May 232015

Among those who know me personally and know what a loser I am, the question is often raised “why don’t you try online dating?”

Here’s a hint:

Adult dating site hack exposes millions of users

Actually, it’s not the fear of personal data being hacked that turns me away. It’s this:

Among the 26,939 users with a UK email address, for example, there are just 1,596 who identified as female: a ratio of one woman to every 16 men.

When you consider that a probably not-inconsiderable fraction of the “women” really aren’t, you’re looking at a ratio of 20 to 1 or greater. Really… what would be the point?

If you’re a woman looking for a man, you’re in luck. But a man is, unless his profile is particularly attractive – and let’s face it, if you need to resort to online dating, it’s probably not – just wasting his time.

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May 222015

WISE J224607.57-052635.0 is the snappy designation of a newly described galaxy, discovered by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope. While it’s a fairly distant 12.5 billion light years away, it’s visible for one good reason: it’s bright. It’s really bright. It is (or was, 12.5 billion years ago) as bright as 300 trillion suns. This light isn’t being produced by 300 trillion stars, however. At its center is a supermassive black hole surrounded by a gigantic accretion disk; pressure and friction have driven the temperature of the disk to millions of degrees. It’s massively radiating X-rays, which are absorbed by surrounding gas in the galaxy, which then re-radiates in the infra-red.

Interestingly, the luminosity seems to be right on the edge of what theory says is possible. At these scales, the photon pressure from the accretion disk would be so powerful that it would tend to blow the gasses in the disk away, so it should be a self-limiting feature. But this system *seems* to indicate a stable accretion disk radiating more powerfully than it might seem possible. There are some notional explanations for this, however, including a black hole with very slow rotation.

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May 212015

Some people try really hard to be clever and/or cute. Trying hard is no guarantee of success. Sometimes it’s the fast road to things blowing up in your face. Like… here:

Welcome the real world, kid. Of course it could have been better; she could have come up with a “no.” or my personal favorite from back in the days when I tried: “Good God, no.”

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May 202015

So I decided to check in on the Amazon Kindle versions of the US Bomber Projects (available HERE) to see how they’re doing, after I recently uploaded a bunch of new ones. As it turns out: wow. Bad. So, that’s that, I guess.

I also decided to check on the reviews, of which there are very few. Now, checking reviews of stuff you’ve worked hard on is always asking for trouble; *maybe* someone will say something complementary; *maybe* someone will give a negative feedback that provides useful information. But as this is the internet, you’re like as not going to get a response like this:


Huh. Not a fan, I guess.

Interestingly, the same reviewer posted an equally negative (though grammatically confounding) review of another issue of the Kindle USBP back in February. One wonders why he would buy a second issue if the first was so bad, but he has posted 140 separate reviews of items, indicating he likes to review stuff, I guess.

Just in case, here’s the recent issue in question:

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May 202015

Man’s bizarre attempt to appear on The Apprentice

A salesperson who is purportedly with a Mickey Trump space criminal at the expense of a body on The Student, has to stop the internet manage for absolutely nothing.

An early New Yorker titled Scott Stephens, who exactly acts in area earnings, seo optimisation and promotion, hung for sale on auction for usd21 lot of.

Hmmm, interesting. They continue:

When you’re Trump’s legal professional mailed Stephens a cease-and-desist written request, Stephens attempted to agent a transaction.

And so in in that vein.

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May 192015

These are kinda neat:

Vortex bladeless turbines wobble to generate energy

Basically, it’s like a giant stalk of wheat that waves in the breeze; as it shakes back and forth the “root” of it wags around past magnets, generating electricity. Efficiency is meh, total power output is meh, but ground footprint is small and you can pack ‘em together. And unlike a standard turbine, I bet you could disguise these fairly well as, say pine trees. And they won’t chop birds to bits, cast seizure-inducing shadows or drive people bugnuts with WHOP-WHOP-WHOP.


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