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Models: Lockheed CL-655-1-19 TSTO

In 2002 I was contracted to make a display model of the Lockheed CL-655-1-19 two stage to orbit vehicle to be used as a set piece in a science fiction movie (not as a primary filming miniature, but as a prop to be seen on someones desk). I decided, given the size of the model and the fact that I was interested in the design, to make fiberglass molds so that several of these models could be created from fiberglass. The resulting models are quite large, but also surprisingly lightweight.

The first was painted with a black underside and combination white and Alclad chrome topside for the first stage, and black underside and white upper side for the upper stage. After the model was completed and shipped off, further details of the Convair-designed upper stage were located, and a second model was built with appropriate modifications. The first stage was painted an overall black, except for an Alcad chrome expansion ramp, and the upper stage was painted with a black underside and a white topside. This model was delivered to William Escher, who ran the relevant supercharged ejector ramjet engine development program at Marquardt back in the 1960's. The model was, last I heard, put on display somewhere at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Several further fiberglass casts were made. Photos will be posted over the next several months showing efforts to revive two separate models... one as a display model for myself, the other to serve as another master model for potential mold making and casting for commercial sale. As the original model was meant only to be seen in the background in a film, details were kept somewhat minimal. For the revived version, I plan on completely overhauling the engine module and re-detailing the surface of the upper stage.

If you are interested in getting a copy, as either a kit or a completed display model, let me know. However, be forewarned... something of this size and complexity would not come cheap. Each one would be effectively hand-crafted.

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