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Models: Starship Enterprise

These are in-progress photos of master model components of a 1/350 scale starship USS Enterprise, XCV-330. The design of this ship is "canon," having been briefly (and very dimly) seen in "Star Trek" The Motion Picture." The design for this ship was taken directly from the design of an otherwise unnamed "Starship" designed by Matt Jeffries (original designer of the starship Enterprise) for an un-made mid-1970's series that Gene Roddenberry wanted to make. Blueprints and artwork are available for this "Starship," and are used as the models basis.
Filename gives the date on which the photo was taken. Mottled coloring indicates different layers of primer (used to give the desired surface finish), and does not indicate surface texture changes.

In-Scale comparison of two starship Enterprises

Best view to date of the Enterprise seen in ST:TMP (taken from: )

"Starship" blueprints

"Starship" painting

Comparison of forward structures.

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