Nov 162017

There are certain actors, actresses, actrons and acting units who you know aren’t *really* *good,* as such, but they’re just damned entertaining to watch nonetheless. Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” is one such… largely because you can tell that he’s generally having a blast doing whatever goofy thing he’s doing.

The forthcoming “Jumanji” movie looks like it’ll be one such entertaining flick. But perhaps even more so, the movie “Rampage,” due out in April and based on the old arcade game and directed by the director of Johnson’s disaster extravaganza “San Andreas,” looks like a hoot and a half. The addition of Neegan to the cast sure can’t hurt either.


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Nov 142017

I’m a boring man, I admit if. I’d love for someone to (legally) give me a supercar… because I could sell it and pay off my mortgage. The idea of such cars is appealing, but the reality is that you have  *lot* of power packed into a small volume that has relatively low mass, meaning that it accelerates *really* fast. Which sounds cool till you realize that you’re not running on rails and that the world is not set up to allow you to drive unimpeded. So… I prefer simpler, more rational cars. Something with good gas mileage, a good safety rating,  fair amount of cargo space, a ring mount and good grippy tires is really all I need.

Especially after watching this video of supercars (largely Lambos, if i read them correctly) being  driven by fookin morons.


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Nov 042017

Anyone who has hung around my blog log enough has seen me bitch, moan and whine about my lack of marketing skills, with the consequent dismal sales of… well, everything I try to sell. I can take a decent photo from time to time. I make some snazzy blueprints. Me write gud, on occasion. And with most products I count myself lucky if I make $50 in the first month.

So imagine my admiration/annoyance upon seeing this “commercial” a guy slapped together to help sell his girlfriends used car:

My first thought was “that’s pretty good.” My second thought was “I wonder how well it’ll work, let’s check the ebay listing for the car.” So, I did:

1996 Honda Accord EX 2-door coupe, green, automatic, leather seats

With over 4 days left on the auction, the high bid is currently over $100,000.

Granted, chances are *real* good that one or more of the highest bidders will turn out to be jokers, and the girlfriend won’t actually get a hundred grand for the car. But even so, it’s a safe bet that whatever she gets, it’ll be *far* higher than she would’ve gotten otherwise.

But here’s an even better used car commercial:

As one of the YouTube comments says… “This is the most epic thing in the entire history of people telling lies to sell stuff.”



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Oct 132017

Listening to the radio earlier, I heard someone mention Woody Allen. That’s a name I don’t think on too often, even though I know he’s all kinds of famous.

Back when I was in college, I knew a feller who was from New York City somewhere. And to him, Woody Allen was the height of comedy. But when I think back to any and everything I’ve ever seen from Allen… none of it was funny. Not even a little bit. It’s not like “this was a joke that fell flat,” more like “I am watching comedy based on dialog, but it’s in a foreign language.”

For my own self, that seems to be the explanation: he’s from an alien culture. “Seinfeld” and “Friends” were two hideously popular comedy shows that never once made me laugh… and I think it was due in large part to them being highly invested in their own alien cultures (NYC and LA, if memory serves).

So, yeah. I tried thinking back to anything I ever saw of Woody Allens that made me laugh, and I came up empty. Actually, for a moment there I thought I had something, but then I realized that I was actually thinking not of woody Allen, but then I realized that I was actually thinking of Marty Feldmans “Igor.” So… nuthin’.

So… is Allen funny to anyone else? It might be interesting to map out where and when. Mel Brooks, after all, made some astonishingly funny movies. And then he made a bunch of astonishingly unfunny movies. So there might be a time factor. Perhaps Allen was similarly funny at one time but not another.

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Oct 092017

While in a cheap-crap store, I happened across this “toy.” I didn’t pay it a whole lot of attention to it; I *think* it’s one of those highly gummy things that just sticks to things. I think.

There was one thing about it that made me go “huh” and take a few seconds out of my day to take a photo. And then when I got home check online to see if the thing that made me go “huh” was, indeed, huh-worthy.

Here’s a link to the Urban Dictionary definition of the term in question. I’ll leave it to you to decide if this was the result of ignorance, or someone was a smartass and it got past ignorant higher-ups.

It would also surprise me precisely none at all if it turns out this isn’t actually an officially licensed product.

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