFA issues. The comment was one of those Tolstoy-esque wall-o-texts that usually go by almost utterly unread, because, really, who has the time. But I scanned through it and promptly decided that it needed to be countered. I opened up the relevant post, but the comment was gone. I assume the commenter deleted his own post. Shrug.

What the commenters point was, I’m not entirely clear… remember, wall-o-text. But it ended off with the sort of thing that makes me go “oy,” sigh, and shake my head. In short… all the troubles in society today are the result of DA JOOOOZ. Apparently they are deviously working at eliminating the white race and installing a multicultural dystopia via the forces of ANTIFA and similar left-wing fascist organizations.

Ummm… yeah, no.


As startled as some have been by the existence of a few hundred neo-Nazis out in Virginia, I’d like to say I’m as startled by the existence of a *lot* more anti-semites still spouting really, really wacky late 19th century conspiracy theories. Sadly, I can’t honestly say I’m that startled; I’ve seen this sort of nonsense for *decades.* If you believe these loons, an astonishingly small cabal of Jews control the whole world.

You’d think that if Da Jooz were that good at that sort of thing, there’d be more of them, and they wouldn’t be under perpetual assault by idiots and savages. Conversely, if they were this good at controlling the world while leaving no actual evidence whatsoever, maybe we should let them. Because they must be pretty damn good at it…

What gets me is just how all-purpose the Blame-The-Jews conspiracy is. At the same time that the Jews are blamed for killing Christ, they are also blamed for *creating* Christianity as a way to trash the native European religions. Way to cover all those bases, guys.

Also of head-scratching interest is just how much overlap there seems to be in anti-semitic conspiracy theories and Russian interests. Basically, Russian Nazis. This is, of course, not new; I’ve yammered about Russian pro-Hitler neo-Nazis before. And whole it’s not new, it remains utterly perplexing.

Russian Nazis. RUSSIAN NAZIS. At the same time Russia was invading, occupying and annexing chunks of Ukraine because the Russian government was supposedly concerned about supposed fascists in the Ukrainian government, the Russian government was loading up with fascists. Weird.

There are lots of problems in the world, and a lot of problems in American culture and society. But the Jews? Sorry, no. Jewish theology impresses me as little as most other religious theologies, but you know what? Unlike some religions I can name, the era when the Jews were a threat to outsiders is *long* over. A few hundred years of getting smacked around by the Babylonians and the Egyptians and the Romans pretty much put an end to that nonsense, and for the last few millenia they’ve not been troublesome. Why the hell the Jews continue to get the blame for things that are clearly not their fault is confounding. It’s a bug in the human operating system, the same bug that results in people screeching about 9/11 being either a hoax or an inside job, school shootings like Newtown being carried out by “crisis actors,” aliens being responsible for everything that the Jews weren’t (and, I suppose, often enough responsible for everything that the Jews are also responsible for), Apollo being a hoax, Fukishima dumping so much radiation into the environment that California was doomed, AIDS was created in a CIA lab, that the Earth is flat, that the Earth is 6,000 years old, that the Earth is the center of the universe. We are a buggy damn species.

I suppose that’s the Jews fault too.


So I suppose the short form is: if you come here to blame DA JOOZ for the problems of the world, or for your own damn failings… bugger off.

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Aug 102017

Well, this feller sounds like fun:

Muslim Professor at CA University: “Genocide” of White Racists “Morally Required”


“Morally Required Genocide”

The latter one is written by one David Cole, a “Holocaust revisionist.” In other words, a dumbass. But he did interview the professor in question, and raises some interesting points. The professor expands the definition of “genocide” rather broadly to include wiping out “ways of life,” so that the United States stomping the the CSA flat and exterminating their slave-holding way of life was “genocide.” Well, ok. But if we accept that as a valid definition of “genocide,” then the current wave of invasion into Europe, with some regions having their prior culture being remade in the image of the newcomers… isn’t *that* genocide?

You expand the definition of politically loaded worlds at your own peril.

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