Apr 162018

Saw this on the road a few days ago, heading south on I-15 between Brigham City and Ogden. Theory: the government is getting ready for the Yellowstone supervolcano to go off and to do so with such force that the Great Salt Lake will be tossed around, a giant  wave of brine sent sloshing southwards. Second theory: anything else.

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Apr 042018

These, like yesterdays, were all taken with a 5-year-old cell phone and stitched together in Photoshop. Even more Utah than before… these were all taken either in my yard or quite nearby, within the confines of the megalopolis of Thatcher, Utah.

Photo Tips

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Feb 142018

Raedthinn is not overly fond of being photographed, especially when Fingers is snuggling up against him. He’s none too fond of her doing that in the first place, and being recorded allowing it to happen seems to make him miffed.

That said, so long as Fingers goes at it slowly, Raedthinn is basically too lazy to do much about it. It’s really only when she tries to curl up with him with too much enthusiasm that he gets annoyed enough to get up and leave.


Feline Tip Jar

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Feb 062018

SpaceX is currently livestreaming a series of videos being beamed back from the roadster, heading off into space. It’s already a good distance from Earth, with the result being some damn fine images. I do wonder how long this will last. It’s already far further away than I would have thought possible with a  meager GoPro transmitter that they usually use on space launches. Is it battery powered? Does it have solar panels? it would be really interesting to check back in on the roadster every few months to see what the rigors of spaceflight do the the paint and bodywork. Eventually you’d probably see the windshield get pitted, maybe even blown out in meteoroid impacts; the paint trashed by UV and thermal cycling, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, carbon fiber bits turning to mush and fluff.



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