A series of scans on Flickr showing a deck of cards illustrated, seemingly, by the General Dynamics art department sometime in the 1960s.

Space Cards

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Every now and then you come across some work of Man that makes ya proud. The kind of thing that makes you think “this is what Men can do.”  The Apollo program. Lasers. Nuclear power. The Panama Canal. The discovery of evolution and relativity. But not all of them need to be gigantic projects. Sometimes they’re just new legs for a pet dog:

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It’s for sale:


1516 Big Cove Road, Huntsville, AL 35801

4 beds | 4 baths | 2,750 square feet | Single Family


Looks like a nice enough place.

CRS-5 Launch Date: NET Jan. 6

On December 16 a static test firing of a Falcon 9 engine shut down early (though not catastrophically), and SpaceX wants time to investigate the anomaly.

DARPA has been interested in advanced prosthetic limbs for some time. Officially it in order to provide new limbs to wounded military veterans… but who knows, maybe there’s someone at DARPA planning one building their very own Terminator. In any event, there has been some remarkable progress, as this video from Johns Hopkins shows. They’re still nowhere near the dream…. a robo-arm like Will Smiths in “I, Robot” that is surgically integrated and works as smoothly and as nimbly and as fast as the organic original… but at least these are work off of *thought,* transmitted down the nervous system to the remaining nerves. In this case, the nerves used were move from elsewhere in the chest, which the patient suggests was a remarkably excruciating procedure.

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Buttons went back to the vet today, and went under the knife to get the lump removed from his jaw/lip. It turned out to no be a malignant cancer, but some form of infection. So… problem dealt with. He also got some dental cleaning.  Something in all that made food different… when I brought him home I gave him some treats, which he leaped at… and then jerked away from like they bit him. He tried a couple times, and eventually he decided that food was out to get him. So he swatted it. Dunno if it was because he hurt, or because he was numb, or because his chin is shaved, or because without all the plaque his teeth felt funny or everything tasted different.

Some photos from the drive back and at home.

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Well, here’s a spectacular bit of good news…

China Tests ICBM With Multiple Warheads

Saturday test of a new ICBM that is thought to have up to 10 MIRVs (same as the Peacekeeper, which the US no longer has any of) and has a range of more than 7,400 miles, giving it complete coverage of the continental US. Much of the tech needed to do this was given to China by the Clinton Administration. These will be road-mobile, and thus damn difficult to target.

So after Sony decided to puss out and withdraw all plans to distribute “The Interview,” some movie theaters planned to show “Team America: World Police” in its place. Good idea, right? Paramount didn’t think so, and *they* have told theaters not to do so. Because reasons.

Because why not:

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Boeing 777 wing stress test. If you’re bombing along in such a plane and you’re hitting turbulence and worried about the wing snapping off… compare what you see out the window to what you see here. If you’re not getting 24 *feet* of deflection, you’re probably safe.

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Similar test of the 787:

Boeing Completes Ultimate-Load Wing Test on 787 K64913


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