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Models: LRV

These are in-progress and final pre-shipment photos of master model components of a 1/72 scale North American Aviation "Lenticular Re-entry Vehicle" design from the early 1960's. This was a design for a manned "space bomber," designed to spend months at a time on orbit with several large nuclear weapons. Parts are for a kit to be released by Fantastic Plastic. Filename gives the date on which the photo was taken. Mottled coloring indicates different layers of primer (used to give the desired surface finish), and does not indicate surface texture changes.

Master parts now completed and shipped.

Floor details are offset. They will be re-positioned.

Base of shuttle serves as LRV exterior hatch

Parts listing

Industry standard feline scale reference

Shuttle (used to transport bombs from weapons bay to either external storage or to a dedicated orbital weapons depot

Interior of weapons bay

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