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Models: Naboo Royal Cruiser

These are in-progress and final pre-shipment photos of master model components of a 1/288 scale "Naboo Royal Cruiser." Parts are for a kit to be released by Fantastic Plastic. Filename gives the date on which the photo was taken. Mottled coloring indicates different layers of primer (used to give the desired surface finish), and does not indicate surface texture changes.

Obviously very early in the process.

Under careful scrutiny

Topside (cockpit "bump" not yet in place)


Port side engines in place, cockpit "bump" in place. The inlet and exhaust cones will probably be made as separate parts, and the center fuselage hollowed out to help reduce weight.

As always seems to be the case... new references come in *after* major assemblies are completed. In this case, new images that showed that the original contours for the engine nacelles were wrong. So, they're being rebuilt. Shown are the first two in place, compared to the originals. Blending is not quite done.

Almost complete set of parts. Nose landing gear, entry bay and N-1 need detailing.

Final parts list for Royal Cruiser model

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