Jan 182018

Most Japanese anime leaves me with, at best, a raised eyebrow and a stern, judgemental scowl. It’s cultural differences, of course; what strikes me as often incoherently bizarre nonsense I’m sure makes sense to people raised with wholly different cultural mores and legends and fairy tales and such.

Still: I don’t care what you might think of “lolita fashions” and “catgirls” and “where is that tentacle going” and all that weird-ass stuff the Japanese put in their anime, you CANNOT watch this and not laugh your ass off:

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Dec 252017

Some celebrities claim that they are actually nerds… because being a nerd is, at least for the moment, kinda cool, or at least a way to pretend to connect with a certain portion of the market. And then some celebrities can actually *prove* that they are nerds with video evidence…


Seth MacFarlane: livin’ the dream.


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Dec 242017

If you search for “Last Jedi” reviews on YouTube… well, there are a *lot* of them, and there seems to be a consensus that Disney has destroyed childhood. Most of the reviews are basically just people ranting… meh. But some are insightful and, more importantly, entertaining. This one, for instance. Slightly NSFW language here and there.

The bulk of the complaints certainly seem valid. But I have serious doubts about whether such criticisms will have any impact. So long as the billons keep rolling in, there’s no incentive for the Kathleen Kennedys of the world to *not* use the property as a delivery medium for their weird political idologies.

The comparison between “heroes-journey-Luke” and “Mary-Sue-Rey-For-Pay” is particularly interesting. Luke took three movies to be anything but a schmuck, while Rey showed up fully powered right off the bat and thus incapable of growth.



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