The fourth October PDF Review has been posted over at the Aerospace Projects Review Blog. This links to Robert Goddard’s historic “A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes.”


All I have on this: a 1970 design by the German aircraft firm HFB (Hamburger Flugzeugbau) for a “flying panzer.” Clearly it’s an armored car with jet propulsion and vertical lift capability; I would assume that this is only capable of extremely limited flight for such things as hopping rivers, trenches, minefields, battlefield debris and other such tasks. Basically, the vehicular equivalent of the Bell “flying belts” or “jetpacks” which were popularized in the 1960;s, but which were too cumbersome, expensive and far too short-duration to be of any real practical value.

Still: “Flying Panzer.”

1970 HFB flying panzer

The vehicle is depicted in the foreground hopping over anti-tank obstacles and in the background crossing a river. Note that it appears to have a rudimentary skirt system; if those wheels could be drawn up above the skirt, this would make it capable of operating as a hovercraft. This would allow it to “fly” over the surface of a river much more economically than on pure jet lift. I have no idea if this was a serious design effort or just artistic doodling.

A clip has been released that provides some insight into the world of “Interstellar.” It turns out that the minor character who said in early trailers that the world doesn’t need more engineers isn’t just a deluded idiot… he’s a part of (or product of) an Orwellian Big Brother government that is re-writing the history books in order to make the next generation more accepting of lowered horizons.

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I’m thinking Nolan might’ve read “Fallen Angels.”

Note that “more depressing” doesn’t necessarily equate to “less good.” I suspect that, like “Dark Knight Rises” and “The Incredibles,” “Interstellar” might end up being something of a stealthy anti “leftist-war-on-reality” flick.

Photos of the Athena missile (which is apparently at least partly replica) on display in Green River, Utah. The little remembered Green River Launch Complex was used for test launches, shooting missiles like the Athena and Pershing into White Sands, New Mexico. In the case of the Athena, many of the launches tested subscale advanced re-entry vehicles (nuclear warhead re-entry vehicles, specifically). I’ve posted the full set of 12 full-rez photos for all patrons at the APR Patreon.

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A while back:


Some voters right near my original home town went to do some early voting at the Moline (Illinois) Public Library. The electronic voting machines knew better than them who to vote for. When it was a choice between Democrat Cheri Bustos and Republican Bobby Schilling, for example, guess which the computer recorded the vote for… regardless of who the *person* voted voted for. Go on, guess.

Votes for Republicans Switched to Democrats in Illinois

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Voting irregularities in Illinois? MIND BLOWN!

Dogs are popular hereabouts. I’ve always been amazed at how willing they are to stay within the confines of an open car or truck bed.



The first five issues of US Bomber Projects are now available as ebooks at Amazon. The links below not only take you to the Amazon listings, if you then buy something (*anything*, so fee free to splurge on laptops and cars and jewelry and such), I get a small commission.

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If you dowloaded an early version of USBO01, it seems that you *can* download the latest version without re-buying it.

The ingrates, chowing down on the free food I so kindly provide…

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Date & source uncertain. Artistic depiction of the sort of stuff the F-16 could haul about.


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