Scott Lowthers Models

Below are some of the models I'm currently working on, and some I've recently completed. The majority of the finished ones are model-masters built under contract to form the basis of cast resin kits... this is why they are left unpainted. Many of the others are models I'm building on spec in hopes of getting them kitted.
If you are interested in a model of a design of your own (or a design not available elsewhere), please send me an email. NDAs are not a problem.

FINISHED: "Broken Arrow" B-3
Last updated: 6-1-2007

FINISHED: "X-Men 2" X-Jet
Last updated: 6-29-2007

IN WORKS: Lockheed CL-655 TSTO
Last updated: long ago...

FINISHED: Naboo Cruiser
Last updated: 2008-02-20

FINISHED: Lenticular Re-entry Vehicle
Last updated: 8-22-2007

IN WORKS: Starship Enterprise
Last updated: 7-21-2007 (new updates soon)

FINISHED: Naboo Royal Starship
Last updated: 2008-02-21

IN WORKS: Rockwell Strategic Penetrator
Last updated: 9-12-2007 (model will be revised due to new information on this design being obtained)

FINISHED: Werner von Braun "Collier's" Ferry Rocket
Last updated: 5-10-2007

IN WORKS: Grumman stealth attacker
Last updated: 2008-02-03

IN WORKS: McDonnell Douglas Quiet Attack Aircraft
Last updated: 9-12-2007

IN WORKS: Space Ship Two
Last updated: 2008-03-02

IN WORKS: Naboo Yacht
Last updated: 2008-03-02

IN WORKS: Naboo Skiff
Last updated: 2008-02-23

IN WORKS: Convair NX-2

IN WORKS: "Beta" atomic bomber
Last updated 2008-02-26



IN WORKS: Martin Model 189

COMING SOON: Northrop XP-79Z

COMING SOON: Chance Vought V-371

COMING SOON: Republic AP-55

COMING SOON: Grumman Nutcracker

COMING SOON: Boeing Model 908


COMING SOON: Boeing Model 835

COMING SOON: Boeing Model 457


IN WORKS: McDonnell Douglas F-4 (VS)
Last updated: 2008-02-11

IN WORKS: North American NR-349

COMING SOON: Convair Super Hustler

COMING SOON: Convair Kingfish

COMING SOON: North American WS118P

COMING SOON: Boeing "Quiet Bird"



FINISHED: Avro 730
Last updated: 2008-02-21

Fantastic Plastic produces a line of models of aircraft and spacecraft concepts. The models shown below are the ones that I have created the master parts for.

Click on the box art to see more information including ordering information.

Now Available

1/72 scale Delta Clipper

Now Available

1/72 scale "Whispercraft" helicopter

Now Available

1/144 scale Northrop nuclear-powered flying wing bomber

Now Available

1/72 scale Aurora spyplane

Now Available

1/144 scale Convair XB-53

Now Available

NASA CEV in 1/72 scale

Now Available

1/144 scale Rocketship Galileo

Now Available

1/144 scale Avro 730 supersonic bomber project

Now Available

"Life" 1/144 scale Atomic Bomber

Now Available

1/72 scale Orion 606 Crew Exploration Vehicle

Coming Soon

1/144 scale Barnes Wallis "Swallow" SST

Now Available

1/144 scale Rockwell C-1057 Space Shuttle Shuttle

Coming Soon

1/144 scale "Broken Arrow" B-3

Now Available

1/288 scale von Braun Ferry Rocket

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