Apr 192018

He’s a screaming leftist harpie, but every now and then he makes a valid point, such as here: stop trying to litigate things that happened in the past that broke rules that did not yet exist.


His timeframe seems to stretch back only to the 1980’s, but the principle applies no matter how far back you go. And thus a whole lot of the effort to tear down all memory, certainly all celebration, of the Dead White Males who created the civilization we currently live and prosper in is based on them violating social norms that only came about later.

He makes the point that everyone today tolerates things that in a quarter century society will have decided are intolerable This is undoubtedly true. But I wonder just how many of the future intolerables would be things that we used to not tolerate, now tolerate, and in the future will not tolerate again. Or the other way around. Consider: back in the day, people tolerated (heck, knew nothing else) “free range parenting.” Kid comes home from school, you give ’em supper them kick them out to go raise hell with the other brats until sundown. Starting in the 80’s, Stranger Danger made that sort of thing damn near extinct. But perhaps it will come back n the future. Future kids may someday see the current trend of kids being glued to screens as a weird blip in history. Kids may have *jobs* again. Schools will have shooting clubs. Eugenics (a popular thing in the US until the National Socialists crapped all over the concept) may become quite the trend, doubtless aided by genetic engineering. “Progress” isn’t always a line; sometimes it’s a circle.

Heck, maybe big hair, shoulder pads and leg warmers will make a comeback.


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Apr 172018

Holy carp this is funny. Make sure to press the number buttons as instructed.

The YouTube comments are a delight:

100 years ago kids my age were fighting in the god damn world wars and here I am playing star wars music on a frog we have reached our peak as a species

  • Person: Do you play and instrument
  • Me: Hard to explain

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 5 4 3 Jingle Bells

7 777 8 7 7 87 6 5 6 7 777 8 7 7 9 My heart will go (Titanic)

Johan Sebastian Bach Fugue D Minor: 897345956234952349765239786320089758764654564765464356436324324636346436432643576876576756576 49587634957863495786349857634295786345987635632464565673473632452354234344634634583453459834659632536523764857634857562389457238947652378465-237865238467534-05763405634569238745923876928375-69273469872345937246589732465982356756237856237845823764587236549234650983465034650347569234569237845872365487236547823654876235487623547836-2548976253496235496

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Apr 162018

The same YouTuber who put this together also pointed out that “Star Trek” the TV series *must* logically exist in the universe of “The Orville.” Why? Because the crew has been shown watching the sitcom “Seinfeld,” and “Seinfeld” mentioned Star Trek. Also the ships doctors referenced Obi Wan, and if there’s a Star Wars, chances are good there’s a Star Trek.


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Apr 142018

An update to THIS STORY from a bit over a week ago, where a guy doused himself with gasoline and a quartet of cops tried to keep himself from going FOOM. If you don’t want to see security camera footage of what some folks on fire looks like, don’t click on it. If you do… well, here ya go.

And then there was this entirely unrelated piece:

Sadly, the video cuts off a few seconds too early. The best part was the uncomfortable silence for a few seconds among the anchors as they processed the end of the piece, followed by laughter.

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Apr 142018

“The Amazing World of Gumball” explains some complex subjects in ways that are enlightening and, let’s face it, accurate.

The stock market and economy:

The meaning of life turns out to be a whole lot more Lovecraftian than most kids shows would have you believe, on both the small and large scale:


Video games are dangerous. But are they the *most* dangerous?


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Apr 062018

“Idiocracy” is a movie that I suspect needs no introduction to most who deign to read this blog. Nevertheless, the video below provides a good summary of both the plot and the underlying ideas… the primary notion being that “dumb breeds true and in large numbers,” which, while some testing seems to not necessarily support, anecdotal evidence (like, say, “look outside at the damned world”) does seem true enough. And logic would support it: humans are smarter than chimps, and I’m pretty sure there’s a sizable genetic component of that, or otherwise there’d be some chimps raised in captivity who would be at least as smart as your average big city mayor.


As for whether of not “Idiocracy” is a good movie with some important ideas, you need look no further tha reviews by people who likely do *not* regularly read this blog:

Idiocracy Is a Cruel Movie and You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It

‘Idiocracy’ Is Bad, Actually

You know who’d find the movie hilarious? Hitler.

‘Idiocracy’ Is One of the Most Elitist and Anti-Social Movies Ever

Safe to assume that these folks likely are cheesed off at video games that reward players based on merit.

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