Just in Britain though. Gah.


The trailer put together for this re-release is pretty spiffy:

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Canadian Soldier Dies After Being Run Down By Suspected Militant

It seems that one “Martin Couture-Rouleau,” who became “radicalized” and changed his name to Ahmad, ran down two Canadian soldiers who were walking along a road near a shopping area in Quebec, killing one. The Surt worshipper then led the police on a chase and was shot dead, which is the only good part of the story.

More details and photos here:

Public Safety Minister: Car strike against soldiers a terror attack

And here:

Martin Couture-Rouleau: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Several days after the event, there are, so far as I’ve seen, still no good images from NASA. Feh. But here’s an interesting video from a mountaintop telescope in Tenerife showing the comet sliding by. Mars is *seriously* overexposes, but that’s a sad necessity in order to spot the comet. Interesting “flare” presumably due to the tail interacting with the atmosphere.

(This is the original video, not one of the “editorialized” version where crackpots yammer on about how this indicates a massive explosion on Mars, aliens, government,conspiracies, etc. Screw those guys.)

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It has been a good long while since I’ve worked on this. But now that my arm has regained functionality and I’ve gotten THESE out of the way (come on, folks, buy up!), I’m back to working on the “Deep Impact” Messiah model for Fantastic Plastic.

Note: Some photoetch is pretty much inevitable for this kit. But there are some parts, I’m thinking mainly of the structural supports that hold the “outrigger” boosters, that would benefit from something like laser-cut aluminum parts about 1/8 inch thick. Is this even remotely feasible on a budget? Anyone know anything about such things?


And now, back to Ferguson, MO:

Ferguson turns into tinderbox once again after new details leaked

In short: Mike Brown got his blood onto Officer Wilsons car and uniform… which tends to corroborate the cops story that Brown had reached into Wilsons cruiser and was fighting him.


What does that mean? Well, lessee:

“If there is not an indictment, excuse my French, all hell is going to break loose.”

So either way, injustice. If there is an indictment in order to appease the mob, it’s an injustice. If there is not indictment because the evidence supports the cops story, there’ll be more rioting and destruction… thus, mob-based injustice. Spec-tacular.

When I briefly lived in Maryland in 2008, Raedthinn figured out that he could open closed doors. This was because the apartment had those ADA-approved handles, rather than round knobs. Once he figured that out, keeping him contained became something of a chose. And once we got back here with knobs, he became an Angry Cat… he knew that he *should* be able to open doors, but the knobs defeated his ability to grip and turn (he does know how they’re supposed to work, he just can’t work ‘em). And that frustrated/annoyed him to no end.

Cats might not be tool makers, but they can often manipulate the world around them to suit their purposes. And many of them, like Raedthinn and the cat in this video, are smart enough to figure out how some things are put together, so that they know *how* to manipulate the world around them to get what they want.

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An interesting graphical way to depict the relative abundance of elements on the surface of the Earth (not the universe at large… in which case it would be a whole lot of hydrogen,a  little bit of helium and a speck of the rest).



This was posted at THIS TWITTER ACCOUNT, which is more full of intersting science and math stuff than a Twitter account really should be.

As well as the 11X17-format PDF collection of diagrams for USBP07 through 09.



Issue 11 of US Bomber Projects is now available (see HERE for the entire series). Issue #11 includes:

  • Boeing Model 464-40: The first all-jet-powered design in the quest for the B-52
  • North American D-118: A turboprop conversion of the F-82E into a ground attacker
  • Boeing Model 701-218: A twin engined supersonic concept
  • NAA Model 705-00-04: A ramjet cruise missile with a manned rocket booster
  • Northrop Nuclear Flying Wing: A well defended if rather hypothetical design
  • Martin Model 223-11: *almost* the XB-48
  • Boeing B-1: The design that might have beaten the Rockwell concept
  • Bell/Martin 464L: The submission that most closely resembled what the Dyna Soar eventually became

USBP #11 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:






And also available, issue #01 of US Transport Projects. Done in the same format as US Bomber Projects, USTP will cover flying vehicles designed to transport cargo, passengers and troops. Issue 01 includes:

  • Redstone Troop Transport: An Army concept for a troop & supplies launcher
  • Lockheed CL-334-1: A small STOL battlefield transport
  • NASA LH2 747: A “three fuselage” hydrogen-fueled jetliner
  • Douglas DC-8-1004: A very clean pusher-prop passenger liner
  • Bell/Boeing/NASA ATT: A wasp-waisted transonic concept
  • Boeing Model 733-94: An early SST
  • Aereon Dynairship: A giant modern airship
  • Boeing Model 473-10: One of the earliest jetliner designs

USTP #01 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:






Large format USBP drawings, Issues 07-09

The CAD drawings created for USBP reformatted and rescaled for 11X17 collected in a separate volume. Drawings have in some cases been corrected, improved and added to.

USBP 11X17 07-09 collects the diagrams created for issues 07, 08 and 09, including:

Boeing model 464-25; Boeing Model 828-2; Fairchild N-12; Rockwell D645-3; Boeing Model 701-273-7; Martin Model 223-7; Convair 464L Dyna Soar I; Convair 464L Dyna Soar III; Bell MX Hovercraft; Bell mobile defense platform; Boeing Model 464-27; Rockwell D645-6; Republic M-4.25; Martin MAMBA; Boeing Model 484-2-2 (twin-pod); Martin Model 223-8; Douglas 464L Dyna Soar I; Boeing Model 800-11A; Boeing Model 464-33-0; Consolidated Army Bombardment Type; GE Supersonic System 6X; Convair B/J-58 B-58C; Boeing Model 484-2-2; Martin Model 223-9; Northrop N-206 Dyna Soar I/II/III; Boeing Model 800-15A

USBP11x17-01-03 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $10:




An issue has popped up from time to time: people can’t post images in comments.

From what I’ve seen, you *can* post an image… if you’re merely posting a link to an image that’s already online somewhere. But as for the option of uploading an image from your computer straight into the comments… basically, don’t bother. Sometimes it works, but apparently usually it doesn’t. *I* can, but that seems to be because I have the proper authorization (or whatever you call it, it’s my blog). But I have attempted to upload images to *other* blog comments, and it has failed. So… apparently, unless it’s *your* blog, you can’t reliably upload pics.

Just one o’them things, I suppose.

And the hits keep coming:

Maine school board puts teacher on leave after she traveled to Dallas

A teacher visited Dallas, attended a conference *ten* *miles* from Dallas Presbyterian Hospital, and has been put on 21 days suspension because some parents freaked out. The cool thing for the teach? It’s a *paid* suspension. A three week staycation, away from the horrible little brats with the nightmarish helicopter parents.


A Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist for the Washington Post, who photographed Ebola victims in Liberia in September, was disinvited from a photojournalism workshop at Syracuse University even though he showed no signs of the disease for 21 days after his return to the United States. On Thursday, a woman flying on an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Chicago vomited in the airplane, and was subsequently locked in a bathroom by flight staff. In Hazelhurst, Mississippi, a crowd of parents pulled their middle school students from class Friday after learning that the school’s principal recently had traveled to attend a family funeral in Zambia, which is in southern Africa and about 3,000 miles from the outbreak in West Africa.

Collating the data would be a chore, but I’d be interested in seeing what the Venn diagrams look like of “people who are freaking out about Ebola” and “people who think that vaccinations cause autism” and “people who think that alternative medicine isn’t nonsense” and “people who think evolution is a myth.”

There’s being cautious, and then there’s freaking out. A bit too much of the latter going on these days.

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